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Sprague's Journal of Maine History
Vol. V
November, December, January 1917-18
No. 4 pages pages
An Alphabetical Index of Revolutionary Pensioners Lining in Maine.   Complied by
Charles A. Flagg, Librarian, Bangor, (Maine) Public Library. Published by
John Francis Sprague, Dover, ME

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Archivist: Tina Vickery

In connection with the use of following list and the various pension lists to which it serves as an index, there are several things to bear in mind. In the first place this index is intended to cover all the most important facts recorded, and at the same time, definitely locate the original entry in case completer history is desired.

As to "service", first there were the Continental regiments raised by Congress, such as Harrison's artillery, the Commander-in-Chief's guard, etc., and the various continental regiments raised by the individual states and turned over to Congress, such as the 16th Mass, etc. (indicated by "Mass. line", etc.) There was also the Continental navy. Then came the state line and state navy raised and supported by the states for home defence when the Continental army and navy was engaged elsewhere (indicated by "Mass, state", "R. 1. navy", etc.) Finally came the militia of the states-citizens called out for temporary or special service (N. H. mil. etc.)

The "residence" ("County" having a column for itself, and town being given in "Remarks" column if reported) in each case is the place of domicile at date of list; most of the lists giving no intimation at all where soldier resided or enlisted 1775-81. The 1835 list which does contain particulars of service has no more than the state pensioner served from, Maine men of course being accredited to Massachusetts. Indeed there is no list in print as far as known giving Revolutionary soldiers who enlisted from Maine, save as one might dig some information out of "Records of Mass. soldiers and sailors", already alluded to.

The "age" is of course age reported at time list was made; date of birth being approximated by subtracting age given from date of list; e.g. Obadiah Abbee, the first pensioner on our list was born about 1765 (1835-70 = 1765.)

As to Maine counties, at the time of the first list giving county of residence (that of 1835) the state was divided into the following: York, Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, Washington, Kennebec, Oxford, Somerset, Penobscot and Waldo. Before the 1840 list appeared there were three new counties: Franklin and Piscataquis (1838) and Aroostook (1839) and since that date Androscoggin, Knox and Sagadahoc have been formed. So it follows that a man might live in the same place, and still be recorded in one county in 1835, in another in 1840 and still another at time of death. No special effort has been made to identify different holders of the same name. If they lived in same county by the record and ages would approximately correspond the ---- has been used for entries after the first. In cases where there could be the least doubt, separate entries have been made. {For the purposes of these pages, I have entered the name that was denoted by the ---- in this publication. -tsv}

Names from the 1820 and 1831b lists are not given separate entry save in cases where name is not found in 1835 list; ('20) or (31b) in remarks column for names in '35 list signifying that name occurs in former list, any variations in form of name or additional information being noted. The county abbreviations will be obvious. Other abbreviations are:  d. for died, res. for residence, and Pri., Corp., Lieut., Capt., Surg., for private, corporal, etc.

Widow's names are italicized. {For these pages, I have not italicized the female name.-tsv}

Aside from the works already referred to one should consult Saffell's "Records of the Revolutionary war", 1858, pages 401-467, which contains a full treatment of the Half-pay or commutation pensioners, and all extensive list of officers killed in the war or possessed of right to half pay at the end.

Maine also, since statehood, has made liberal provision for her Revolutionary veterans, as attested by "Names of soldiers of the American revolution who applied for state bounty under resolves of March 17, 1838. March 24, 1836 and March 20, 1836 as appear by record in the Land Office ...... Compiled by Charles J. House". Augusta, Burleigh & Flynt, 1893. The introduction gives text of the resolves, and as the homes are alphabetical, they are not entered in this index.

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