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South Carolina


15th (Lucas) Battalion, SC Artillery


Major J. Jonathan Lucas

June 6, 1861.


Asst. Qr. Mas. T. S. Fayssoux

May 21, 1861.


Asst. Qr. Mas. Edward D. Frost

Oct. 14, 1862.

(Killed Dec. 11, 1863.)


Asst. Qr. Mas. C. L. Burkmeyer

March 10, 1864.


Adjutant Robert Pringle

May 21, 1861.


Adjutant Felix Warley

February 6, 1863.


Asst. Surg. Edward G. Porcher

May 17, 1861.


Asst. Surg. Wm. R. Caldwell

September 22, 1863.


Asst. Surg. Andrew W. Burnett

November 11, 1863.


Asst. Surg. T. C. Girardeau

April 30, 1864.



From the book: Confederate Artillery Organizations 1861-1865.

Author(s) and publishing date(s) unknown.


Information obtained at the National Archives, Washington, DC.


Contributed by: Mark Anderson



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