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South Carolina






Roll of Thirteenth Regiment, Infantry

South Carolina Volunteers:


Company "I"


Inclusive List of All Men of Company "I".


This includes all those that served in this company,

regardless of their county of origin.



Abernathy, Lucius

Allen, John

Allen, W.C.

Allen, Willis

Bagwell, Hiram J.

Bagwell, James W.

Bagwell, John J.

Bagwell, Josiah

Bagwell, Jus

Bagwell, Samuel

Ballenger, Larkin

Barnett, J. Monroe, Sgt.

Barnett, M. Cicero, 2nd Sgt.

Barnett, Thomas K.

Bice, W.A.

Bryson, M.S.

Byce, Pinkney

Byce, W. Alberry

Carlisle, William

Coggin, William Franklin

Coggins, D.M.

Coggins, J.L.

Coggins, R.H.

Coggins, William F., Cpl.

Crocker, A.C.

Crocker, J.M.

Crocker, R.M., 1st Lt.

Crocker, W.W.

Currant, A.W.

Deen, J.A.

Elanthy, L.

Elders, Ephriam

Elmore, William R, Cpl.

Emory, Fowler

Finch, J.L.

Finch, J.M.

Finley, Madison

Forrest, T.A.

French, J.F.

Gossett, A.C.

Gossett, E.M.

Gossett, R.W.P.

Griffin, Drury

Griffin, John

Griffin, John L.

Griffin, Landrum

Hammett, B.F.

Harman, Andrew

Harman, Samuel

Harmon, Eliphas R.

Harmon, Thomas C., Cpl.

Hembrey, Robert

Hembrey, Russell

Henderson, Thomas

Henley, E. Albery

Henly, E. McDuffie

Hewitt, Giles

Hewitt, Ransom

Hutchins, W.J.

Jefferson, George

Jenkins, Pleas J.

Johnson, Peter

Kirby, Andrew

Kirby, Calvin

Kirby, F.A.

Kirby, Henry

Kirby, Jasper

Kirby, L.C.

Kirby, Marshall

Kirby, T.J.

Kirby, William

Lamaster, Thomas

Linder, Lee, 2nd Lt.

Linder, Willis

Lipscomb, J.C.

Lipscomb, John H.

Lipscomb, Nathan

Lipscomb, T.H.

Lipscomb, William, Sgt.

Littlejohn, Thomas M., Cpl

Low, J.H.

Malcomson, Issac, Sgt.

Mattheus, John

McAbee, John

McAbee, Elisha

McAbee, James H.

McAbee, W.A.

McBride, Thomas W.

Millwood, William

Morris, G.R.

Morris, J.R.

Morris, Miles

Morris, Robert

Murph, H.R.

Neighbors, B.F., 1st Lt.

Neighbors, David C.

Neighbors, Isaac

Parks, S.

Patterson, John

Petree, John

Petree, L.H.

Petree, Pink C., Sgt.

Poole, J. Rufus, 2nd Lt.

Quinn, W.B.

Reaves, Barram

Reaves, Isham W.

Reaves, John A.

Reaves, W.R.

Reeves, G.B.

Reeves, Morgan

Reeves, T.J.

Reeves, William J.

Richards, Daniel M.

Robbs, James

Roddy, Nathaniel

Sanders, James E.

Sanders, John

Sanders, Simpson

Satterfield, Jefferson

Satterfield, William

Seay, Wilson, Cpl.

Simpson, Bagwell

Slavin, Robert C.

Smith, A.K., Cpt.

Smith, J.H.

Smith, Levi

Smith, P.L.

Smith, S.F., Captain

Sparks, Stewart

Sparks, William

Sprouse, James

Stone, James

Tanner, F.M.

Thomas, J.A.

Thomas, William

Thompson, Elijah

Thompson, J. Alexander

Thompson, John C.

Thompson, Michael

Thompson, William T.

Tolleson, William D.

Trimmier, Frank M., Cpt.

Turner, F.H., Cpt.

Turner, Fielden M.

Turner Lee L.

Turner, T.H., 2nd Lt.

Turner, T.J.

Vaughn, W.C.

Vincent, William

Waldrip, J.L.

Waters, Abner S.

Waters, T.H., 2nd Lt..

Waters, William, Sgt.

Wethers, Simpson

White, J.W., 2nd Lt.

Wilkins, Thomas L., 1st Sgt.

Willis, Almarine W., Sgt.

Willis, D.T.

Willis, Holman J., Cpl.

Willis, James

Willis, Wilie

Wood, Drury H.

Wood, Oliver

Zimmerman, F.A.

Zimmerman, J.N., Cpl.


Contributed by: Blair Wheeler


South Carolina Civil War Pensions Project Coordinator Mark Anderson


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