St. Paul's Red Run

 United Church of Christ Cemetery

(Red Run / Sower's)



Washington Township, 

York County, Pennsylvania



Page last updated June 22, 2006


Photos contributed by Harry Senft and transcribed by Kathy Francis


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March Calvin Z.
March Esther
March Frederick
March Iva B.
March Jacob
March Kathryn E.
March Laura J.
March Levere M. - pic 2
March Minerva I.
March Oliver L.
March Roy E.
March Samuel R.
March Walter E.
Maresh Anna M.
Maresh Robert J.
May Brian Lynn
May Ruth V.
May Stanley J.
Millard Maeanna B.
Millard Paul K.
Miller Esther M.
Moul E. John L.
Moul Elsie Estella Smith
Moul Violet M.
Myers Bruce R.
Myers Caroline
Myers Daily
Myers David E.
Myers Doris J.
Myers Edna M.
Myers Emma E.
Myers Emma E.
Myers Evelyn V.
Myers Florence E.
Myers Frank P.
Myers George E.
Myers Harry I.
Myers Irene M.
Myers Isaac
Myers Isaac W.
Myers Jacob L.
Myers Jennie E.
Myers Jonas G.
Myers Joseph
Myers Joshua A.
Myers Katie J.
Myers Mertie S.
Myers Michael
Myers Minnie K.
Myers Minnie M.
Myers Ottis C.
Myers Ralph E.
Myers Sarah
Myers Viola C.
Myers Virgie A.
Myers Walter E.


Nagle Albert C.
Nagle Clara M.
Nagle Elizabeth E.
Nagle James M.
Nagle John N.
Nagle Maria S.
Nagle Minnie B.
Naugle Catherine A.
Naugle Rodney L.
Naylor Ida
Nell Amanda J. Myers
Nell Ethel M.
Nell Harley B.
Nickey Abraham
Nickey Rebecca


Quickel James M.
Quickel Mabel W.


Raffensparger John
Rentzel Douglas Harvey
Rentzel Janet
Rentzel Ralph H.
Rife Richard A.
Rouse Mollie C. Sowers
Ruby Anna Sinner
Ruppert Lester E.
Ruppert Velma K.


Schmuck Austin H.
Schmuck Fairy V.
Schobert Harry F.
Schobert Hazel M.
See Adam
See Joyce A.
See Ronald E.
Seifert Donald D. - pic 2
Seifert Ervin E.
Seifert Nellie M.
Seifert Ruth I.
Sheffer Delilah
Sheffer Gertrude A.
Sheffer John F.
Shue John H.
Sinner Anna M.
Sinner Catharine A.
Sinner Elsie E.
Sinner Emanuel J.
Sinner Helen E.
Sinner John H.
Sinner John Henry
Sinner Mary J.
Sinner William A.
Small David W.
Small Delores M.
Smith Amanda J.
Smith Annie M.
Smith Arta V.
Smith Charles H.
Smith Clermont
Smith Emma C.
Smith F. Alta
Smith Flora B.
Smith George W.
Smith John C.
Smith Lillie K.
Smith Mabel H.
Smith Melville D.
Smith William H.
Snyder Glenn C. - pic 2
Snyder Helen W.
Sowers Della S.
Sowers Elizabeth N.
Sowers George
Sowers William D.
Spangler Amanda G.
Spangler George A.
Spangler Susan
Sparks Elva
Sparks James T.
Sparks Ruth I.
Sparks Sarah W.
Straley Latimore V.
Straley Samuel H.
Strayer Cornelius
Strayer Elizabeth
Strayer Florence B.
Strayer Gerald S.
Strayer Lloyd D.
Strickland Charles H.
Strickland Emma E.
Strickland Joseph G.
Strickland Joseph W.
Swope Clinton F.
Swope Grace E.


Taylor Ethel I.
Taylor George
Thoman Carl D.
Thoman Claude F.
Thoman Curtis W.
Thoman George E.
Thoman L. Harry
Thoman Madaline A.
Thoman Mary E.
Thoman Ruth A.
Thoman Sheila R.
Trimmer Anna E.
Trimmer Bert W.


Wagner Dorothy V.
Wallace Barbara A.
Wallace Blanche E.
Wallace Catharine A.
Wallace Charles B. - pic 2
Wallace Emma B.
Wallace Howard H.
Wallace James Howard - pic 2
Wallace John P.
Wallace Pauline B.
Wallace R. Earl
Wallace Ruthanna I.
Wallace William H.
Walton Adam B.
Walton Dolores
Walton John H.
Walton Lottie J.
Walton Romaine L.
Walton Sarah
Walton William
Walton William David - pic 2
Wantz, Sr. Elmer Ralph
Weaver Bernice L.
Weaver Robert C. C.
Weaver Robert W.
Wiley Helen E.
Wiley Jacob Parker
Williams Edmund E. - pic 2
Williams Velma J.
Wilt Emory M.
Wilt Isabelle M.
Wise Bruce E.
Wise Carrie E.
Wise Daisy E.
Wise Dorthy M.
Wise George M.
Wise George W.
Wise John R.
Wise Laura Jean
Wise Maria
Wise Verna Smith
Wolgamuth Alfred
Wolgamuth Annie J.


Zeigler Daisy Belle
Zeigler Ellen
Zeigler Esther M.
Zeigler Eugene D.
Zeigler Henry
Zeigler Oliver S.
Zeigler Phyllis D.
Zeigler Sandra A. Rose
Zeigler Sylvester B.
Zeigler Velma I.
Zeigler Wilson D.
Ziegler Gretna V.
Ziegler Hattie E.
Ziegler William A.
Zinn Brenda
Zinn Maggie V.
Zinn William H.
Zutell, II William E. - pic 2



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