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Republic of Texas

"Survivors of the Revolution which separated Texas from Mexico, 1835 - 1842"

Texas State Library & Archives Commission

Republic of Texas Claims

"The Republic Claims series of Comptroller's records includes claims for payment, reimbursement, or restitution submitted by citizens to the Republic of Texas government from 1835 through 1846. It also includes records relating to Republic pensions and claims against the Republic submitted as public debt claims after 1846."

There are many noted Texans on these Claims Rolls and whenever possible, a short mention has been included from "The Handbook of Texas Online" sponsored by the Texas State Historical Association and the General Libraries at UT Austin. This is only a mention and not a transcription of the files available. If a Submitters Name does not appear next to the Claimant, then the transcription is still needed.

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Claimant Submitted By
Cabasos, Albino  
Cabina, John  
Cable, James  
Cable, Michael  
Cabler, Edwin S  
Cabler, Francis P  
Cabler, Franklin P  
Cabrero, Mariano  
Caddel, Andrew  
Caddel, Rhoda  
Cadena de Ariola, Guadalupe  
Cadena, Manuel  
Cadle, Joseph  
Cadwalader, A  
Cady, D C  
Cady, David C  
Cahill, John  
Cahill, John C  
Cahill, Michael  
Cain, J J  
Cain, J W  
Cain, William  
Cairns, William J  
Cairy, Seth  
Calahan, John  
Calder, Alexander  
Calder, Mary W  
Calder, Robert J  
Caldwell, A C  
Caldwell, Asahel C  
Caldwell, Curtis  
Caldwell, J A  
Caldwell, James A  
Caldwell, James P  
Caldwell, John  
Caldwell, John M  
Caldwell, Matthew  
Caldwell, Pinckney  
Caldwell, R W  
Caldwell, Robert  
Caldwell, William B  
Calhoun, Julian C  
Caliott, Charles  
Call, David  
Call, Isaiah  
Callaghan, Bryan  
Callaghan, J  
Callaghan, Joseph  
Callahan, James H  
Callahan, Thomas  
Callender, Sidney S  
Callender, Sidney Smith  
Callicoatte, John B  
Callihan, Johannah F  
Callihan, John H  
Callihan, Joseph  
Callihan, Thomas J  
Callison, Samuel  
Calmes, George  
Calton, George W A  
Calvert G  
Calvert, Hugh H  
Calvert, James H  
Calvit, Alexander  
Calvit, B M (Mrs)  
Cambell, John  
Camel, James  
Cameron, Alexander M  
Cameron, David  
Cameron, Ewen  
Cameron, John  
Cameron, William  
Cameron, William H  
Camman, Phillip H  
Camp, John G  
Camp, Thomas P  
Campbell, Angerina  
Campbell, Cyrus  
Campbell, Cyrus K  
Campbell, David H  
Campbell, David J  
Campbell, David W  
Campbell, Edward S  
Campbell, George A  
Campbell, H O  
Campbell, Isaac  
Campbell, James  
Campbell, John  
Campbell, John B  
Campbell, John C  
Campbell, John S  
Campbell, Joseph  
Campbell, Lewis  
Campbell, Michael  
Campbell, Millie  
Campbell, Nathaniel  
Campbell, R C  
Campbell, Rufus E  
Campbell, Squire  
Campbell, W W  
Campbell, Walter  
Campbell, William S  
Canales y Hernandez, Manuela  
Canales, Florencio  
Canfield & Spencer  
Canfield, A W  
Canfield, Alanson W  
Canfield, B  
Canfield, Buckman  
Canfield, Israel  
Cannan, Permelia R  
Cannan, William J  
Cannon, Benjamin  
Cannon, C L  
Cannon, Charles M  
Cannon, R W  
Cannon, Rufus  
Cannon, Thomas  
Cannon, William  
Cannon, William J  
Cannon, William R  
Cantu, Agapito  
Cantu, Jesus  
Cantu, Melchora R  
Cantwell, Thomas  
Capel, J B  
Capel, J B  
Capel, James  
Capell, Jabez B  
Caplinger, Samuel R  
Capps, Harvey  
Capron, George W  
Capt, Louis  
Carabajal, Mariano  
Carbajal, Luis  
Cardenas, Francisco  
Cardet, A  
Cardin, Robert  
Carey, Moses T  
Carey, Seth  
Carhart, Henry  
Carillo, Matias  
Carl, Daniel  
Carleton, Elisabeth M  
Carleton, Henry  
Carleton, William  
Carley, Lewis  
Carlin, Daniel  
Carlin, Therence  
Carlisle, G W  
Carlisle, Mary  
Carlisle, Robert  
Carlos, John  
Carlos, Raphael  
Carlson, William  
Carlton, Charles W  
Carlton, John  
Carmack, Alexander  
Carmeen, John  
Carmona, Sesario  
Carnall, J H  
Carnall, Patrick T  
Carnes, William  
Carodine, Isaac  
Caroline, Therance  
Carothers, Henry M  
Carothers, Robert J  
Carothers, S D  
Carpenter, Caleb A  
Carpenter, James  
Carpenter, John  
Carpenter, John W  
Carpenter, Timothy  
Carper, William M  
Carr, Anistachio  
Carr, B F  
Carr, B M  
Carr, John  
Carr, Volney  
Carr, William  
Carradine, George R  
Carraway, P H  
Carrera de los Reyes, Rita  
Carrico, Matthew G  
Carrier, Charles J  
Carrigan, A L  
Carrigan, John  
Carrol, Hugh  
Carrol, N H  
Carrol, Nathaniel H  
Carrol, Phillip  
Carroll, John  
Carsen, Catherine  
Carson, John  
Carson, John P  
Carson, Samuel B  
Carson, Samuel Price  
Carson, William  
Carter, E H  
Carter, Eliza M  
Carter, James  
Carter, John  
Carter, John H  
Carter, John R  
Carter, Landan F  
Carter, Nicholas  
Carter, Richard  
Carter, Robert W P  
Carter, Thomas W  
Carter, Wiley  
Carter, William  
Carter, William J S  
Carter, William T  
Cartmell, Henry H  
Cartmell, Henry R  
Cartmell, Thomas P  
Cartwright, G W  
Cartwright, George W  
Cartwright, Jesse H  
Cartwright, Josephine  
Cartwright, M  
Cartwright, M & Co  
Cartwright, Mathew  
Cartwright, Mathew W  
Cartwright, Robert G  
Cartwright, Thomas  
Cartwright, Washington  
Cartwright, William  
Cartwright, Willifred  
Caruthers, Allen  
Caruthers, John  
Caruthers, John R  
Caruthers, Mary  
Caruthers, William  
Caruthers, Young  
Carvin, Antonio  
Cary, Rachel  
Cary, Seth  
Casad, John  
Casanova, Remigio  
Casas, Concepcion  
Casas, Joaquin  
Casbeer, John  
Case & Smith  
Case, Joel T  
Case, U F  
Case, Uriah F  
Caselman, John  
Casey, George M  
Casey, Thomas  
Cash, Ellen  
Cash, George W  
Cash, John  
Casiano, Jose  
Casillas de Zunigas, Marina  
Casillas, Gabriel  
Casillas, Juan  
Casillas, Juan Jose  
Casillas, Mateo  
Casillas, Pablo  
Casner, Isaac  
Caspari, Jacob  
Cassady, John W  
Cassel, William  
Cassidy, James B  
Cassidy, John W  
Cassidy, John William  
Cassin, Robert A  
Castanie, J  
Castanie, Justin  
Castanon, Luis  
Castanon, Rumalda  
Castile, Francis  
Castillo, Cayetano  
Castillo, Francisco  
Castillo, Manuel Yturri  
Castleberry, B B  
Castleman, John  
Castleman, John K  
Castleman, Michael  
Castles, Peter  
Castro (Chief of the Lipans)  
Castro, Ignacio  
Castro, Lorenzo  
Castro, Ygnacio  
Catfish (an Indian)  
Catlett, Fairfax  
Catlett, H G  
Catlett, Hanson G  
Catlin, J Harris  
Catonnet, F C  
Cavanah, Charles  
Cavero, Mariano  
Cavitt, Ann  
Cavitt, Samuel  
Cavitt, Volney  
Cawthon, E W  
Cayce, George W  
Cayce, H P  
Cayce, Henry P  
Cayce, John M  
Cayce, L T (Mrs)  
Cayce, Mary F  
Cayce, Shadrach  
Cayce, Thomas D  
Cazneau, William L  
Cecil, Joseph  
Cellum, James  
Cerbera, Manuel  
Cernin, Richard  
Cervantes, Agapito  
Chacon, Carlos  
Chaddrick, R H  
Chadwell, William  
Chafee, Otis J  
Chaffin, James A  
Chaffin, John  
Chain, John  
Chairs, John F  
Chairs, Samuel  
Chalk, Whitfield  
Chalmers, John  
Chalmers, John G  
Chamberlain, Charles  
Chamberlain, H P  
Chamberlain, Horace P  
Chamberlain, Neri  
Chamberlin, Willard  
Chambers, B J  
Chambers, E  
Chambers, G W  
Chambers, S A  
Chambers, Stephen A  
Chambers, Thomas Jefferson  
Chambers, William A  
Chambliss, N  
Chambliss, Samuel L  
Chance & Roberts  
Chance, J B  
Chance, Joseph B  
Chandler, D  
Chandler, Eli  
Chandler, F W  
Chandler, Hugh  
Chandler, John W  
Chandler, Samuel G  
Chaney, Calvin  
Chaney, J  
Chaplin, James  
Chapman, Abel A  
Chapman, G W  
Chapman, George W  
Chapman, H  
Chapman, William F  
Chappell, James  
Chappell, N J  
Chappell, Nimrod J  
Charles, E J (Mrs)  
Charles, Rufus  
Charles, William T  
Charleston & Philadelphia Steam Packet Company  
Charty, Hezekiah  
Chase, William  
Chassaigne, (S?)  
Chatham, John R  
Chatham, Thomas  
Chavenoe, Michael  
Chaves, Ignacio  
Chaves, Leandro - Bexar County Robert Garcia
Cheek, Benjamin L  
Cheek, John  
Cheek, Noah  
Cheeney, Calvin  
Cheevers, John  
Cheney, Ebenezer  
Cheney, John  
Chenoweth, Gabriel  
Chenoweth, Hardin T  
Chenoweth, John  
Chereno, Antonio  
Cherry, Aaron  
Cherry, Catherine  
Cherry, Elen  
Cherry, James L  
Cherry, John  
Cherry, John V  
Cherry, Laura  
Cherry, Smith R  
Cherry, W  
Cherry, Wilbert  
Cherry, William  
Chesher, James  
Chesman, F T  
Chessher, Daniel  
Chessher, James  
Chesure, Wesley  
Chevaillier, Charles  
Chevallie, M H  
Chevallier, Charles  
Chick, William A  
Childers, Francis  
Childers, Goldsby  
Childers, Robert  
Childress, Benjamin F  
Childress, G W  
Childress, George C  
Childress, George W  
Childress, H M  
Childress, Hugh M  
Childress, James R  
Childs, E S  
Chisholm, Enoch P  
Chisholm, Richard H  
Chisholme, Richard  
Chism, James H  
Chism, Thomas  
Chisolm, Benjamin  
Chisum, Claiborn  
Chisum, Claiborne  
Chisum, John  
Choat, John  
Choat, Redman  
Choat, Stacy  
Choate, David  
Choate, John  
Choate, Mary  
Cholwell, Gustavus  
Chreisman, Horatio  
Chriesman, J C  
Christian, George  
Christian, Greenup  
Christian, James  
Christian, Martin  
Christie, John  
Christopher, John  
Chubb & Brothers  
Church, Thomas J  
Civilian & Galveston Gazette  
Claiborne, John D  
Claiborne, John Dandridge  
Claiborne, Phil  
Clampet, Catherine  
Clampet, Francis  
Clanton, Francis K  
Clanton, Patience  
Clapp, Eli  
Clapp, Elisha  
Clapp, Joel  
Clapp, Otis  
Clapp, Otis Jr  
Clare, A M  
Clark & Co  
Clark & Spicer  
Clark, Abram  
Clark, Abram K  
Clark, Anna  
Clark, Annie  
Clark, Bartholomew Jr  
Clark, Benjamin  
Clark, Benjamin S  
Clark, C Haner  
Clark, Caroline E  
Clark, Charles A  
Clark, Christopher H  
Clark, David  
Clark, E M  
Clark, E W & Co  
Clark, Elijah  
Clark, Elizabeth  
Clark, Erastus  
Clark, Esther  
Clark, George Wilson  
Clark, Gilbert  
Clark, H W  
Clark, Henry  
Clark, Henry W  
Clark, James  
Clark, James Brent  
Clark, James William  
Clark, John  
Clark, John B  
Clark, John C  
Clark, Joseph  
Clark, Joseph H  
Clark, M C  
Clark, Martha Jane  
Clark, Martin P  
Clark, R M  
Clark, Susan  
Clark, William  
Clark, William C  
Clarke, Charles A  
Clarke, James H  
Clarke, Orange  
Clarke, Reynolds  
Clarke, Richard M  
Clarke, Thomas D  
Clarkson, Charles  
Clarkson, James  
Clary, David  
Clary, Jesse  
Clary, John  
Clary, Rebecca  
Clary, Washington  
Clary, William  
Claud, James G  
Clauzel, Yzidore  
Clay, Jas J  
Clay, Walker  
Clay, Watkins  
Clayton, F D  
Clayton, James  
Clayton, James M  
Clayton, John  
Clayton, Joseph  
Clayton, Joseph A  
Clelland, John J  
Clemens, Jeremiah  
Clement, Robert F  
Clements & Thompson  
Clements, Abner L  
Clements, Claibo(rne?) J  
Clements, Henry M  
Clements, Joseph D  
Clements, R H  
Clements, Robert  
Clements, Robert H  
Clements, William H  
Clemmons, James Austin  
Clemmons, Lewis  
Clemmons, William H  
Clemons, Ira  
Clemons, James  
Clemons, Lewis C  
Clemons, S J (Mrs)  
Clendenin, Adam  
Cleveland, Alfred M  
Cleveland, Charles L  
Cleveland, Eliza J  
Cleveland, Horatio N  
Cleveland, J A H  
Cleveland, James W  
Cleveland, Jesse A H  
Click, A J  
Click, Calvin M  
Click, Mathias  
Clifford, James  
Clift, Jesse  
Clifton, H H  
Clifton, Henry H  
Clifton, John M  
Clifton, Thomas  
Clifton, W S  
Clokey, Robert  
Clopper, Andrew M  
Clopton, William A  
Cloteau, Louis  
Cloud, Daniel W  
Cloud, J W  
Cloud, John W  
Clough, Charles B  
Clough, J M  
Clover, Isaac  
Clow, Robert J  
Clute, John D  
Clute, John R  
Coale, Wesley  
Coan, Fredrick  
Coats, Damon  
Cobarrubio, Julian  
Cobb, Abraham  
Cobb, Ezra  
Cobb, Henry A  
Cobb, William  
Cobbs, James L  
Coble, Adam  
Cochran, J D  
Cochran, John  
Cochran, John B  
Cochran, L M  
Cochran, Michael  
Cochran, Nathaniel H  
Cochran, Richard  
Cochran, Thomas  
Cochrane, James  
Cockburn, William  
Cocke, James D  
Cocke, James H  
Cocke, William Thornton  
Cockrell, Simon  
Cockrill, John R  
Cockrill, Simon  
Cody, Matthew  
Cody, Michael  
Cody, William  
Coe, John G  
Coe, Philip  
Coe, Philip H  
Coe, Phillip  
Coffee, Holland  
Coffee, Holland & Co  
Coffee, James  
Coffin, Alexander G  
Coffin, Eben S  
Coffman, E G  
Coffman, Elkin  
Coffman, Elkin G  
Coghill, James  
Coghill, Thomas  
Cogswell, E B  
Coit, D P  
Coit, Daniel P  
Coit, Joseph  
Coit, W A  
Coker, John  
Colder, John  
Cole & Cogley  
Cole, Burt S  
Cole, Charlton  
Cole, David  
Cole, Gabriel  
Cole, James  
Cole, Jeremiah  
Cole, John H  
Cole, John W  
Cole, Solomon W  
Cole, Sydney L  
Cole, Thomas M V  
Cole, William  
Colegrove, John  
Coleman & Dawson  
Coleman, A  
Coleman, Alexander  
Coleman, Green H  
Coleman, John C  
Coleman, R  
Coleman, R M  
Coleman, Youngs  
Colerick (Capt)  
Colerick, Charles  
Coles, John P  
Coley, Wright  
Collard, Elijah  
Collard, J S  
Collard, James H  
Collard, Job S  
Collard, Jonathan S  
Collard, Josephine  
Collard, Lemuel M  
Collard, Margaret E  
Collard, Richard  
Collett, J H  
Collett, John  
Colley, C C  
Colley, Canah C  
Colley, Miranda  
Collicott, James  
Collier, H H  
Collier, James  
Collier, John  
Collier, L A  
Collier, Lewis A  
Collier, Patrick  
Collings, Samuel  
Collins, Bela  
Collins, D J  
Collins, David  
Collins, Elijah M  
Collins, Francis  
Collins, John  
Collins, John W  
Collins, Richard M  
Collins, Robert  
Collins, Stephen  
Collins, Thomas C  
Collins, William  
Collins, Willis  
Collinsworth, David C  
Collinsworth, George M  
Collinsworth, J T  
Collinsworth, James  
Collinsworth, James B  
Collinsworth, John  
Collinsworth, Susan R  
Collom, Charles  
Colquhoun, Loudovic  
Colston, W S  
Coltrin, William  
Columbia (ship)  
Colvill & Wyllie  
Colville, Silas  
Colville, Silas C  
Colvin, Aaron  
Colvin, John  
Colvin, Thomas  
Combs, Franklin  
Combs, James B  
Combs, Leslie  
Comire, Richard  
Compton, A G  
Compton, David  
Comstock, Andrew  
Comstock, George  
Condon, Philip  
Condon, William  
Cone & Goldthwaite  
Cone, Henry H  
Coney, Thomas F  
Conger, James  
Conlee, Martha E  
Conlee, Preston  
Conley, John  
Conn, James  
Conn, Joseph  
Connahan, Dennis  
Connell, Richard  
Connell, Sampson  
Connell, Sarah J  
Connell, William  
Conner, Francis B  
Conner, William M  
Connor, James  
Connorly, R G  
Conrad, Peter  
Conrey, John  
Contis de Tejada, Juana  
Contis, Julian  
Contreras, Meleton  
Contreras, Simon  
Converse, Walter  
Cook, D D  
Cook, David  
Cook, F J  
Cook, Henry  
Cook, Jacob  
Cook, James  
Cook, James R  
Cook, Joseph  
Cook, Joseph T  
Cook, Joseph T Sr  
Cook, Joseph Thomas  
Cook, Lazarus D  
Cook, Lemuel  
Cook, Lemuel A  
Cook, Mary J  
Cook, Miles J  
Cook, Octavius A  
Cook, Stephen  
Cook, T A (Mrs)  
Cook, Thomas  
Cook, W M  
Cook, William A  
Cook, William M  
Cooke & Bancroft  
Cooke & Ewing  
Cooke, A H  
Cooke, Augustus W  
Cooke, F J  
Cooke, Francis J  
Cooke, James R  
Cooke, Louis P  
Cooke, S J  
Cooke, Thomas  
Cooke, Wilds K  
Cooke, William G  
Cooke, William Gordon  
Cooke, William Grdon  
Cooksey, John C  
Cooley, Wright  
Coon, Levi  
Cooper, Alfred M  
Cooper, Amanda  
Cooper, Benjamin  
Cooper, Campbell  
Cooper, Dillard  
Cooper, Enos  
Cooper, James  
Cooper, Joseph  
Cooper, Mathias  
Cooper, William  
Coots, Andrew  
Coots, David  
Coots, Jacob  
Cope, George  
Cope, Thomas  
Copeland, George  
Copeland, John  
Copeland, Joseph  
Copeland, Mark  
Copeland, Martin  
Copes, J W  
Copes, J Wilson  
Copes, James W  
Copland, Willis  
Coplin, R  
Copner, Joseph  
Corban, James C  
Corbit, Edmund  
Corder, Reuben  
Corder, W A  
Corder, William A  
Cordova, Damian  
Cordova, Jose  
Cordrey, Nathan  
Corlett, John  
Cormack, Jesse W  
Cornell, David  
Cornell, P J  
Corner, Evin  
Corner, J L  
Corner, James  
Corner, John  
Corner, Mary  
Corner, Nathaniel  
Cornick, John Jr  
Cornine, Richard  
Corning & Co  
Corning, J & Co  
Cornwall, Hiram H  
Cornwall, William  
Coro, Marsales  
Corpanning, Seth  
Correo (Steamer)  
Corry, Thomas F  
Cortinas, Miguel  
Coryell, James  
Corzine, Shelby  
Cosens, C W  
Cosner, Charles  
Cosner, Charles Davis  
Costa, John B  
Costello, Thomas  
Costley, John M  
Costley, Michael  
Costley, William  
Cottle, Almond  
Cottle, Barzillai  
Cottle, George W  
Cottle, Joseph  
Cottle, Sylvanus  
Cotton, John  
Cotton, William  
Couch, G W  
Coucy, Valentine  
Coughlin Davie & Co  
Coughlin, John  
Coulter, Carney  
Coulter, Isaac D  
Coulton, William  
Coultrin, William  
Couper, W  
Coursey, Nancy  
Courtney & Co  
Courtney & Shaw  
Courtney, W J & Co  
Couteau, J B  
Covington, Charles  
Cowan, James B  
Cowan, John B  
Cowan, Sarah B  
Cowan, Thomas L  
Cowan, W J  
Cowan, William  
Cowles, Seth  
Cowley, John  
Cox, Cornelius C  
Cox, Elisha  
Cox, Euclid M  
Cox, George  
Cox, George W  
Cox, Harvey  
Cox, Hester A  
Cox, Hugh  
Cox, James  
Cox, James E  
Cox, James H  
Cox, Jesse  
Cox, John H  
Cox, Joseph  
Cox, Lewis  
Cox, Ramsey M  
Cox, Samuel  
Cox, Thomas  
Cox, Thomas B  
Cox, Thomas W  
Cox, William  
Cox, William M  
Coy y Cassillas, Anastacia  
Coy, Alexander  
Coy, Antonio  
Coy, Manuel de los Santos  
Coy, Martha J  
Coy, Trinidad  
Cozart, Henderson  
Cozzens, Thomas  
Crabb, H M  
Crabb, Hillary M  
Crabb, John M  
Crabtree, William  
Craddock, Amanda  
Craddock, John  
Craddock, John R  
Cradoc, John  
Cradock, J R  
Craft, Abigail  
Craft, James  
Craft, James A  
Craft, John G  
Craft, John S  
Craft, Russel B  
Craft, Samuel  
Craig, B M  
Craig, Henry R  
Craig, J B  
Craig, John B  
Crain, Ambrose  
Crain, Joel B  
Crain, Roden T  
Crain, W H  
Crane, E T  
Crane, John  
Crane, Stephen  
Crane, William  
Cranwill, James  
Cranwill, Samuel  
Craven, David  
Cravens, William  
Cravins, R M  
Crawford, Aaron  
Crawford, Andrew  
Crawford, C W  
Crawford, E W  
Crawford, George W  
Crawford, James  
Crawford, James M  
Crawford, John B  
Crawford, John W  
Crawford, Lemuel  
Crawford, Robert  
Crawford, Samuel H  
Crawford, W Carroll  
Crawford, William  
Crawford, William C  
Creamer, John  
Creaner, Charles M  
Creecy, DeWitt Clinton  
Creecy, James Rice  
Creed, William C  
Creery, J A  
Cregg, John W  
Crenshaw, C D  
Crenshaw, Cornelius  
Crenshaw, John C  
Cresap, Thomas A  
Crews, J A  
Crews, Joseph A  
Cribbs, H  
Crier, Andrew  
Crier, John  
Criper, Joseph  
Crisp, Downing H  
Crisp, Mansil R  
Crisp, William M  
Crissman, Horatio  
Crissup, Thomas A  
Crist, Daniel  
Crist, Daniel M  
Crist, Reason  
Crist, S A (Mrs)  
Crist, Stephen  
Criswell, J  
Criswell, John Y  
Criswell, Leroy & William  
Criswell, Leroy V  
Criswell, William  
Crittenden, George B  
Crittenden, M J  
Crittenden, Robert  
Crittenden, William  
Critton, J W  
Crocheron, Henry  
Crockett, David  
Crockett, Lydia A  
Crockett, Robert P  
Cronican, Michael  
Crooks, Henry  
Crooks, Samuel  
Cropper, Elisha G  
Cropper, Priscilla  
Crosby, E P  
Crosby, Edmund P  
Crosby, Gany  
Crosby, John A  
Crosby, Josiah F  
Crosby, Stephen  
Crosby, Thomas P  
Crosgrove, Thomas  
Cross, E W  
Cross, James  
Cross, John L  
Crossgrove, James  
Crossman, Abner L  
Crouch, Jackson  
Crow, Levi M  
Crownover, Arter  
Crowson, John  
Crudden, Peter  
Cruger & Bonnell  
Cruger & Moore  
Cruger & Wing  
Cruger, J W  
Cruger, Jacob W  
Cruger, Lewis  
Crump, William G  
Crumpler, D D  
Crundwell, Stephen  
Cruse, Christopher  
Cruse, Squire  
Crutcher, John  
Crutcher, Thomas  
Cruz Silvera, Pilar de la  
Cruz, Antonio  
Cruz, Juan  
Cryer, Rachel  
Cuellar, J Francisco  
Cuellar, Yginio  
Cule, David Miles  
Cullen, Aaron  
Cullen, E W  
Cullen, Ezekiel W  
Cullett, John  
Cullins, Daniel  
Cullum, John H  
Culp, Daniel D  
Culp, Fielding R  
Culp, Josiah  
Culver, William D  
Cumberland, George  
Cuming, John  
Cumming, Charles  
Cummings (Capt)  
Cummings, Cyrus  
Cummings, Daniel D  
Cummings, George W  
Cummings, James  
Cummings, John  
Cummings, John A  
Cummings, John Andrew  
Cummings, Jonathan W  
Cummings, Joseph  
Cummings, Robert  
Cummings, Stephen  
Cummings, W  
Cummins, G W  
Cummins, James  
Cummins, John  
Cummins, Moses  
Cummins, Wiley  
Cundiff, William H  
Cuney, Phil M  
Cunningham & Warren  
Cunningham, Abel S  
Cunningham, Andrew P  
Cunningham, David A  
Cunningham, E V  
Cunningham, H  
Cunningham, Horatio  
Cunningham, J C  
Cunningham, J R  
Cunningham, James  
Cunningham, Jane  
Cunningham, John C  
Cunningham, John P  
Cunningham, L C  
Cunningham, Leander C  
Cunningham, Patrick D  
Cunningham, Sam  
Cunningham, William  
Cunningham, William L  
Curlang, Patrick R  
Curley, Lewis  
Currie, John P  
Curry, David  
Curry, James  
Curry, John  
Curry, Thomas  
Curry, Thomas F  
Curtis, Charles  
Curtis, D D  
Curtis, E S  
Curtis, Edward  
Curtis, Elijha  
Curtis, Hinton  
Curtis, James  
Curtis, James D  
Curtis, James Jr  
Curtis, James Sr  
Curtis, S S  
Curvier, Angela  
Curvier, Fernando  
Curvier, Matias  
Curvier, Rita  
Curvin, Thomas  
Cushing, Samuel  
Cushing, Samuel W  
Cushman, C C  
Cushman, Charles A  
Cushney, W H  
Cushney, William H  
Cussans Nickels & Co  
Custard, William  
Custer, King S  

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