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Official Army Register of the Volunteer Force

 of the United States Army

 for the Years 1861,  ’62, ’63, ’64, ’65.


Part VI.


Indiana – Illinois


Published by Order of the Secretary of War,

in Compliance with the Joint Resolution of the Senate

and House of Representatives, approved  March 2, 1865.


Adjutant General’s Office, Washington, August 31, 1865, pp. 1-2.



Sixty-Sixth Regiment


(This regiment was organized at New Albany, Indiana,

August 19, 1862, to serve three years.


It was mustered out of service June 3, 1865,

in accordance with orders from the War Department.)


(The official list of battles in which this regiment

bore an honorable part is not yet published in orders.)





None Listed.



Lieutenant Colonel.


Roger Martin, a.w.m.





Thomas G. Morrison

29 Aug. 62





David M. Jordan

19 Aug 62


Felix C. Bivin

19 Aug 62


Alfred Morris

19 Aug. 62


John R. Land

19 Aug 62


Archibald Baxter

2 May 63


Ephraim L. Girdner

15 Nov 64


Gideon Johnson

15 Nov 64


John Mills

22 May 65



First Lieutenants.


Charles Martin

19 Aug 62


Shadrack B. A. Conder

19 Aug 62


Chester P. Davis

19 Aug 62


James H. Tiffee

19 Aug 62


William H. Peters

25 Oct 62


William B. Slemons, Adj.

23 Apr 64


Philip J. Green

1 May 64


Thomas C. Hammond, R.Q.M.

1 Jul 64


Thomas J. Mitchell

15 Nov 64


William Wands

15 Nov 64


James M. Hobson

22 May 65



Second Lieutenants.


George R. Davis

19 Aug 62


Charles P. Sisloff

11 Jan 63


James O. Huston

1 May 64





James C. Simonson

27 May 65



Assistant Surgeon.


Samuel P. Martin

30 May 65





None Listed.







Promoted, (1.)


First Lieut. Campbell Hay, Jr., R.Q.M.

May 13, 1864, to Captain and A.Q.M.



Resigned, (17.)


Colonel De Witt C. Anthony

March 24, 1864.


Captain John F. Baird

February 28, 1863.


Captain George B. Collings

March 27, 1863.


Captain Jasper N. Rodman

April 25, 1863.


Captain John W. Payne

November 16, 1863 (Appointed Captain in V.R.C.).


Captain James D. McPheeters

August 14, 1864.


Captain Abraham H. Campbell

August 26, 1864.


First Lieut. William N. Mahon, Adj.

February 29, 1864.


Second Lieut. Samuel P. Austin

April 3, 1863.


Second Lieut. William Maple

April 25, 1863.


Second Lieut. Adam R. Walker

June 9, 1863.


Second Lieut. David Simpson

June 23, 1864.


Second Lieut. George W. Applegate

December 1, 1864.


Surgeon Nathaniel Field

March 5, 1863.


Surgeon David W. Voyles

February 29, 1864.


Surgeon John R. Bare

January 23, 1865.


Chaplain Samuel E. Barr

April 25, 1863.



Discharged, (4.)


Captain Hamilton S. McRae

May 15, 1865.


Captain James N. Payton

May 15, 1865.


First Lieut. Winfield S. Whitman

May 15, 1865.


Second Lieut. John Kemp

January 13, 1865.



Died, (4.)


First Lieut. Charles H. Cornwell

Killed in action at Richmond, Ky., August 30, 1862.


First Lieut. Samuel P. Reid

Killed in action at Richmond, Ky., August 30, 1862.


First Lieut. William N. Brengle

February 20, 1864, of disease, at Fredericksburg,  Indiana.


Second Lieut. Elias F. Davis

July 13, 1864, of wounds received in action near Dallas, Ga.



Dismissed, (1.)


Captain John W. Gerard

September 10, 1862.





This roster of officers is given as it stood on the day of muster out.


Information obtained at the National Archives, Washington, DC


Contributed by:  Mark Anderson


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