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South Carolina






Roll of Thirteenth Regiment, Infantry

South Carolina Volunteers:


Company "C"


Inclusive List of All Men of Company "C".


This includes all those that served in this company,

regardless of their county of origin.



Alley, Thomas J.

Archer, A.J., Sgt.

Baker, Charles

Ballenger, Adam W., Lt.

Ballinger, Joel M.

Ballinger, W.B.

Barnett, J.W.

Barnett, W.H.

Bobo, Howard S.

Bomar, William J.

Booker, J.L.

Booker, Thomas

Bullman, H.S.

Burnett, Cornelius

Burnett, John M.

Burnett, W.H.

Burney, J.

Byers, William, QM Sgt.

Cannon, George

Cannon, J.B.

Cannon, Thomas H.

Cannon, W.C.

Carlisle, John W., Cpt.

Carlisle, Thomas A.

Cauthren, James E.

Cauthern, John T.

Cauthern, David A.

Christian, David A.

Coan, David M.

Coan, Zadoc

Cobley, J.M.

Converse, D.E.

Cooly, James M.

Corley, J.N.

Crossley, C.

Davis, John E.

Dillard, F.L.

Dillard, Thomas J.

Douglas, Alexander S., 1st Lt.

Duncan, David R., Maj.

Durant, Olean L.

Farrow, T. Stobo, LTC

Finch, Albert C.

Foster, Barham W.

Foster, Christian B.

Foster, Joel

Fowler, T.M.

Gaines, E.G.

Gaines, J.W.

Geonobles, John R.

Ginobles, Hiram

Gossett, George

Gossett, M.M.

Griffin, Joseph H.

Harman, J.F.

Harman, Joseph S.

Harmon, Phillip A.

Harris, A.G., Ward M.

Harris, Wilford I., Sgt.

High, Franklin M.

High, Monroe M.

High, William G.

Hudson, Dabney R., Sgt.

Huggins, Charles P.

Hutson, Phillips

Johnson, Franklin A.

Johnson, William

Keast, Henry

Kirby, Isham F.

Kirby, William S.

Lamaster, L.N.

Land, Samuel L.

Lawrence, James J.

Lawrence, Nicholas W.

Lawrence, William

Lee, Austin

Leitner, E.E.

Lemaster, Ralph

Lockman, A.C.

Lockman, Ephriam A.B.

Logan, Issac

Low, Elias J.W., Cpl.

Low, J.M.

Low, William A.

Lowe, J.E.

Mason, Lemuel F.

McAbee, Albert

McAbee, Hiram

Miller, David M.

Mitchell, W.H.

Moore, J.J.

Moorman, Lemuel, Sgt.

Otts, John W.

Owens, R.J.

Parham, F.L.

Pearce, John W.

Perry, J.W.

Petty, Charles, 2nd Lt.

Pitts, James P.

Player, H.C.

Powell, J. Monroe, AQM

Purgason, James A.

Rearden, C.

Sexton, David D.

Sexton, Marcus W.

Sexton, W.C.

Shands, Amos R., Sgt.

Shipp, John Wilde

Smith, Robert

Stiles, D.W.

Sutherland, Marcus L.

Swatsell, W.L.

Tanner, Alonzo

Tanner, William R.

Thomas, M.L.

Thomas, T.S.

Thompson, Thomas R.

Thompson, W.A., Sgt.

Tinsley, Eber

Tinsley, Rufus W.

Tinsley, W.W.

Turner, J.D.

Turner, J.T.B.

Turner, Marcus

Twichell, Albert H.

Waddel, John

Walker, A.W.

Walker, J.E.

West, William T.

Wheeler, P.C.

White, James W., Sgt.

White, W.F.

Whitman, John B.

Wilkie, George W.

Williams, James

Williamson, Charles W., Cpl.

Williamson, James

Wingo, A.D.

Wingo, Andrew J.

Wingo, George W., Sgt.

Wingo, John F., Sgt.

Wingo, Ransom

Wingo, Ransom F.

Wingo, Robert, Cpl.

Wingo, T.W., Sgt.



Contributed by: Blair Wheeler


South Carolina Civil War Pensions Project Coordinator Mark Anderson


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