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The USGenWeb Archives is embarking on the USGenWeb Archives Pension Project. This project will endeavor to provide actual transcriptions of Pension related materials for all Wars prior to 1900. Transcripts, extracts and abstracts will be accepted and files will be placed in the USGenWeb Archives directory of the State and County of principal residence of the Pensioner. Submit War of 1812 pension files for Virginia to Donna Bluemink.


 Virginia War of 1812 Pension Applications

BAINES, Bray, Capt. Arthur Smith's Company, Lacock's Company, Col. Jos. Riddick's Regiment, contributed by James Baines
DAILEY, James, Capt. Hale's Co., Col. Williams' Inf Rgt, TN Militia, (Widow's Application), contributed by Mary Lu Johnson
DOWDY, William B., Capt. William Fitzgerald's Co., 4th Rgt, VA Militia (Invalid Application), contributed by Angela M. Ruley
FARMER, David, Capt. Trumbull's Rgt, VA Militia, contributed by Tracey McMillion
FARMER, Michael, Capt. Timothy Dalton's Co., VA Militia, (Invalid Application Abstract), contributed by Tracey McMillion
HITCHINGS, William, Capt. W. T. Cooke's Co., 35th Rgt, US Inf., (Widow's Application), contributed by Robert B. Hitchings
JOHNSON, Hickerson, Capt. Henry A. Watkins Co., VA Militia (Discharge & Misc.), contributed by Carol Renner
McCLAIN, Thomas, Capt. Paxton's Rifle Co., contributed by Don Marsh
PERDUE, Mrs. Shadrack (Polly), Capts. Whiseger, Coles & Graves Co., (Widow's Application), contributed by Janet King
PERDUE, Zachariah, (Pension rejected because of short service), contributed by Janet King
PLOTT, Mrs. Abraham (Mary), Capt. S. Campbell's Co., contributed by Lynette Plott Clements & Billie Plott Cooke
RUFFIN, John, Capt. Claiborn's Co., 39th Rgt., VA Militia, contributed by Virginia Crilley
SHOWEN, Henry, Capt. J. McClung's Co., Virginia Militia, contributed by Ali Bram IM1, IM2, IM3, IM4, IM5, IM6, IM7, IM8, IM9, IM10, IM11, IM12
WALLACE, Christopher
, Capt. James Niblett's Co., 6th Rgt, VA Militia, Capt. Ralph Hubbard's Co., LTC W. Street's 5th Rgt, VA Militia, contributed by Judy Penrod Purcell

VIRGINIA PENSION ROLLS OF 1835, contributed by William Navey


Virginia War of 1812 Bounty Land Claims

BAINES, Bray, Capt. Arthur Smith's Co., Lacock's Co., & Col. Joseph Riddick's Rgt., contributed by James Baines
BRAGG, Margaret, widow of Thomas M. Bragg, contributed by John Davis
BRAGG, Thomas Moore, Capt. George Glascock's Co., 111th Regiment, Westmoreland County, contributed by John Davis
BUTLER, Mrs. Holland H. (Elizabeth)
, 29th Rgt of VA Militia, contributed by David Butler
BUTLER, Holland H., 29th Rgt of Virginia Militia, contributed by David Butler
CHAMBLISS, James, Capt. James Chambliss' Co., VA Militia (Widow's Application), contributed by Joan Renfrow
CRUISE, John Martin, Capt John Corn, Virginia, contributed by Jim Gray
, Capt. David Riddle's Co., 8th Inf. Regiment, contributed by Robert Foster
PERDUE, Zachariah, Capt. Courtland Cavaniss' Co., contributed by Janet King
PLOTT, Mrs. Abraham (Mary), Capt. S. Campbell's Co., contributed by Lynette Plott Clements & Billie Plott Cooke
REAMY, Joshua, Capt. Richard Monroe, 141st Regiment of Militia commanded by Col. Parker, contributed by John Davis
WATTS, WILLIAM, Capt. Walter Overton's Co., 7th Infantry Regiment, contributed by Robert Foster


Virginia War of 1812 Compiled Records

BUTLER, Holland H., 29th Rgt, VA Militia, 3rd Rgt (Boykins) VA Millitia, contributed by David Butler

MUSTER ROLL of Lieutenant Arthur Smith's Company, of the Fifty-ninth Regiment of Virginia Militia, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Riddick, Jr., called into Service from the 16th April to 1st May, in the year 1813. Submitted by Myke Reid

WAR OF 1812 VETERANS residing in the City of Norfolk, Town of Portsmouth, Counties of Princess Anne, Norfolk, Nansemond and Elizabeth City. Contributed by staff of Sargeant Memorial Room, Main Library, Norfolk, VA

BURIALS OF WAR OF 1812 VIRGINIA VETERANS, contributed by the Society of War of 1812, contact Mike Lyman



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