Republic of Texas

"Survivors of the Revolution which separated Texas from Mexico, 1835 - 1842"

Texas State Library & Archives Commission


"The Republic Claims series of Comptroller's records includes claims for payment, reimbursement, or restitution submitted by citizens to the Republic of Texas government from 1835 through 1846. It also includes records relating to Republic pensions and claims against the Republic submitted as public debt claims after 1846."

There are many noted Texans on these Claims Rolls and whenever possible, a short mention has been included from "The Handbook of Texas Online" sponsored by the Texas State Historical Association and the General Libraries at UT Austin. This is only a mention and not a transcription of the files available. If a Submitters Name does not appear next to the Claimant, then the transcription is still needed.

Texas USGenWeb Archives Record Submission Forms


Claimant Submitted By
Babcock, Charles P  
Babcock, D W  
Babin, A. D. ~ Galveston Co. K. Waterhouse
Bacchus, Gurdon H  
Bache, R  
Bache, Richard  
Bachman, William G  
Bachmann, George  
Bacon, Henry  
Bacon, Sumner  
Bacon, Tyree G  
Badger, James D  
Badgett, Jesse B  
Badgett, William  
Badjett, Jesse B  
Badrum, Charles ~ Galveston Co. K. Waterhouse
Bagby, George H  
Bailey & Marcey  
Bailey, Amos C C  
Bailey, Bernard  
Bailey, E  
Bailey, Edward  
Bailey, Henry  
Bailey, Howard  
Bailey, James  
Bailey, Jeremiah  
Bailey, Jesse  
Bailey, John  
Bailey, John G  
Bailey, John P  
Bailey, P J  
Bailey, Thomas  
Bailey, Thomas T  
Bailey, William  
Bailleul, A  
Baily, Eli  
Bain, Noel M  
Bainbridge, M  
Baine, Moses  
Baine, N M  
Bains, James  
Baird, Andrew S  
Baird, James  
Baird, Joseph  
Baker & Bordens  
Baker, Augustus  
Baker, Burton  
Baker, Charles  
Baker, D Davis D  
Baker, F C  
Baker, H N  
Baker, Hiram  
Baker, James  
Baker, James H  
Baker, John  
Baker, John B  
Baker, John C  
Baker, John H  
Baker, John R  
Baker, Joseph  
Baker, Joseph L  
Baker, L D  
Baker, Moseley  
Baker, Nathan W  
Baker, Robert A  
Baker, W C W  
Baker, W W  
Baker, Walter E  
Baker, William  
Baker, William C  
Baker, William C M  
Baker, William George  
Baker, William R  
Baker, Wilson  
Baker, Yarborough  
Balch, H B  
Balch, John  
Bald, John O  
Baldin, John  
Baldinger, Andrew  
Baldwin, H  
Ball, A & G  
Ball, Charles D  
Ball, Elisha  
Ball, William B  
BALLARD, Barclay Moorman - Kaufman County Elizabeth Moore Thiem
Ballard, Ezekiel  
Ballard, John P  
Ballard, John T  
Ballard, Lewis  
Ballard, N G  
BALLARD, Nancy M. - Kaufman County Elizabeth Moore Thiem
Balle, Antonio  
Ballentine, R W  
Ballew, Richard  
Balling, A R  
Ballowe, S L S  
Bancroft, J N  
Bancroft, Jethro R  
Bancroft, Monson  
Bandrand, A  
Bane, N M  
Banister, Charles B  
Banks, Reason  
Banks, Vincent  
Bannister, C B  
Bannister, Charles B  
Banton, John D  
Barber, James  
Barbey, Andrew  
Barclay, Anderson  
Barclay, James  
Barden, John T  
Bardwell, Solomon  
Barhelder, H J  
Barhydt, D P  
Barker, Alitia  
Barker, Calvin  
Barker, George  
Barker, Henry  
Barker, Jacob  
Barker, Jesse  
Barker, John  
Barker, Leman  
Barker, Thomas H  
Barker, William  
Barkley, John A  
Barkley, John H  
Barkley, R A  
Barkley, Richard  
Barkley, Robert  
Barksdale, Lewis  
Barlow, David  
Barlow, Johnathan  
Barnard, George  
Barnard, Joseph Henry  
Barnes, James  
Barnes, John T  
Barnes, Moses  
Barnes, Robert S  
Barnes, Taylor  
Barnes, Turner  
Barnet, Thomas  
Barnett, E D  
Barnett, Eli  
Barnett, Elias D  
Barnett, G W  
Barnett, George W  
Barnett, James  
Barnett, John  
Barnett, Mary  
Barnett, R T  
Barnett, S S  
Barnett, Thomas  
Barnett, Thomas (seaman)  
Barney, D F  
Barney, Stephen A  
Barnhart, Joseph  
Barnhill, John N  
Barnhill, P A  
Barnwell, James H  
Barr, Robert  
Barrelli, J A  
Barrett, D C  
Barrett, George W  
Barrett, Minott  
Barrett, William  
Barrett, William M  
Barrier, A B  
Barrier, M  
Barrington, Richard  
Barron, David  
Barron, John M  
Barron, Thomas  
Barron, Thomas H  
Barrow, Benjamin  
Barrow, Elizabeth  
Barrow, Reuben  
Barrow, Susan  
Barry, David D  
Barry, John M  
Barry, Richard C  
Barry, Samuel W  
Barry, Thomas  
Bartle, Samuel  
Bartlett, Jesse  
Bartlett, Joseph C  
Bartlett, Robert  
Barton, Charles  
Barton, David A  
Barton, E B  
Barton, Elder B  
Barton, Hale  
Barton, J B  
Barton, John  
Barton, Philip  
Barton, Robert  
Barton, Samuel  
Barton, Santitas B  
Barton, Thomas  
Barton, Waine  
Barton, Wayne  
Barton, William  
Bartz, Adam  
Barziza, Francis L  
Basinger, Martin  
Baskins, William  
Bason, George  
Basquez, Juan Francisco  
Bass, A W  
Bass, Archibald W  
Bass, Luke  
Bassett, C N  
Bassett, Thomas J  
Bassett, W S E  
Bassett, William L E  
Bassford, B D  
Basterreche, H  
Batchelor, James W  
Bateman, James  
Bateman, Simeon  
Bateman, William  
Bates, Anthony  
Bates, Seth H  
Bates, Silas  
Bates, Silas H  
Bates, Thomas  
Bates, William A  
Batie, Edward  
Baton, Marmaduke  
Batterson, Isaac  
Battle, M M  
Battle, Mills M  
Baty, John  
Baty, Washington  
Baty, William  
Bauer, J  
Bauer, J H  
Bauer, John Henry  
Baugher, William  
Baumlein, C F  
Bausler, John  
Baxter, Asa  
Baxter, Asa S  
Baxter, Eli H  
Baxter, Montgomery  
Baxter, Peter  
Baxter, Thomas S  
Baxter, W P  
Baychuskie, Edward  
Bayes, Henry  
Bayless, Hezekiah  
Bayley, Isaac  
Baylor, Emily J  
Baylor, Henry W  
Baylor, J W  
Baylor, John R  
Baylor, John W  
Baylor, R E B  
Baylor, Walker K  
Bayne, Griffin  
Bazajoir, L A  
Beach, C K  
Beach, Clark  
Beach, John T  
Beach, Peter  
Beachum, John  
Beal, Alfred  
Beal, H J  
Beal, R R  
Beal, William M  
Beall, Horace  
Bealle, Josias B  
Beamer, George H  
Bean, A H  
Bean, Horace  
Bean, Isaac T  
Bean, Peter E  
Bear, Isaac  
Beard, Andrew J  
Beard, Andrew S  
Beard, James  
Beard, Robert L  
Beard, William  
Beardslee, William  
Beardsley, Lewis  
Beardsley, William  
Beasley, Robert E  
Beasley, Seymour S  
Beason, Leander  
Beates, Silas H  
Beaton, Alexander  
Beatty, G W  
Beatty, George  
Beatty, Josiah G  
Beatty, Washington  
Beatty, William S  
Beaty, M H  
Beaty, Sarah J  
Beaty, William  
Beauchamp, John  
Beaumlin, C F  
Beaumlin, F C  
Beaumont & Dunbar  
Beaumont, J K  
Beaumont, Jacob K  
Beck, Ann E  
Beck, James  
Beck, John  
Beck, Joseph H  
Beck, T B  
Beck, Truman B  
Becker, J  
Becker, T  
Beckle, John  
Beckley, Humphrey  
Beckley, Thomas  
Becknell, John  
Becknell, John C  
Becknell, Melinda  
Becknell, William  
Bedford, Robert W  
Bee, Barnard E  
Bee, Hamilton P  
Beebe, Elnathan  
Beecher, Philo  
Beekes, William  
Beeman, Isaac H  
Beeman, James J  
Beers, David  
Beeson, Abel  
Beeson, Benjamin  
Beeson, Collins  
Beeson, Jesse  
Beeson, Leander  
Beggs, Robert L  
Begley, John  
Bela, Juan  
Belcher, Isam G  
Belden, Elizabeth ~ Waller County Belinda Beldin
Beldin, John  
Belfour, David  
Belknap, J T  
Belknap, Thomas  
Bell, Alexander  
Bell, Andrew J  
Bell, George  
Bell, Hiram  
Bell, J H  
Bell, J M  
Bell, Jackson  
Bell, James  
Bell, John  
Bell, John P  
Bell, John S  
Bell, Joseph J  
Bell, Joseph T  
Bell, Josiah H  
Bell, P Hansbrough  
Bell, Peter,  
Bell, R  
Bell, Robert A  
Bell, Sam  
Bell, T H  
Bell, Thomas B  
Bell, Thomas H  
Bell, Thomas W  
Bell, William  
Bell, William R  
Bell, William Ralph  
Bell, William W  
Bellinger, Edmond  
Bellinger, Edward  
Belville, Mary  
Benavides, Eugenio  
Benavides, Isidro  
Benavides, Placido  
Bender, Christian  
Bendle, Christopher  
Benedict, Charles J  
Benedict, J T & Co  
Benet, S  
Benge, Alfred  
Benham, A L D  
Benites, Miguel  
Bennet & Sharp  
Bennet, Caleb  
Bennet, Charles H  
Bennet, Miles S  
Bennet, Miles Squire  
Bennet, Valentine  
Bennett (Maj)  
Bennett, Armstead  
Bennett, Benjamin C  
Bennett, Bryan B  
Bennett, D W  
Bennett, Elijah  
Bennett, Jacob  
Bennett, James  
Bennett, John  
Bennett, Joseph  
Bennett, Joseph L  
Bennett, L E  
Bennett, Laura  
Bennett, Lyttleton E  
Bennett, Marshall B  
Bennett, Miles  
Bennett, Milton  
Bennett, Samuel  
Bennett, T W  
Bennett, Thomas  
Bennett, William  
Benson, Ellis  
Benson, James L  
Benson, John  
Benson, William B  
Bentinck, H W  
Bentley, Henry  
Benton, Alfred  
Benton, Daniel  
Benton, Jesse  
Benton, Jesse Jr  
Benton, John  
Benton, Samuel  
Bergara, Anselmo  
Bernal, Agustin  
Bernar, Masimo  
Bernardi, Prospero  
Bernbeck, William  
Berry & Mason  
Berry, A J  
Berry, Alfred  
Berry, Andrew Jackson  
Berry, David  
Berry, Francis  
Berry, Harrison W  
Berry, Henrietta  
Berry, James  
Berry, John B  
Berry, John W ~ Harris County K. Waterhouse
Berry, Joseph  
Berry, Mary C  
Berry, N A  
Berry N E  
Berry, Nancy E  
Berry, Nathan E  
Berry, Seaborn  
Berry, Thomas O  
Berryhill, Thomas  
Berryhill, William M  
Berryman, William  
Bertrand, Francis  
Bertrand, Peter  
Bertrand, Thomas  
Besset, Robert  
Best, E W  
Best, Lucinda  
Best, Richard  
Bethea, John  
Betrey, J  
Bettenger, Francis A  
Bettenson, Richard  
Betterworth, William A  
Betts, S S & Co  
Betts, Samuel S  
Beussel, Henry  
Bevens, William C  
Bevil, John  
Bevil, John R  
Bickford, P  
Bickus, W J  
Biddle, L M  
Biddle, Thomas A  
Biddy, Ebednigo  
Bierman, George  
Bigalow, Levi  
Bigby, John  
Bigelow & Co  
Bigelow, Charles  
Bigelow, James L  
Bigelow, William  
Biggar, George C  
Biggs, Washington  
Biggs, Wilson H  
Bigham, Milton S J  
Biglin, P C  
Bilderback, Robert T  
Billins, Henry  
Billingsley, Eliza A  
Billingsley, Jesse  
Billips, G R L  
Billups, G R  
Billups, George R  
Bingham, Francis  
Bingham, Henry  
Bingham, M A  
Binney, J  
Birch, John  
Birch, William  
Bird, Andrew J  
Bird, Daniel  
Bird, George  
Bird, Isaac  
Bird, James  
Bird, John  
Bird, Jonathan  
Bird, William P  
Birdsall, John  
Birdwell, George  
Birdwell, Henderson  
Birdwell, Thomas G  
Birdwell, William  
Birdwell, Zachariah  
Birmingham, Patrick  
Birt, Samuel Pearce  
Birth, John  
Bisbee, Ira  
Bishop, David  
Bishop, Josiah  
Bishop, William H  
Bissell Thomson & Donnan  
Bissell, Hezekiah  
Bissell, Theodore  
Bisset, Robert B  
Bivens, Seabern  
Black & Schoolfield  
Black, Albert  
Black, Bridget  
Black, C B  
Black, George K  
Black, J P & Co  
Black, J R  
Black, Jacob  
Black, John D  
Black, John R  
Black, John S  
Black, Mary  
Black, Uriah  
Black, Washington M  
Black, William S  
Blackburn, Andrew J  
Blackburn, John L D  
Blackburn, R T  
Blackburn, Richard T  
Blackstock, Thomas  
Blackwell, C M  
Blackwell, John P  
Blackwell, O H  
Blackwell, Thomas  
Blain, Samuel A  
Blair, Alexander  
Blair, Alonzo  
Blair, J O  
Blair, James  
Blair, James J  
Blair, John  
Blair, Joshua O  
Blair, Lelia Jane  
Blair, Payton  
Blair, Samuel  
Blair, Seth M  
Blair, Thomas  
Blake, Benjamin F  
Blake, John T  
Blake, Luis C  
Blakemore, Jackson  
Blakey, Edward J  
Blakey, Everett  
Blakey, Lemuel S  
Blakey, Thomas W  
Blalock, James B  
Blan, Payton  
Blancas, Santos  
Blanchard, John  
Bland, John  
Bland, Mary  
Bland, Preston  
Bland, Susanna  
Blandin, Anthony  
Blaney, Richard  
Blankenship, David  
Blanton, Benjamin  
Blanton, Jacob Sharon Black
Blanton, James J  
Blazeby, William  
Bledsham, Caswell  
Bledsoe, Caswell  
Bledsoe, George L  
Bledsoe, George S  
Bledsoe, William  
Blessing, Henry  
Blessing, James  
Blick, William W  
Blisk, Samuel K  
Bliss, H G  
Bliss, Luke  
Blomfield, Ed  
Blood, Henry  
Bloodgood, Levicy  
Bloodgood, William  
Bloodworth, James C  
Bloodworth, John  
Blount, A L  
Blount, James H  
Blount, S W  
Blount, Samuel W  
Blount, Stephen W  
Blount, William S  
Blow, George  
Blown, William B  
Blue, Uriah  
Blundell, F  
Blundell, Francis  
Blundell, J H  
Blundell, Solomon  
Blundell, William  
Blunt, Abraham  
Blut, Henry  
Blythe, Champion  
Blythe, William  
Boads, Absalom  
Boag, James  
Boales, Calvin  
Boan, John  
Board, A  
Boatright, William  
Boatwright, Lewis  
Boatwright, Thomas  
Bobo, Lynn  
Bobo, W H  
Boden, Andrew  
Bodine, John  
Bodman, Austin R  
Bodram, Charles  
Bodwell, E A  
Boen, John  
Bogard, J C  
Bogard, Joseph C  
Bogardus, William M C  
Bogart, Alpheus A  
Bogart, Samuel  
Boggess, P M  
Bogguss, Leroy  
Bohannan, William A S  
Bohle, Henry  
Boil, Bolivar  
Boine, John  
Boland, Carter  
Bolen, John  
Boling, B B  
Bollinger, Conrad  
Bollinger, Ephraim  
Bollinger, John  
Bollinger, Peter  
Bolton, William  
Bomar, William W  
Bond, Alexander  
Bond, Andrew J  
Bond, Benjamin G  
Bond, George  
Bond, Henry  
Bond, J S  
Bond, Joseph H  
Bond, Lewis  
Bondies, George  
Bonham, James B  
Bonnell & Cruger  
Bonnell, George W  
Bonner, William  
Bonney, Hannibal  
Bonny, Horace  
Bonsell, Henry Joseph  
Booker, Ferdinand  
Booker, Shields  
Boom, Gerrit E  
Boom, Nancy A  
Boom, Willis W  
Boon, N  
Boon, Willis W  
Boone, Benjamin Z  
Boone, Henry  
Boone, J W  
Boone, James  
Booth, Benjamin  
Booth, I M  
Booth, Joshua F  
Booth, Robert E  
Booth, Stephen S  
Boothe, John  
Bordeaux, S P  
Borden, G & T H  
Borden, Gail Jr  
Borden, John P  
Borden, P P  
Borden, Paschal P  
Borden, Thomas H  
Border, Catherine E  
Border, John  
Border, John P  
Borders, S Alexis  
Borders, Stephen A  
Borders, Stephen Alexis  
Boren, C B  
Boren, J C  
Boren, Matthew  
Boren, Michael  
Boren, Michal  
Boren, Nancy  
Borland, Robert  
Borrell, David  
Boss, George A  
Bostick, James H  
Bostick, John H  
Bostick, S R  
Bostick, Sian R  
Bostick, Sion R  
Bostwick, O  
Boswell, R P  
Boswell, Ransom P  
Boswell, U W  
Botsford, Seymour  
Bottoms, Zachariah  
Bouillet, Louis  
Boulter, James  
Bourk, David  
Bourland, James  
Bourland, William H  
Bourne, Daniel  
Boussette, Adolphus  
Bowditch, G  
Bowditch, Gideon  
Bowen, A R  
Bowen, Eli A  
Bowen, G B  
Bowen, John  
Bowen, Smith  
Bowen, Sylvester  
Bowen, T J  
Bowen, Thomas J  
Bowen, William  
Bowen, William R  
Bower, John Henry  
Bower, John W  
Bowers, J H  
Bowers, James R  
Bowers, James W  
Bowers, Samuel  
Bowers, William  
Bowhannon, Henry D  
Bowie, James  
Bowie, M C  
Bowin, Alexander  
Bowker, E  
Bowker, Elias  
Bowles (Col)  
Bowles, Augustin  
Bowman, Charles  
Bowman, James H  
Bowman, John J  
Bowman, Joseph  
Bowman, Joseph T  
Bowman, P F  
Bowyer, John W  
Box, James E  
Box, John  
Box, Lucinda  
Box, M E  
Box, Marmaduke K  
Box, Nelson  
Box, Rolen W  
Box, Samuel C  
Box, Stillwell  
Box, Thomas G  
Box, William Young  
Boyce, A F  
Boyce, J D  
Boyce, James  
Boyce, John N  
Boyce, Nicholas  
Boyce, R H  
Boyce, R P  
Boyce, Robert H  
Boyce, Robert P  
Boyd, George W  
Boyd, James C  
Boyd, Jesse M  
Boyd, John  
Boyd, M D  
Boyd, William  
Boyer, Charles  
Boyer, John  
Boyer, John B  
Boylan, J D  
Boylan, James D  
Boyle, Andrew A  
Boyle, Andrew Michael  
Boyle, Bowen  
Boyle, D O  
Boyle, Edward O  
Boyle, James  
Boyle, Joseph  
Boyle, Thomas H  
Boyle, William  
Bozeman, Harman W  
Bozeman, James  
Bozeman, Thomas B  
Bozorth, Jonathan  
Bracey, McLin  
Braches, Charles  
Brackeen, Ezereh  
Brackeen, William  
Brackeen, William G  
Bracken, James  
Bracken, William  
Bredberry, James  
Bradbury, James  
Bradford, B J  
Bradford, James A  
Bradley, Charles H  
Bradley, Daniel  
Bradley, George  
Bradley, James  
Bradley, John  
Bradley, John M  
Bradley, John William  
Bradley, Rachel  
Brady, Terance  
Brake, M J  
Braman, D E E  
Braman, Don E E  
Branch, Edward  
Branch, Edward T  
Branch, Joseph  
Branch, William  
Brands, Frederick  
Branham, Edward L  
Branham, Joseph  
Brannan, John  
Brannum, William Thomas  
Brant, George D  
Brantley, J  
Brantley, J J  
Brantly, J J  
Brashear, J W  
Brashear, James B  
Brashear, Richard C  
Brashear, William C  
Brashear, William P  
Bratt, Daniel  
Bratton, Joseph  
Bratton, William  
Bray, John L  
Bray, Louis  
Bray, Thomas  
Brazeal, George W  
Breadrick, David  
Breckenridge, R M  
Breece, Thomas H  
Breedin, Robert H  
Breeding, Benjamin W  
Breeding, C T (Mrs)  
Breeding, Calvin C  
Breeding, Charlotte  
Bredding, John  
Breeding, N B  
Breeding, Napoleon B  
Breeding, Richard L  
Breedlove, A M  
Bremond, Paul  
Brenan, Keran  
Brenan, Thomas H  
Brenan, William  
Brenham, Richard F  
Brenham, Richard Fox  
Brent, J H P  
Brent, William B  
Brenton, William  
Brettell & Hamman  
Brewer, Henry M  
Brewer, William T  
Brewster, Andrew  
Brewster, Benjamin F  
Brewster, Henry P  
Brewster, Henry Percy  
Brichta, Francis  
Bricker, John  
Bridge, Benjamin S  
Bridge, James  
Bridge, William  
Bridgeman, James  
Bridger, Henry  
Bridgers, William B  
Bridges, Isaac & Co  
Bridges, Samuel  
Bridges, Thomas  
Bridrick, David  
Brigance, Alfred L  
Brigance, Foster  
Brigance, Harvy  
Brigg, William  
Briggs, Jacob L  
Brigham, Asa  
Brigham, Moses W  
Brigham, S B & Co  
Brigham, W B  
Bright, H C  
Bright, John  
Brighton, John  
Briley, Shadrach  
Brill, H C (Mrs)  
Brill, Solomon  
Brill, Solomon W  
Brimberry, Alfred  
Brimberry, Samuel  
Brimbury, Samuel  
Brimer, Christopher  
Brimingham, Rachel  
Bringhurst, George H  
Brinkley, Marcus  
Brinlee, George  
Brinley, John  
Brinson, Enoch  
Brinton, Elizabeth  
Brinton, Joseph  
Briody, Patrick  
Briscoe, A  
Briscoe, A & Co  
Briscoe, Andrew  
Briscoe, George C  
Brister, N R  
Brister, Nathaniel R  
Brite, Thomas R  
Brittain, D  
Brittle, H  
Brittle, Henry  
Britton, Whitney  
Broadwell, George M  
Brobeck, Abraham  
Brock, Frances M  
Brock, John  
Brockman, Thomas P  
Brockner, John  
Brockner, William  
Bromley, Benjamin  
Bromley, William  
Bronaugh, W N  
Bronaugh, William N  
Bronson, Horace W  
Bronson, Zenos  
Brooks, T G  
Brookfield, Francis  
Brookfield, William  
Brookfield, William C  
Brookfield, William Charles  
Brooks, A  
Brooks, Alexander M  
Brooks, E J  
Brooks, George  
Brooks, George W  
Brooks, George Whitfield  
Brooks, Gilbert  
Brooks, John S  
Brooks, Melissa  
Brooks, Rachel  
Brooks, Samuel  
Brooks, Sue  
Brooks, T D  
Brooks, T G  
Brooks, Thomas D  
Brooks, William  
Brooks, Zachariah S  
Brookshet, A S  
Brookshire, Nathan  
Brossard, Francis X  
Brothers & Berry  
Brothers, John  
Brown & Braches  
Brown & Co  
Brown & Loveridge  
Brown & Luckett  
Brown (Mrs)  
Brown, A E  
Brown, Alexander  
Brown, Allen E  
Brown, Benjamin  
Brown, C C  
Brown, C S  
Brown, Catherine  
Brown, Charles Lewis  
Brown, D M  
Brown, David  
Brown, David F  
Brown, Douglas  
Brown, Edward  
Brown, G  
Brown, George  
Brown, George J  
Brown, Hermogene  
Brown, Hiram  
Brown, Isaac B  
Brown, J  
Brown, J D  
Brown, J Douglass  
Brown, J F  
Brown, J S  
Brown, J W  
Brown, James  
Brown, James H  
Brown, James Henry  
Brown, James K  
Brown, James M  
Brown, James N  
Brown, Jeremiah  
Brown, John  
Brown, John B  
Brown, John D  
Brown, John H  
Brown, John Hawkins  
Brown, John Henry  
Brown, John J  
Brown, John S  
Brown, John W  
Brown, Joshua D  
Brown, L B  
Brown, Littleton  
Brown, N J (Mrs)  
Brown, Nicholas  
Brown, Oliver  
Brown, Orson  
Brown, R R  
Brown, Reuben R  
Brown, Richard  
Brown, Robert  
Brown, Samuel B  
Brown, Samuel P  
Brown, Samuel T  
Brown, Simson  
Brown, Sterling M  
Brown, Thomas  
Brown, Thomas H  
Brown, Thomas T  
Brown, William  
Brown, William J  
Brown, William R  
Brown, William S  
Brown, Wilson N  
Browne, John  
Browne, Samuel P  
Browning, Archer  
Browning, C C  
Browning, George W  
Browning, Harriet H  
Browning, John A  
Browning, Robert H  
Browning, Samuel  
Brownson, Uriah T  
Broyles, Joseph  
Bruce, David T  
Bruce, John M  
Bruce, Margaret A  
Bruce, W H  
Bruce, William  
Bruce, Willis  
Bruff, Christopher C  
Bruffy, C  
Brugger, Andreas  
Brumett, Harrison  
Brummett, Harrison  
Bruner, G C  
Bruner, S J (Mrs)  
Brunett, Edward  
Brush, Cain T  
Brush, Elkanah  
Brush, Gilbert R  
Bruton, Benjamin  
Bruton, David D  
Bruton, Elisha  
Bruton, John D  
Bruton, M C (Mrs)  
Bryan & Childress  
Bryan Austin & Co  
Bryan, Anna M  
Bryan, Austin  
Bryan, Christopher  
Bryan, Guy M  
Bryan, John  
Bryan, John B  
Bryan, John L  
Bryan, John W  
Bryan, Kindallis  
Bryan, Luke  
Bryan, M Austin  
Bryan, Moses Austin  
Bryan, Pryor  
Bryan, Shelton R  
Bryan, Stephen H  
Bryan, William  
Bryan, William J  
Bryan, William Joel  
Bryant, Andrew J  
Bryant, Andrew Jackson  
Bryant, Benjamin  
Bryant, Elizabeth  
Bryant, Jesse  
Bryant, John  
Bryant, Morgan  
Bryant, William  
Bryce, Thomas  
Brydon, James  
Bryson, Thomas  
Buchanan, Gilbert M  
Buchanan, John  
Buchannan, Duncan  
Buckhannan, Green B  
Buckhart, Henry  
Buckholtz, Charles  
Buckler, Henry  
Buckley, C W  
Buckley, Constantine W  
Buckley, Daniel  
Buckley, Mary F  
Buckley, Timothy  
Buckley, Tirey  
Buckley, Tyre  
Buckman, Jacob  
Buckman, Josephine  
Buckman, Oliver  
Buckmar & Littlefield  
Buckner, B P  
Buckner, John W  
Bueno, Manuel  
Buffington & Brigance  
Buffington, A  
Buffington, Anderson  
Buffington, P C (Mrs)  
Buford, Thomas Y  
Bugg, Robert C  
Bugg, William  
Bugler, Philip  
Bull, Edward  
Bull, Epaphras W  
Bull, Garrett  
Bull, Pleasant M  
Bullard, Charles A  
Bullock, A C  
Bullock, Allen C  
Bullock, Archibald  
Bullock, David M  
Bullock, Hosea M  
Bullock, James W  
Bullock, Monroe  
Bullock, Richard  
Bullock, Uriah J  
Bumstead, Jane  
Bumstead, M W  
Bumstead, Monrad W  
Bumsted, M W  
Bunch, Joseph  
Bundick, Clementine  
Bundick, Marcellus H  
Bundick, Thomas W  
Bunham, James  
Bunker, Isaac  
Bunker, Thomas C  
Bunner, George C  
Bunton, John  
Bunton, John W  
Buquoi, P L  
Buquor, P L  
Burbidge, Thomas  
Burch, James  
Burch, Martha  
Burch, Valentine  
Burch, William C  
Burch, William M  
Burdett, Allen  
Burdick, Jackson E  
Burdick, Thomas W  
Burditt, Jesse  
Burditt, Joel A  
Burditt, Newel W  
Burditt, William B  
Burgen, William  
Burgess, Charles  
Burgess, Charles J  
Burgess, John  
Burgess, Warren  
Burgess, William H  
Burget, Nathan  
Burjatt, Henry  
Burk, Samuel  
Burk, William  
Burkam, Ahijah  
Burke & Co  
Burke, Anna Maria  
Burke, David N  
Burke, James  
Burke, James E  
Burke, Susan  
Burkham, Charles  
Burkham, James  
Burleson, Aaron  
Burleson, Edward  
Burleson, Hopson  
Burleson, Jacob S  
Burleson, James Jr  
Burleson, James Sr  
Burleson, John  
Burleson, John R  
Burleson, Jonathan  
Burleson, Joseph  
Burleson, Joseph (1)  
Burleson, Joseph (2)  
Burleson, Joseph Jr  
Burleson, L B  
Burleson, Marilda  
Burnam, Caroline  
Burnam, Jesse  
Burnam, John H  
Burnam, William  
Burnap, A L  
Burnet, David Gouverneur  
Burnett, Alexander  
Burnett, Austin  
Burnett, Catlett  
Burnett, J P  
Burnett, Mathew  
Burnett, Matthew  
Burnett, Nathan  
Burnett, William  
Burnett, William D  
Burnette, Edward  
Burney, J Y  
Burnham, James  
Burnham, James G  
Burnham, John H  
Burnley, A T  
Burns, (Capt)  
Burns, Aaron  
Burns, Arthur  
Burns, J R  
Burns, John  
Burns, Joseph  
Burns, P  
Burns, Samuel L  
Burns, Squire  
Burns, William  
Burns, William A  
Burnsides, James  
Burr, George M  
Burr, Joshua  
Burrill & Maquire  
Burriss, John C  
Burroughs, George H  
Burruss, Samuel J  
Burst, Stephen  
Burt, F C  
Burt, James R  
Burton, Isaac W  
Burton, R M  
Burton, Robert M  
Burton, Samuel  
Burton, Stephen H  
Burton, William M  
Bush, Charles T  
Bush, George W  
Bush, H B  
Bush, Hiram  
Bush, John  
Bush, M H  
Buster, Claudius  
Bustillo, Clemente  
Bustillos, Jose Maria  
Buston, Samuel  
Butler, Anthony  
Butler, Bennet  
Butler, Henry W H  
Butler, James O  
Butler, Jonas  
Butler, Levi  
Butler, Mary R  
Butler, Thomas H  
Butler, Thomas J  
Butler, William  
Butler, William H  
Butter, William O  
Butterfield, Cordis  
Buttersworth, James  
Butts, Augustus J  
Butts, Benjamin H H  
Buton, Alexander  
Buzby, William  
Byars, Noah T  
Byars, Ross  
Byerly, Adam  
Byerly, Thomas  
Byerly, William  
Byers, William W  
Byfield, Holmes  
Byfield, Lucinda  
Byington, Whiting  
Bynum, Alfred  
Bynum, W D  
Bynum, W H  
Burd, Edwin  
Byrne & Co  
Byrne, J F & Co  
Byrne, Henry F  
Byrne, James  
Byrne, James W  
Byrne, M  
Byrne, Peter R  
Byrne, Peyton  
Byrne, Rezin  
Byrne, William  
Byrns, James  

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