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Official Army Register of the Volunteer Force

 of the United States Army

 for the Years 1861,  ’62, ’63, ’64, ’65.


Part VI.


Indiana – Illinois


Published by Order of the Secretary of War,

in Compliance with the Joint Resolution of the Senate

and House of Representatives, approved  March 2, 1865.


Adjutant General’s Office, Washington, August 31, 1865, pp. 1-2.




Thirty-Third  Regiment.


(This regiment was organized at Indianapolis, Ind.,

September 16, 1861, to serve three years.


On its expiration of term of service the original members (except veterans)

were mustered out, and the organization, composed of veterans and recruits,

retained in service until July 21, 1865, when was mustered out

in accordance with orders from the War Department.)


(The official list of battles in which this regiment

bore an honorable part is not yet published in orders.)





James E. Burton
22 May, 65



Lieutenant Colonel.


John P. Niederaner

22 May, 65





John C. Maze
22 May, 65





Benjamin H. Freeland

8 Nov., 64


William Chandler

8 Nov.,


John T. Slough

8 Nov.,


Enos Halbert

8 Nov.,


William A. Dilley

27 Mar., 65


Amos J. Thomas

27 Mar.,


Henry C. Johnson

27 Mar.,


William S. McCollough

21 May,


Samuel D. Helman

22 May,


James H. Brown

31 May,



First Lieutenants.


John R. McBride, Adj.

8 Nov., 64


David A. Fateley

8 Nov.,


Robert M. McMaster, R.Q.M.

9 Jan., 65


John Hardwick

28 Mar.,


Isaac J. Betts

22 May,


James C. McClurkin

27 May,


John W. Taylor

31 May,


Henry Burkhart

31 May,


William Nodurft

31 May,


Henry L. Trisler

2 June,


Andrew J. Buchanan

8 June,



Second Lieutenants.


George W. Greenlee

22 May, 65


Israel M. Adams

22 May,


James Bain

22 May,


John E. Smith

22 May,


Augustine J. Horton

22 May,


John A. Miller

22 May,


Robert F. McConnell

27 May,


James H. Collier

31 May,


Thomas Graves

2 June,


Hezekiah H. Lyon

8 June,





Robert F. Bence

14 Sept., 64



Assistant Surgeon.


John Moffitt

22 May, 65





John McCrea

1 May, 64







Promoted, (1.)


First Lieut. Charles H. Pickering, Adj’t

December 1, 1863, to Lieut. Colonel 17th U.S.C.T.



Resigned, (28.)


Lieut. Colonel James M. Henderson

September 16, 1864.


Major William J. Manker

November 9, 1862.


Major Levin T. Miller

September 22, 1864.


Captain Andrew T. Welman

January 2, 1863.


Captain William A. W. Hauser

February 19, 1863.


Captain John T. Freeland

July 31, 1863.


Captain William A. Whitson

August 20, 1864.


Captain Charles Seaton

September 17, 1864.


First Lieut. William Farrell

August 17, 1862.


First Lieut. James H. Durham, Adj’t

October 16, 1862.


First Lieut. Andrew Fullerton

November 17, 1862.


First Lieut. James N. Hill

September 7, 1863.


First Lieut. Heneage B. Finch, R.Q.M.

November 22, 1863.


First Lieut. Henry R. Flook

September 22, 1864

(Appointed Second Lieut., U.S. Signal Corps.)


First Lieut. John A. Wilkins, R.Q.M.

October 4, 1864.


First Lieut. William W. Hollingsworth

October 4, 1864.


First Lieut. Edwin I. Bachman

October 4, 1864.


First Lieut. Plinna McKnight

October 10, 1864.


First Lieut. John R. Spratt

January 27, 1865.


Second Lieut. Francis Brunson

June 27, 1863.


Second Lieut. Jesse L. Crisler

December 2, 1863.


Second Lieut. William H. Miller

December 22, 1863.


Second Lieut. Loyd T. Duncan

December 17, 1864.


Second Lieut. William H. Boone

January 24, 1865.


Surgeon Joseph G. McPheeters

August 22, 1864.


Assistant Surgeon Andrew M. Hunt

June 18, 1863.


Assistant Surgeon Jeremiah Vincent

October 4, 1864.


Chaplain Joseph L. Irwin

February 20, 1863.



Mustered Out on Expiration of Term of Service, (10.)


Colonel John Coburn

September 20, 1864.

(Brevet Brigadier General March 13, 1865)


Captain Charles Day

September 20, 1864.


Captain Edward T. McCrae

September 20, 1864.


Captain Joseph T. Fleming

December 31, 1864.


First Lieut. William J. Day

September 20, 1864.


First Lieut. Lawson E. McKinney

September 20, 1864.


Second Lieut. Jefferson C. Farr,

September 20, 1864.


Second Lieut. James Simpson

December 31, 1864.


Second Lieut. John Hart

December 31, 1864.


Second Lieut. John W. Slauter

December 31, 1864.



Discharged, (2.)


Captain Burr H. Polk

June 30, 1863.

(Appointed Captain and A. A. G.)


First Lieut. Henry H. Jeter

May 15, 1865.



Died, (6.)


Captain Israel C. Dille

Killed by guerillas at Fosterville, Tenn., July 17, 1863.


Captain James L. Banks

June 22, 1864, of wounds received in action at Dallas, Ga.


Captain George L. Scott

Killed on picket in front of Atlanta, Ga., July 23, 1864.


First Lieut. Estees Wallingford, Adj’t

April 21, 1864, of disease at Indianapolis, Ind.


First Lieut. Charles H. Porter, Adj’t

Killed in action near Kenesaw Mountain, Ga., June 22, 1864.


Second Lieut. Eli M. Adams

December 8, 1861, of disease, at Crab Orchard, Tenn.



Dismissed, (2.)


Captain Isaac C. Hendricks

December 20, 1862.

   (Re-Commissioned Captain, 1st Regiment Indiana Heavy Artillery, July 15, 1863.)


Second Lieut. Andrew J. Cox

March 1, 1863.



Note 1:


No brevet appointments are entered on this register

except those announced in General Orders before October 14, 1865. 


Note 2:


This roster of officers is given as it stood on the day of muster out.


Information obtained at the National Archives, Washington, DC


Contributed by:  Mark Anderson


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