Republic of Texas

"Survivors of the Revolution which separated Texas from Mexico, 1835 - 1842"

Texas State Library & Archives Commission


"The Republic Claims series of Comptroller's records includes claims for payment, reimbursement, or restitution submitted by citizens to the Republic of Texas government from 1835 through 1846. It also includes records relating to Republic pensions and claims against the Republic submitted as public debt claims after 1846."

There are many noted Texans on these Claims Rolls and whenever possible, a short mention has been included from "The Handbook of Texas Online" sponsored by the Texas State Historical Association and the General Libraries at UT Austin. This is only a mention and not a transcription of the files available. If a Submitters Name does not appear next to the Claimant, then the transcription is still needed.

Texas USGenWeb Archives Record Submission Forms


Claimant Submitted By
Aake, Charles  
Abbott, George M  
Abbott, Richard A  
Abbotts, Lancelot ~ Fayette County Joan Renfrow
Abel, Ezekiel  
Abel, Harrison  
Abel, John  
Abel, Joseph  
Abel, Joseph S  
Abel, William H  
Abell, Benjamin H  
Abell, James C  
Abell, William H  
Abendano, Jose  
Abercombie, W A  
Abercrombie, Wiley A  
Able, Joseph S ~ Robertson County Joan Renfrow
Ables, Mary Ann ~ Hill County Joan Renfrow
Abrams, Alexander  
Achin, W S  
Ackerman, Davis Verplank  
Ackerman, Peter A  
Ackerman, Verplank  
Acklen, Morris Newton  
Acklin, C B  
Aclars, Barnard  
Adaier, Anderw M  
Adair, Andrew M  
Adams & Harris  
Adams McChesney & Co.  
Adams, Allensworth  
Adams, Benjamin F  
Adams, F T  
Adams, Francis  
Adams, George William  
Adams, H A ~ Fayette County Joan Renfrow
Adams, Hervey A  
Adams, Isaac  
Adams, J P  
Adams, James  
Adams, James M  
Adams, James Moss  
Adams, Jefferson  
Adams, John  
Adams, John Quincy  
Adams, Lewis H  
Adams, Peter  
Adams, Rebecca  
Adams, Spencer  
Adams, Sylvester  
Adams, Thomas J  
Adams, Thomas W  
Adams, Wherry B  
Adams, Wirt  
Addicks, Thomas H O'S  
Addison & Clendennin  
Addison, A L & Co  
Addison, James  
Addison, Joseph J  
Addison, Nathaniel ~ Hill County Joan Renfrow
Addy, John  
Adele, Bernard  
Adkins, William L  
Adkinson, Jesse B  
Adkisson, A J  
Adler, L A  
Admor, Mary Kinchloe  
Adriance, John  
Adriance, John & Co  
Agnew, James  
Aguilar, Nepomuceno ~ Wilson County Joan Renfrow
Ahlert, William  
Aikin, William  
Ailes, J F  
Ailes, John F  
Aitkens, Ephraim A  
Akin, William  
Akles, Hezekiah B  
Akoski, Melchior  
Alameda y Gonzales, Rita ~ Bexar County Joan Renfrow
Alameda, Jose ~ Bexar County Joan Renfrow
Alcorn, John H  
Alderson, Henry ~ Unknown County Joan Renfrow
Aldrete, Jesus  
Aldrete, Miguel  
Aldrich, Collin  
Aldrich, George  
Aldridge & Davis  
Aldridge, Charles J  
Aldridge, Isaac  
Aldridge, William B  
Alexander, Albert  
Alexander, Albert A  
Alexander, Anthony W  
Alexander, Charles  
Alexander, Christopher C  
Alexander, Daniel  
Alexander, Darwin S  
Alexander, E C  
Alexander, F A  
Alexander, Franklin H ~ Unknown County Joan Renfrow
Alexander, J L ~ Unknown County Joan Renfrow
Alexander, J R  
Alexander, James M  
Alexander, Jane Gray  
Alexander, Jerome B  
Alexander, John R ~ Fayette County Joan Renfrow
Alexander, John Rufus  
Alexander, John W  
Alexander, L C  
Alexander, Lyman W ~ Fayette County Joan Renfrow
Alexander, M H  
Alexander, M W ~ Jackson County Joan Renfrow
Alexander, Matthew W  
Alexander, Samuel  
Alford, George G  
Alford, Winfield ~ Gonzales County Joan Renfrow
Allan, Catharine  
Allan, James C  
Allard, Edwin  
Allbright, Alexander Fleming ~ Newton County Joan Renfrow
Allbright, Christian  
Allcorn, James D  
Allcorn, John H  
Allcorn, Julia A  
Allcorn, T J ~ Washington County Joan Renfrow
Allcorn, W E  
Allee, Alfred  
Allen, Augustus Chapman  
Allen, Ben  
Allen, Benjamin  
Allen, Cado  
Allen, Clement  
Allen, Daniel  
Allen, David  
Allen, Ebenezer  
Allen, Elijah  
Allen, Elisha  
Allen, Elizabeth  
Allen Eveline  
Allen, George  
Allen, George & Co  
Allen, H A  
Allen, H R & Co  
Allen, Henry R  
Allen, Henry R & Samuel L & Co  
Allen, Henry W  
Allen, Hiram A  
Allen, Isaac  
Allen, J  
Allen, James  
Allen, James B  
Allen, James E  
Allen, James M  
Allen, James W  
Allen, John  
Allen, John H  
Allen, John K  
Allen, John M  
Allen, John W  
Allen, Jonathan  
Allen, Martin  
Allen, Mary A  
Allen, Moses  
Allen, N G  
Allen, Nancy  
Allen, Nathan N G  
Allen, P J  
Allen, R W  
Allen, Robert A  
Allen, Samuel T  
Allen, Samuel W  
Allen, T G  
Allen, Thomas D  
Allen, Thomas Lew  
Allen, Thomas T  
Allen, Thomas W G  
Allen, William  
Allen, William H  
Allen, William W  
Allen, William Youel  
Alley, Abraham  
Alley, George  
Alley, George W  
Alley, James  
Alley, John  
Alley, Thomas  
Alley, William  
Allison, John C  
Allison, Moses  
Allison, William  
Allison, William E  
Allison, William F  
Allred, Renne  
Allsbury, H A  
Allwoods, William  
Allyn, Samuel J  
Almance, Bruno  
Alsbury, H A  
Alsbury, Horatio A  
Alsbury, Thomas J  
Alsbury, William W  
Alsbury, William Wirt  
Alsbury, Y Perry  
Alston, James  
Alston, James Jr  
Alston, N K  
Alvarez, Francisco  
Amador, Tomas  
Amason, Sarah A  
Ambler, Franklin P  
Ambrose, Marquis  
Ammons, Jesse  
Amory, Nathaniel  
Amory, Nathaniel C  
Amoss, George R  
Amsler, Charles  
Amsler, Charles C  
Anders, Redden  
Anders, Samuel  
Anders, William  
Anderson, A A  
Anderson, A F  
Anderson, Amos F  
Anderson, Andrew  
Anderson, B H  
Anderson, Bailey  
Anderson, D B  
Anderson, Elijah  
Anderson, Elizabeth  
Anderson, Ephraim  
Anderson, George  
Anderson, Hampton  
Anderson, Holland  
Anderson, Holland L  
Anderson, Hugh  
Anderson, John  
Anderson, John D  
Anderson, John H  
Anderson, John W  
Anderson, Joseph S  
Anderson, K L  
Anderson, Kenneth Lewis  
Anderson, Mary J  
Anderson, Mathew  
Anderson, Oliver Hazzard  
Anderson, Patrick H  
Anderson, Robert G  
Anderson, Samuel  
Anderson, Thomas  
Anderson, Thomas P  
Anderson, Thomas Powe  
Anderson, Tobias  
Anderson, W H  
Anderson, Washington  
Anderson, William G  
Anderson, William H  
Andrews, A  
Andrews, C K  
Andrews, Edmund  
Andrews, Edward  
Andrews, J E  
Andrews, John  
Andrews, John D  
Andrews, Joseph  
Andrews, M E (Mrs)  
Andrews, Micah  
Andrews, Michael  
Andrews, Reddin  
Andrews, Richard  
Andrews, S P  
Andrews, Samuel  
Andrews, William B  
Androus, William  
Angel, John  
Angier, Paulina  
Anglin, A  
Anglin, Abraham  
Anglin, Abram  
Anglin, Adrian  
Anglin, Adrin  
Anglin, Drury  
Anglin, Elisha  
Anglin, John  
Anglin, William  
Anibal, Bartlett  
Anson, Orin D  
Anthony, Frederick  
Anthony, Jonathan  
Anthony, Lucy A  
Anthony, Rhoddy  
Anthony, Roddy  
Applegate, John  
Appleman, John  
Arcambal, Charles S  
Archer, Branch Tanner  
Archer, George  
Archer, Granville W  
Archer, John A  
Archer, Martha A  
Archer, Powhatan  
Archer, Rosa  
Archer, William  
Archey, George  
Arciniega, Miguel  
Area, Alexander  
Areola, John  
Ariola, Francisco  
Ariola, Juan  
Arledge, Samuel  
Arlette, W A  
Armor, William L  
Armstrong & Martin  
Armstrong, Alexander  
Armstrong, Andrew  
Armstrong, Edward J  
Armstrong, Elliott  
Armstrong, G W  
Armstrong, Henry F  
Armstrong, Irwin  
Armstrong, Jacob  
Armstrong, James  
Armstrong, James C  
Armstrong, John  
Armstrong, L M  
Armstrong, Sarah F  
Armstrong, Thomas  
Armstrong, William C  
Arnest, George C  
Arnest, James M  
Arnest, John M  
Arnett, C C  
Arnett, Cullen Curlee  
Arnold, Benjamin  
Arnold, Bird  
Arnold, Hayden  
Arnold, Hendrick  
Arnold, Hezekiah S  
Arnold, J E  
Arnold, Lemuel  
Arnold, William  
Arocha da Belden, M  
Arocha Pena y Cruz, Maria Jesusa  
Arocha, Jose Maria  
Arocha, Macedonio  
Aron, Jacob  
Aron, Thomas  
Arreola, Leandro  
Arrington, W W  
Arrington, William W  
Arriola, Edward  
Arrocha, Jose Maria  
Arroche Menchaca, Santa  
Arthur, Francis  
Arthur, William A  
Asbury, John W  
Asbury, Spencer  
Ashby, James H  
Ashby, William  
Ashley, John Y  
Ashmore, Nelson  
Ashton, Charles R  
Ashworth, Abner  
Ashworth, Deliade  
Ashworth, Mary  
Ashworth, William  
Askins & Co  
Askins, Wesley  
Aslat, Edward  
Atkins & Co  
Atkins, J  
Atkins, J S & Co  
Atkins, James  
Atkins, Jefferson  
Atkins, Joseph  
Atkins, Thomas  
Atkinson, George  
Atkinson, Jesse B  
Atkinson, John  
Atkinson, John (1)  
Atkinson, John (2)  
Atkinson, John P  
Atkinson, M B  
Atkinson, Margaret  
Atkinson, Milton B  
Atkinson, Samuel C  
Atorff, Joseph  
Atorff, Joseph B  
Atterbury, Edward J C  
Attorney General Opinions  
Attree, William H  
Attwell, James  
Atwell, William J  
Aughinbaugh, Sophia  
Augustine, Henry W  
Auld, William C  
Austin College  
Austin, A W J D  
Austin, Andrew  
Austin, Benjamin  
Austin, David  
Austin, Edward T  
Austin, Elizabeth Ann  
Austin, Henry  
Austin, James E B  
Austin, James T  
Austin, Norman  
Austin, S A  
Austin, Stephen Fuller  
Austin, William  
Austin, William T  
Autry, Micajah  
Autry, R  
Avent, Durham  
Avent, Samuel F  
Averson, William  
Avery, Willis  
Awalt, Henry  
Axtell, Jesse  
Ayers, David  
Ayers, Francis Hall  
Ayres, David  
Ayres, George  
Ayres, John  
Ayres, Lewis  


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