Zion Methodist Cemetery


Hopewell Township, 

York County, Pennsylvania


All photos contributed by Rosalie Sommer and transcribed by Kathy Francis


Page last updated October 03, 2006


Zion Methodist Cemetery/Church Plaque Zion Methodist Cemetery Photograph Zion Methodist Cemetery Photograph



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   Surnames beginning with:  A  B  D  E  F  G  H  K  L


Amos, Anderson, Ark

Badders, Bartels, Bose, Bosley, Bowinski, Bowman

Davis, Decker, Dunnick


Fix, Ford, Fulton

Gibbs, Gibson, Grass, Grove

Hammer, Hare, Hild

Keseling, King

Lanius, Leib, Liskey




Amos John - pic 2
Amos Mary A.
Amos Nelson
Anderson Infant
Anderson Jacob S.
Anderson John
Anderson Margaret E. Grove
Ark Wendy Ann Marie - pic 2


Badders Conrad
Badders David
Badders Elizabeth
Badders Levi
Badders Susanna
Bartels Henry C.
Bartels Lorena C.
Bose Catharine A.
Bose John
Bose Margaret E.
Bosley Cyrus M.
Bosley Cyrus Martin
Bosley Earl S.
Bosley Elizabeth A.
Bosley Eva M.
Bosley Evalea
Bosley Infant
Bosley James A. - pic 2
Bosley Margaret A.
Bosley Selinda
Bosley Theressa L. - pic 2
Bosley Victor A.
Bosley William
Bowinski Ellan H.
Bowinski Margaret F.
Bowinski Wm. James H.
Bowman Betty J.
Bowman Evans F.
Bowman Infant
Bowman James Leslie
Bowman John J.
Bowman Manerva G.
Bowman Martha J.
Bowman Sara E.


Davis Betsy
Decker Burton F.
Decker Mary L.
Dunnick Charles M.
Dunnick Elizabeth A. Leib
Dunnick Elizabeth Anne
Dunnick John H.
Dunnick Leroy H.
Dunnick Susanna E.


Evans Della E.
Evans J. Elmer
Evans Lillie M.
Evans Ralph S.


Fix H. Marcene
Fix Richard E.
Ford Catharine
Ford Charles M.
Ford J. H. S.
Ford Jacob L.
Ford M. A.
Ford Margaret L.
Ford T. F.
Fulton Anna Mae
Fulton Byard R.
Fulton John G.


Gibbs Charles
Gibbs Elmer Keech
Gibbs Louisa
Gibbs Mary
Gibbs Mary A.
Gibbs Mary E.
Gibbs Mollie A.
Gibbs Nettie E.
Gibson Unknown
Grass Matilda A.
Grove Alverta M.
Grove Amanda J.
Grove Anna Mary
Grove Annie
Grove B. F.
Grove Belinda
Grove Benjamin F. W.
Grove C. L. - pic 2
Grove C. T. - pic 2
Grove Charles
Grove Charles Porter - pic 2
Grove Curtis W.
Grove D. Ross
Grove E. Marie
Grove Elizabeth
Grove Elizabeth A. Leib
Grove Ella - pic 2
Grove Fannie E.
Grove Frederick H.
Grove George W. - pic 2
Grove Grizella Anderson - pic 2
Grove Henry
Grove Ida E.
Grove Infant
Grove J. Frank
Grove J. W. - pic 2
Grove Jacob - pic 2 - pic 3
Grove, Jr. Jacob - pic 2
Grove Jacob D.
Grove James W.
Grove John
Grove John
Grove John
Grove John Free - pic 2
Grove John H.
Grove John W.
Grove John Wesley
Grove Joseph
Grove Juniata E.
Grove Justina
Grove Laura E. - pic 2
Grove Laura J.
Grove Lydia
Grove Lydia A. - pic 2
Grove Lydia A.
Grove Lydia A.
Grove Margaret - pic 2
Grove Margaret - pic 2
Grove Margaret A.
Grove Margaret A. - pic 2
Grove Mary
Grove Mary C.
Grove Mary M. Strayer
Grove Minnie M.
Grove Nora B.
Grove Pleasant Ellsworth - pic 2
Grove Rosanna - pic 2
Grove Samuel
Grove Simon
Grove Susan Diehl
Grove Theodore
Grove Unknown
Grove Unknown
Grove Wallie B.
Grove Wesley
Grove William
Grove William
Grove William Nelson - pic 2


Hammer Jesse - pic 2
Hammer Mary A. - pic 2
Hare Beverly Spangler
Hild Elmer K.
Hild Infant
Hild Infant
Hild Jacob A.
Hild Kathryn I.
Hild Lenna S.
Hild Mary L.
Hild Mattie E.
Hild Rush L.
Hild Russell G.


Keseling Augustus
Keseling Bertha A.
Keseling Clara F.
Keseling Emma
Keseling George
Keseling Mary Ann
Keseling Mary Ellen - pic 2
King D. James
King Golda Hild
King J. Stanley
King Joann


Lanius Alma V.
Lanius Clyde M.
Lanius Conrad M. - pic 2
Lanius Edna Lee - pic 2
Lanius Edna M.
Lanius Eliza M. - pic 2
Lanius J. Henry - pic 2
Lanius J. Roy
Leib Catharine
Leib Eliza
Leib Erastes H.
Leib Ida H.
Leib Jacob G.
Leib John H.
Leib Julia Ann
Leib Mary Jane Grove
Leib Moses
Leib Rachel V.
Leib Sylvester A.
Leib William B.
Liskey Matoka V. Mustard



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