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List Last Name First Name Service Rank Age Remarks
35c Abbot John, 2d R. I. Line Private 74 ('20 as Abbott) died April 18, 1824.
40 Abbot Henry

85 Same as Abbott, Henry. Residence Boothbay.
35c Abbott Henry R. I. Line Private 77 ('20) same as Abbot, Henry.
35c Acorn Geo. Michael Mass. Line Private 77 ('20) d. Feb. 27, 1823
40 Adams Samuel

83 Res. Bowdoin.
35c Adams Jedediah Mass. Line Private 83 ('20) d. July 17, 1832
40 Adams Jemima

83 Res. Union
35c Adams Joel Mass. Line Private
35c Adams Samuel Mass. Line Sergeant 80 ('20 as surgeon) d. March 6, 1819.
35d Adams Samuel Mass. Line Private 76 ('20, 31b)
40 Allen Susannah

69 Res. Bowdoinham.
35c Allen Peter Mass. Line Private 76
35d Allen Amos Mass. Line Private 74 ('20, '31b)
35c Allen Hezekiah P. Mass. Line Private 65 ('20) d. Feb. 3, 1826.
40 Allen Daniel, 2nd Mass. Line Private 71 Res. Bowdoin
35c Alley Ephraim Mass. Line Private 74 ('20) ('35c as Allen.)
40 Alley Ephraim

80 Res. Boothbay
40 Anderson Robert

84 Res. Lewiston
35c Arskine Alexander Mass. Line Private 84 ('20) d. 1826.
35c Atkinson William Mass. Line Private 73 ('20).
40 Atkinson William Mass. Line Private 75 Res. Lewiston
35c Averell Ezekiel Mass. Line Private 78 ('20).
40 Averill Ezekiel

85 Res. Wiscasset.
35c Avery Samuel N. H. Line Private 78 ('20)
35d Babcock Benjamin Mass. Mil. Private 75
40 Babcock Benjamin

82 Res. Boothbay.
35c Bailey Josiah Mass. Line Private 80 ('20)
35c Bailey Josiah Mass. Line Private 71 Error for Bailey, Joshua
40 Baker Asa G.

50 Res. Boothbay
35c Baloon Samuel Mass. Line Private 74 Also given Maloon. Died. Jan. 16, 1828.
35a Barbarick John 21st reg't Corporal
Pensioned, 1785. Died June 25, 1827.
35c Barnard Nathan Mass. Line Private 67 ('20, 31b)
40 Barnard Sarah

80 Res. Union.
35c Barstow Benjamin Mass. Line Private 62 ('20, 31b)
35c Barter John N. H. Line Private 74 ('20)
40 Barter Joseph

57 Res. St. George
40 Barter Mark

35c Barter Pelatiah N. H. Line Private 93 ('20, Peletiah) d. Mar. 1. 1825.
35c Bartlett Joseph Mass. Line Private 80 Died June 2, 1828.
35c Bartlett Joseph Mass. Line Private 75 From Mass. Died June 2, 1832.
35c Barton John Mass. Line Private 82 ('20)
35c Bassett David Cont. Navy Mariner 85 ('20, ship "Warren)
35c Beall Benjamin N. H. Line Private 76 ('20) d. July 26, 1823
35c Bean Samuel R. I. Line Private 70 ('20) d. Aug. 14, 1818
35c Bearce Elemezer Mass. Line Lieutenant 79 ('28 as Ebenezer). D. May 3, 1827.

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