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Marriage Notices by Groom

Parr-Bucher, 1913 06-2007 Kathy Francis
Parr-Stauffer, 1916 11-2005 Kathy Francis
Patterson-McElwain, 1908 10-2005 Rosalie Sommer
Patterson-Solmonson, 1912 10-2005 Kathy Francis
Peterman-Sprenkle, 1919 01-2005 Margaret Sopp
Phiel-Hoover, 1917 04-2005 Kathy Francis
Pickel-Carlton, 1931 09-2005 Rosalie Sommer
Pipper-Wherly, 1884 04-2005 Abby Bowman
Platts-Brenner, 1899 12-2005 Abby Bowman
Poff-Rampley, 1916 12-2005 Kathy Francis
Ports-Colgan, 1916 12-2005 Kathy Francis


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