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NOTE: The men in each company are alphabetized based on their last names. Companies B, C, E, F, and I were comprised of all Spartanburg Countians at the inception of the 13th Regiment. This below list comes from Dr. J.B.O. Landrum's book, "History of Spartanburg County."




Colonels: O. E. Edwards died of wounds received at Chancellorsville, Benjamin T. Brockman was wounded at 2nd Manassas, died of wounds received at Spottsylvania.



Lieutenant Colonel: T. Stobo Farrow wounded at 2nd Manassas.



Majors: Joseph L. Wofford and D.R. Duncan.



Adjutant: John C. Anderson.



Chaplains: John G. Landrum and Wallace W. Duncan.



Surgeons: Lionell C. Kennedy and Benjamin F. Kilgore




Captain: R.L. Bowden severely wounded at 2nd Manassas.

Corporal: Robert W. Bobo promoted from ranks, twice wounded.





Captains: Benjamin T. Brockman, Jesse K. Brockman wounded at Spottsylvania, died of same, Flavonius J. Poole wounded at Chancellorsville, Jericho Ford and Petersburg.


1st Lieutenants: James W. Bennett killed at Jones Farm in 1864, Samuel J. Greer, wounded at 2nd Manassas, Chancellorsville and Gaines Mill.


2nd Lieutenants: James M. Littlefield resigned, James A. Snoddy and Thomas Baswell.


1st Sergeant: James D. Leonard wounded at Chancellorsville and 2nd Manassas, Anthony P. Wakefield discharged on account of wound received at Cold Harbor.


2nd Sergeant: W.R. Kendrick severely wounded at 2nd Manassas, died of same, Elbert P. Johnson died of disease at Richmond, 1862, James G. Leonard, J.F. Stokes killed 2nd Manassas.


Corporals: 1st. Miles Floyd, Thomas N. Fowler, 2nd. S.S. Dillard died in 1862, 3rd. W.D. Howe, 4th. W.L. Morgan.




James M. Anderson, Perry Ashley died in Winder hospital, 1862, Wheeler W. Barker mortally wounded at Fussel's Mill, Newton L. Bennett, Alvin Burnett severely wounded at Gettysburg, Perry Burnett, W. Pinckney Burnett wounded, John N. Burnett wounded at Ox Hill near Germantown, James D. Burnett wounded at five Forks, James M. Boiter, William Brock died in Columbia, 1861, John Brown wounded, died of same at Ox Hill, John A. Brown, J. Franklin Brown killed at Jericho Ford, William B. Brown killed at Spottsylvania, Alexander Brown, Herington Brown wounded at 2nd Manassas and Gettysburg, died at Elmira, N.Y., Austin W. Bailey wounded at wounded at Spottsylvania, Jos. M. Brannon wounded at Gettysburg, Jos. Bridwell wounded at Frazier's Farm, Manly F. Bright. Wm. A. Bright wounded at Fredericksburg, Robert Bright died of disease in Columbia, 1862, Adam Bright died of disease at Richmond, Thos. P. Beecham killed at Gettysburg, Simeon Baswell wounded at Spottsylvania, Albert T. Collins killed at Gettysburg, West Cole, Pinckney Cole, Wm. Cole died at Laurel Hill, D. Jackson Cole died of disease at Laurel Hill, 1862, Wm. P. Davis, L.C. Davis died at Hanover, Va., John T. Dillard wounded at 2nd Manassas and Spottsylvania, Jos. P. Darby, John Elmore wounded at Wilderness, John C. Edge wounded at Gettysburg, Elias F. Floyd, Silas W. Floyd, Miles Floyd, Mark Foote discharged, Wm. J. Green killed at Spottsylvania, Elleson J. Green died at Buena Vista, S.C., Benj. Greer wounded in battle, James H. Gaston killed at 2nd Manassas, Hugh B. Grisham died Winder hospital, 1862, Jacob Griffin, John M. Griffin died at home, Thos. M. Howe, Benj. F. Howe killed at Gaines' Mill, John J. Howe wounded at Spottsylvania, Jas. C. Howe, J.N.R. Hill, C.J. Hill, Wm. T. Hughes died in hospital, Amos Holmes killed at Chancellorsville, Michael Hadden, Jas. H. Hadden, John C. Hadden died Chimborazo hospital, Tolliver R. Johnson, Simeon P. Johnson wounded at Deep Bottom, John J. Jordan died in Richmond, Prue B. James severely wounded 2nd Manassas, J. Franklin James killed Spottsylvania Miles M. Knight wounded five times, Robert M. Kenrick wounded 2nd Manassas, Issac P. Long wounded at Chancellorsville and Jones' Farm, Pettus V. Liles, Leonard Morgan wounded 2nd Manassas, John T. Marsh, John D. McVay died in Richmond, 1862, Wm. McElreath wounded at Chancellorsville, Manly McElreath died at Coosawhatchie, Peter H. Moore died at Coosawhatchie, Robert M. Mahaffy, Jos. K. Mahaffy, Green L. Mahaffy died in hospital, Massey Mayfield mortally wounded at Fussel's Farm, July 1864, died of same at Richmond, John D.

Murray died of wounds at Crawfordsville, S.C., Wm. Pearson, Alvin Powers died at Richmond, 1863, Riley D. Reynolds died at Columbia, S.C., Martin Reynolds wounded at Laurel Hill, 1862, Nimrod B. Boddy, Willis T. Ray wounded at Spottsylvania, Erwin Roe died at Richmond, 1863, Linsey W. Ralph, Wm. Ralph wounded at Wilderness, John W. Smith died at Richmond, Nathaniel Smith died at Richmond, Thos. J. Smith wounded at Petersburg, Daniel Smith killed 2nd Manassas, Thos. Staggs wounded at Spottsylvania. Thos. M. Staggs killed at Jericho ford, Stephen Sizemore died at Richmond, 1862, Reuben Sizemore wounded at 2nd Manassas and Spottsylvania, John F. Shaw died at Lynchburg, John Sowell, Benj. Tiqqens, Elliot O. Thomas died in Columbia, F. Landrum Tillotson wounded at Gettysburg, Wm. Vaughn, John M. Williams, Jas. Williams wounded at 2nd Manassas, Ellison S. Waddel wounded at Malvern Hill, Jas. D.

Wakefield, Jas. M. Wakefield died at Laurel Hill, 1862, John Wilson killed at Gettysburg, John Wright killed at Gettysburg, Edward H. Willis killed at Petersburg, Perry Waters died at Laurel Hill and Manning A. Wilson wounded

at Wilderness.





Captains: T. Stobo Farrow elected major of 13th Regiment at organization, D.R. Duncan promoted from 1st Lieutenant and John W. Carlisle promoted from 2nd to 1st Lieutenant.


1st Lieutenant: Alex S. Douglas wounded at Fussels Mill.


2nd Lieutenant: Chas. Petty promoted from sergeant to 2nd lieutenant and Adam W. Ballenger promoted from ranks, wounded near Petersburg.


Sergeants: 1st Jas M. Powell, Wilford I. Harris wounded near Petersburg August 25, 1864;


2nd Lemuel Moorman killed at Fussel's Mill, Amos R. Shands;


3rd Thos. Wingo, D. Rush Hudson.


Corporals: George W. Wingo, J.V. Sleigh severely wounded at Petersburg August, 1864, Jas. W. White wounded near Cold Harbor.



David T. Alley, Thos. J. Alley killed at Gaines Mill, Andrew J. Archer, Eber E. Bailey killed at Spottsylvania, 1864, Chas. S. Baker killed at Fussels Mill, 1864, Wm. B. Ballenger, Joseph Ballenger killed Frazers Farm, John W. Burnett, Howard Bobo killed at Fussels Mill, C.C. Bearden, John L. Booker died at Coosawhatchie, 1862, Wm. J. Bomar, H. Spencer Bullman killed at Gettysburg, John M. Burnett wounded at Gettysburg, died of same in Pennsylvania, Matt Burnett, Wm. Byars, Wm. C. Cannon, Jas. B. Cannon, D.E. Converse, D.M.

Coan wounded at Spottysylvania and 2nd Manassas, Jas. M. Corley wounded at Frazier's Farm, Wm. L. Cauthren wounded at Chancellorsville and Reeves Station, John T. Cauthern, Jos. E. Cauthern, David A. Cauthern, Z. Cowan wounded near Richmond, James E. Davis (Union) wounded at Jones' Farm and died July of 1865, T. Jefferson Dillard, Felix L. Dillard died of disease at Richmond in 1862, Christian B. Foster wounded at Gaines Mill, G.W. Gossett wounded at 2nd Manassas, Jos. H. Griffin, Robert Genobles wounded at Noels Station, Hiram Genobles, Albert G. Harris, Jos. S. Harmon wounded at Spottsylvania, P. Alberry Harmon wounded at 2nd Manassas, John F. Harmon killed 2nd Manassas, Cotesworth P. Huggins wounded at Fussels Farm, Wm. G. High, Monroe High, Frank M. High wounded at Reames Station. J. Van Buren

High wounded at Reames Station and Gettysburg, Frank A. Johnson, Wm. Johnson wounded at 2nd Manassas, Isham F. Kirby, W. Simpson Kirby, Henry Keast, Austin Lee, A.C. Lockman, Edward E. Leitner, John N. Lemaster, Jos. J. Lawrence wounded at Wilderness, Wilson Lawrence, Wm. Lawrence wounded at Riddles Shop, Elias J.W. Lowe, James M. Lowe, Ephrim A.B. Lockman, Samuel Land, Wm. Lowe, Hiram McAbee wounded at Fussels Mill and Gettysburg, David McMillen wounded at Gettysburg, John J. Moore, Lemuel F. Mason wounded at 2nd Manassas, Walter H. Mitchell, Robert J. Owens killed at Frazier's Mill, Frederick J. Parham killed at Gettysburg, John Pierce, Wm. L. Swatsell killed 2nd Manassas, Marcus L. Sutherland, John W. Ship, Abram Summers killed accidentally at Coosawhatchie December 15, 1861, Robert Smith killed at 2nd Manassas, Marcus W. Sexton wounded near Frazier's Farm, David W. Styles, Wm. R. Tanner wounded at Sharpsburg, Alonzo Tanner, M. Thomas killed at 2nd Manassas, Marion L. Thomas killed at 2nd Manassas, Wm A. Thompson wounded at Jones' Farm and died of same at Richmond in 1864, Wm. W. Tinsley died of disease at Laurel hill in 1862, Ransom W. Tinsley wounded at Cold Harbor, Eber Tinsley, Albert H. Twitchell, Marcus Turner, John D. Turner, John T. B. Turner killed at Spottsylvania, Alexander W. Walker, Andrew J. Wingo wounded at Fredericksburg, Robert Wingo wounded at Spottsylvania, J. Frank Wingo, Ransom Wingo wounded at Sutherland Station, Alberry Wingo, Wm. F. White, Geo. W. Wilkie, Jas. Williamson, Chas W. Williamson, James Williamson and Peter C. Wheeler killed at Gettysburg.





Captains: Joseph L. Wofford advanced by promotion to major, John Drewberry advanced by promotion from 1st Lieutenant, wounded at Gettysburg, lost an arm, was captured and held until the close of the war, O. Robins advanced by promotion from ranks.


1st Lieutenants: W.T. Thorne wounded, lost an arm, discharged.


2nd Lieutenants: John Y. Wofford died in July of 1863, Mck. Willis killed at Jones' Farm in 1864, and W.J. Poole.


Sergeants: 1st J.W. Perry;


2nd Geo. A. Seltzler,


3rd J.H. Turner,


4th David Parris.


Corporals: Isreal Willis died at Charlottesville, Robert Price died at Charleston, B.B. Martin, Hazel Parris and S.M. White wounded at 2nd Manassas.



Matthew Burnett wounded at 2nd Manassas, Thomas Belcher, Robert Byers, Barney Belcher, Jovan Bryant, John Byers, M.D. Bryant, Rowland Bryant killed at Gettysburg, James Bryant, C.C. Bonham wounded at Gettysburg, died at Fort Delaware, Albany Cash wounded at Riddles Shop, Lee Cash died at Charleston, Lawson Cash died at Richmond, Arthur Cash, Green B. Cash wounded at 2nd Manassas, J.P. Cudd, Rufus Clement wounded at Wilderness, C.M. Cantrell wounded at North Anna, Ransom Cartee, John Cartee, Farrow Cole, John Cash wounded at Jones' Farm, W.B. Cash, B. Cadle wounded at Chancellorsville and died of disease, Henry Davidson wounded at 2nd Manassas, lost a leg, Hazel Davidson, James Davidson died in hospital, J.W. Elder died in Richmond, A.C. Elder, Zebean Ezell killed at Williamsport, Va., Wm Ezell killed at Spottsylvania, A.C. Ezell wounded at Petersburg on Aug. 25, 1864, Isaac Epton, Wm. Epton, Jas. Epton, Wm. Garrett, Zebean Gilbert died in hospital September 26, 1861, John Gossett, W.M. Gossett killed near Petersburg, Wm. Giles, John Head died in Richmond, Va., H. Horn, A. Henderson died in hospital, Javan Henderson wounded at Ox Hill, Wm. Henderson killed at Chancellorsville, Wm. Henderson II, Louis Henderson died in hospital, Jackson Henderson, Wm. J. Hines wounded at Wilderness, J.L.B. Hines died at Richmond, Albert Hines, John Tyler Johnson wounded at Wilderness, Green Johnson, William Johnson wounded at Spottsylvania on May 12, 1864 and died May 29, 1864 buried at Hollywood cemetery in Richmond, Va., Marion Johnson wounded at Fredericksburg and lost an arm, David Johnson died in hospital, [ John Tyler Johnson, Green Johnson, William Johnson and Marion Johnson were all brothers and enlisted on September 4, 1861 and joined Co. E formed by Dr. J.L. Wofford. They are the sons of Elizabeth Johnson of northern area of Spartanburg County], B. Kimbrel, Anthony Lewis, Uriah Mullins wounded 2nd Manassas, Jas. H. Moseley, Wm. Mosely, J.H. McKelvey died in Richmond, J.A. McKelvey, Wm. McKintree, T.C. McKintree, J.O. Martin died in hospital, Haden Morris, Hiram Owens wounded at Ox Hill, James Owens, Jackson Oliver, C.C. Peck, Thos. Price wounded at Wilderness, Docter Potter, Peyton A. Potter killed at 2nd Manassas, Abram Potter, Wm. Potter, E.Potter, J.M. Randall, Jackson Robbins died in hospital, S.F. Robbins died at Richmond, O. Robbins wounded at Frazier's Farm, M.S. Shields, J.K. Seay wounded at Gettysburg, John Spencer, J.P. Turner killed at 2nd Manassas, Lee L. Turner died in Richmond, H.M. Turner, Zera Thomas, J. Wakefield, R.Q. White, Francis Willis, David Willis wounded at 2nd Manassas, Thos. Willis, John Q. Willis killed at Wilderness, Wm. P. Willis, E. White, Jas. A. Waldrep, John Webb killed at Gettysburg, Louis Webb, Benjamin W. Wells, Wm. Wooten.





Captains: Dr. W.P. Compton, resigned after two years in the field, and Alexander Copeland promoted from 1st sergeant, surrendered in command of company at Appomattox on April 9, 1865.


1st Lieutenants: Pleasant G. Page died August, 1862, B.B. Chapman promoted from ranks, wounded at Chancellorsville, lost a leg, and W.D. O'Shields promoted from 2nd Lieutenant, surrendered at Appomattox.


2nd Lieutenants: J.M. Jackson resigned on account of ill health, died Nov. 15, 1866, W.H. Caldwell died January of 1862 on coast of S.C., W.H. Chapman promoted from ranks and killed in battle a few days before surrendered at Appomattox, and J.C. Burton.


1st Sergeants: David Rudisail killed December 13, 1862 at Fredericksburg, John White died August of 1862 in Virginia, Edward Alverson surrendered at Appomattox.


Corporals: G.W. Reece, J.B. Page died August of 1862, William E. Cook wounded at Gettysburg and Calvin Tinsley.



Green Atkins died February 1862, Thomas Atkins, John L. Alverson killed at Reddles Shop, Va., B.F. Alverson, Matt Alverson, B.F. Alverson, Sr., W.C. Alverson, J.H. Andrews died May of 1862 in Virginia, Peter Andrews died August of 1862 in Virginia, W.P. Barnett wounded at Ox Hill, Va., O. Barton died 1864, Elijah Bishop, Simpson Bishop, Issac Bishop, Wm. Blackwood, Alexander Blackwood killed at 2nd Manassas, Marcus Blackwood, C.B. Bowling wounded at Fredericksburg, W.M. Bowling killed at Fredericksburg, Wm. Brooks, Robert Burlington, Tench Burlington, Epulla Burns killed Sharpsburg, J.A. Burns wounded at 2nd Manassas, W.J. Burton, Govan Bush, J.C. Caldwell, W.M. Campbell wounded and discharged, Jas. Campbell wounded at Spottsylvania, Jas. Clark, M.G. Clark, Farrer Cole, Thos. Cooper died in 1862 in Virginia, J.H. Daniel died in 1863 in Virginia, John Daniel, T.J. Davis, J.B. Dill, J.P. Dill, James Dunlap, Wm. A. Erwin killed at Fredericksburg, Elias Farmer died 1862, Edmond Feagans killed July of 1864, T.R. Fleming wounded at 2nd Manassas and surrendered at Appomattox, T.J. Hall surrendered at Appomattox, George Hall killed at Chancellorsville, Adam Haas wounded at 2nd Manassas, Wm. Henderson, Elias Henderson, Calvin Henderson. F.M. Hines, J.C. Jackson, Jackson Johnson wounded and discharged due to loss of arm, John Kimbrell died in 1863, Wm. King killed at Fredericksburg, Calvin Lancaster surrendered at Appomattox, Crawford Lancaster, Thomas Lively, Collins McCarter transferred to Holcombe Legion, C.R. McClure killed near Petersburg on Sept. 30, 1862, David McClure, John B. McClure surrendered at Appomattox, Charles McClure, Wm. McClure, Jones H. McDowell killed in 1864, Jerome McDowell died, Wm. McGinnis, David McMillen died 1862, John W. McMillen wounded and discharged, J.M. Mills wounded at Petersburg surrendered at Appomattox, Thomas Mills killed in Va., G. Morrow wounded at 2nd Manassas, Johnson Newman died in 1864, B.F. Nicholls, Jos. Nicholls, J.W. O'Shields, J.A. Pearson killed, E.L. Pope, C.T. Pope wounded at Gettysburg, G.C. Reece died in 1862, John Roddy, Matt Roddy killed at Fredericksburg, Wilson Seay killed at Spottsylvania, Franklin Seay killed at Chancellorsville, David Sizemore died in 1861, Jackson Staggs wounded at Ox Hill and surrendered at Appomattox, Jonathan Staton, Wm. Stanton, James Stone died in 1863, Eber Tinsley, Thomas Tinsley died in 1862, Wm. Townsend killed at Spottsylvania, James Turner wounded at 2nd Manassas, Jeff Turner killed in battle, Elias Vehorn killed in battle in 1863, Thomas Vehorn died in 1862, Alonzo Wallace died in 1863, R.J.F. Wall discharged and joined 5th Reg. of SCV, F.A. West surrendered at Appomattox, J.C.C. Wilkin, P.A. Wilson, Wm. C. White, T.C. Wofford killed below Richmond in 1863, W.P. Wofford, John Wofford killed at Gettysburg, John Young wounded and discharged as he lost an arm, James Young died in 1863.




Captains: Andrew K. Smith killed at 2nd Manassas, and Franklin M. Timmier.


1st Lieutenants: S.F. Smith and B.F. Neighbors.


2nd Lieutenants: J.R. Poole, J.W. White later resigned and joined 20th Regiment of SCV and died on coast of S.C. on July 21, 1863, R.M. Crocker wounded at 2nd Manassas.


Sergeants: 1st T.H. Waters,


2nd Wm. Waters,


3rd Issac Macomson,


4th B.F. Neighbors wounded at 2nd Manassas, W.E. Lipscomb died of wounds at Chancellorsville.


Corporals: J.M. Barnett, W.F. Coggins and M.C. Barnett.



John Allen wounded at 2nd Manassas, W.C. Allen wounded at 2nd Manassas, Josiah W. Bagwell wounded 2nd Manassas, Jas. Bagwell, Samuel Bagwell wounded severely at 2nd Manassas, Simpson Bagwell killed at 2nd Manassas, L. Ballenger, T.R. Barnett, W.H. Barnett, Pinckney Brice, Wm. Carlyle, W.M. Coggins died of wounds at Wilderness, J.L. Coggins died on coast of S.C. in 1863, A.C. Crocker wounded at 2nd Manassas, W.W. Crocker, A.W. Currant, Elph Elder, Samuel Elder, Robert Elmore, J.M. Finch, T.A. Forrest, J.F. French, A.C. Gossett died at Winder hospital, E.M. Gossett, R.W.P. Gossett killed at 2nd Manassas and lost an arm, Robert Hembree, Russel Hembree, E.A. Henley, E.M.D. Henley died at Richmond on September 19, 1863, James Henley, Thomas Henley, Giles Hewett, W.J. Hutchings, P.J. Jenkins, Peter Johnson, Andrew Kirby, F.A. Kirby died at Columbia on October 12, 1861, Henry Kirby, Jasper Kirby, L.C. Kirby, T.J. Kirby, Wm. Kirby, Thomas Lemaster, Lee Lender, Willis Linder, J.C. Lipscomb, John H. Lipscomb, Nathan Lipscomb, T.H. Lipscomp missing and supposed to have died, T.M. Littlejohn, J.H. Lowe, J.H. McAbee, Wm Millwood, John Patterson, John Petrie, L.H. Petrie wounded at Fredericksburg on December 18, 1862 and lost an arm, P.C. Reaves killed at 2nd Manassas, Morgan Reaves, D.M. Richards, N. Roddy, Simpson Sanders, Jeff Satterfield, Wilson Satterfield, Wilson Seay, J.H. Smith, P.L. Smith, Stewart Sparks, Wm. Sparks, James Sprouse, James Stone, William Thomas, A.J. Thompson, Elijah Thompson, M. Thompson, Wm. T. Thompson wounded at 2nd Manassas, W.R. Thompson, F.M. Turner, T.J. Turner, Abner Waters, Simpson Weather, T.R. Wilkie, A.W. Willis, H.J. Willis, Drury Wood, A. Zimmerman died and J.N. Zimmerman died.


Contributed by: Blair Wheeler


South Carolina Civil War Pensions Project Coordinator Mark Anderson


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