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South Carolina


Roll of Thirteenth Regiment, Infantry

South Carolina Volunteers:


Field and Staff


Edwards, O.E., Colonel

Wounded at Second Manassas and

Died from wounds received at Chancellorsville.

Colonel Edwards died in Goldsboro, North Carolina on June 21, 1863.

Brockman, Benjamin F., Colonel

Promoted to Major in 1862.

Colonel Brockman died from wounds he received

at Spottsylvania...Bloody Bend. The date of his death was June 8, 1864.

Hunt, Issac F., Colonel

Promoted to Major in 1863.

Wounded at Spottsylvania.

Calhoun, Patrick L., Lieutenant Colonel

Wounded at 2nd Manassas.

He resigned on June 19, 1862.

Farrow, Thomas Stobo, Lieutenant Colonel

Resigned effective January 16, 1863.

Williams, Lester, Lieutenant Colonel

Promoted from Major.

Wofford, Joseph L., Major

Resigned due to wounds received at Fredericksburg.

He resigned effective November 4, 1863.

Calhoun, James C., Adjutant.

He resigned on July 25, 1862.

Goggans, W.D., Adjutant

Killed in Battle of 2nd Manassas on August 29, 1862.

Davidson, James Wood, Adjutant.

Anderson, J.C., Adjutant

Wounded at Battle of Wilderness.

Lane, W.R., Sergeant-Major

Killed at Battle of Wilderness.

Meetze, H.A., Quartermaster.

Powell, J.M., Quartermaster

Retired on July 30, 1864.

Edwards, Augustus F., Commissary

(Brother to Col. Edwards) dropped August 2, 1862.

John G. Landrum, Chaplain

Retired October 6, 1862.

Bauchelle, I.M., Chaplain

Retired September 8, 1864.

Duncan, Wallace W. Chaplain

Appointed in 1864.

Kennedy, Lionel C., Surgeon


Kilgore, Benjamin M., Surgeon


Powell, J.M., Acting Quartermaster

Retired July 30, 1864.

Tyler, Tazewell, Surgeon

(Son of former U.S. President John Tyler).



Contributed by: Blair Wheeler


South Carolina Civil War Pensions Project Coordinator Mark Anderson


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