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Official Army Register of the Volunteer Force

 of the United States Army

 for the Years 1861,  ’62, ’63, ’64, ’65.


Part VI.


Indiana – Illinois


Published by Order of the Secretary of War,

in Compliance with the Joint Resolution of the Senate

and House of Representatives, approved  March 2, 1865.


Adjutant General’s Office, Washington, August 31, 1865, pp. 1-2.




First  Regiment Indiana Heavy Artillery

(Called Also 21st Regiment Indiana Volunteers)


(This regiment (with the exception of companies L and M)

was organized as the 21st Regiment Indiana Infantry,

at Indianapolis, Ind., July 24, 1861, to serve three years.  


Its designation was changed to 1st Regiment  Heavy Artillery in February, 1863.


Two new companies were organized at Indianapolis, Ind.,

from August 12 to November 2, 1863, to  serve three years,

and assigned to this regiment as companies L and M.


On the expiration of its term of service the original members (except veterans)

were mustered out, and the organization, composed of veterans and recruits,

retained in service until January 10, 1866, when it was mustered out,

in accordance with orders from the War Department.)


The following is the only official list of battles in which this regiment

bore an honorable part yet published in orders:


“Baton Rouge,” “Cotton,” “Bisland,” “Fort Hudson.”






Benjamin F. Hays



Lieutenant Colonel.







James W. Connelly

17 Nov., 64

(Retained in service; discharged January 15, 1866.


John W. Day

7 Dec.,


Isaac C. Hendricks

25 May, 65

(Retained in service; discharged February 3, 1866.)





Samuel Armstrong

18 Nov., 63

(Retained in service; discharged February 3, 1866.)


William Bough

9 Feb., 64


Abram W. Simmons

28 Mar.,


Jesse Hadden

8 Oct.,


George J. Brown

15 Oct.,


William P. Wimmer

17 Nov.,


William H. Blankenship

7 Dec.,


George W. Branson

28 Mar., 65


Robert H. Crist

25 May,


Silas Bates

8 June,



First Lieutenants.


James Hughes

12 Oct., 63


Alfred B. McClarren

28 Apr., 64


Merritt C. Skinner

4 May,


William H. H. Turner

17 May,


Peter A. Burns

21 May,


Joseph O. Whalen

  25 June,


George W. James

18 July,


Jacob F. Sherfey

29 July,


James G. Northcraft

15 Oct.,


Thomas Sibert

15 Oct.,


Jacob W. Martin

16 Oct., 64


James A. Shirley

17 Oct.,


Tipton D. Clary

22 Oct.,


John Ashley

14 Nov.,


Madison M. Snow

17 Nov.,


William P. Goss

23 Nov.,


Thomas J. Raper

7 Dec.,


William W. Albin

31 Mar., 65


William W. Templeton

1 May,


Seth Matthews

10 May,


Levi G. Benson

25 May,


Theodore Markle

1 June,


Charles F. Hogue 

8 June,



Second Lieutenants.


Robert Fuller

8 Feb., 64


Daniel F. Pippenger

3 May,


Charles Polk

25 June,


Joseph L. Washburn

15 Oct.,


John G. Parker

22 Oct.,


Benjamin R. Helms

15 Nov.,


William R. Aydelott

18 Nov.,


James R. Henry

28 Nov.,


Harrison Wright

3 Dec.,


Richard M. Stamper

7 Dec.,


Samuel Foster

13 Feb., 65


William Wood

2 Apr.,


Lemuel McCarty

10 May,


Thomas F. Bilby

1 June,


Edward M. Pinney

1 June,


Stephen Stallcup

3 June,


William R. Elliott

22 Aug.,


Stukely Campbell

1 Sept.,





William F. Sherrod

1 Jan., 63



Assistant Surgeon.


Isaac T. Conn

18 June, 65


Daniel L. Woods

3 Oct.,





Jasper J. Moss

2 July, 64





Promoted, (2.)


Colonel James W. McMillan

May 18, 1863, to Brigadier General.


Assistant Surgeon Emanuel R. Hawn

April 4, 1864, to Surgeon 49th Regiment Indiana Infantry.



Resigned, (36.)


Lieut. Colonel William Roy

July 11, 1865.


Captain James H. Garrett

May 29, 1862.


Captain Jacob Hess

August 18, 1862.


Captain John T. Campbell

October 23, 1862.


Captain William M. Skelton

December 23, 1862.


Captain David Edmiston

February 21, 1863.


Captain Eden H. Fisher

November 20, 1863.


Captain Elihu E. Rose

December 8, 1863.


Captain James W. Hamrick

November 21, 1864.


Captain Chambers Cox

October 28, 1865.


First Lieut. John S. Milam

May 29, 1862.


First Lieut. Robert C. McAfee

July X, 1862.


First Lieut. George Wood

July 13, 1863.


First Lieut. William Harper

July 29, 1863.


First Lieut. Walter C. Elkin

November 1, 1863.


First Lieut. George H. Black

December 23, 1863.


First Lieut. Samuel Hartley

August 25, 1864.


First Lieut. William M. Conner

September 28, 1864.


First Lieut. Oliver H. P. Ewing

November 23, 1864.


First Lieut. William L. Rhea

December 28, 1865.


Second Lieut. Jesse Elliott

October 1, 1861.


Second Lieut. Eli Lilly

December 3, 1861.


Second Lieut. William S. Smurr

December 31, 1861.


Second Lieut. James R. Moore

April 1, 1862.


Second Lieut. Spencer L. Bryan

June 1, 1862.


Second Lieut. Edward T. Hubbell

October 13, 1862.


Second Lieut. George C. Harding

January 1, 1864.


Second Lieut. Omer Tousey

February 7, 1865.


Second Lieut. Thomas M. Compton

August 1, 1865.


Second Lieut. Mark Joseph

August 16, 1865.


Second Lieut. Thomas J. Little

August 28, 1865.


Second Lieut. Jeffrey Rodgers

October 14, 1865.


Surgeon Ezra Read

December 15, 1862.


Assistant Surgeon John B. Davis

October X, 1862.


Assistant Surgeon John C. L. Campbell

June 30, 1864.


Assistant Surgeon John A. Goldsberry

July 11, 1865.



Mustered Out on Expiration of Term of Service, (9.)


Major Edward McLafflin

September 6, 1864.


Major James Grimsley

September 8, 1864.


Captain Francis W. Noblet

July 31, 1864.


Captain Clayton Cox

August 3, 1864.


Captain William S. Hinkle

August 15, 1864.


First Lieut. John M. Adams

August 3, 1864.


First Lieut. Robert H. Rhea

August 5, 1864.


First Lieut. Benjamin F. Card

September 7, 1864.


First Lieut. Charles Toms

September 8, 1864.



Discharged, (12.)


Colonel John A. Keith

February 2, 1865.


Captain Benjamin S. Harrower

May 15, 1865.


First Lieut. Calvin J. Wilson

June 20, 1863.


First Lieut. Samuel H. Fields

January 20, 1864.


First Lieut. Harry H. Olds

June 21, 1864.


First Lieut. Garrett Wall

February 18, 1865.


First Lieut. Henry F. McMillan, Adj’t

April 21, 1865.


Second Lieut. George Jaycox

December 31, 1864.


Second Lieut. Thaddeus P. Jackson

March 18, 1865.


Second Lieut. John Ubert

November 16, 1865.


Assistant Surgeon Williamson D. Dunn

September 3, 1863.


Chaplain Nelson L. Brakeman

March 3, 1864.



Died, (10.)


Captain Richard Campbell

April 26, 1865, of disease.


First Lieut. Matthew A. Latham, Adj’t

Killed in action at Baton Rouge, La., August 5, 1862.


First Lieut. Charles D. Seeley

Killed in action at Baton Rouge, La., August 5, 1862.


First Lieut. Thomas Grinstead

August 9, 1862, of wounds received in action.


First Lieut. Thomas D. Bryant

August 18, 1862, of wounds received in action.


First Lieut. Harvey B. Hall

January 11, 1864.


First Lieut. William B. Glover

June 18, 1864.


Second Lieut. William H. Wolf

Killed October 30, 1864.


Assistant Surgeon George K. McCoy

Committed suicide December 18, 1864.



Dismissed, (2.)


First Lieut. Henry A. Louis

September 4, 1861.


First Lieut. James H. Brown

January 25, 1864.





This roster of officers is given as it stood on the day of muster out.


Information obtained at the National Archives, Washington, DC


Contributed by:  Mark Anderson


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