Mt. Pleasant Lutheran Cemetery


Rinely, Hopewell Township, 

York County, Pennsylvania


Page last updated January 18, 2007


Photos contributed by Rosalie & Frank Sommer and transcribed by Kathy Francis



In Memory



Upon this site stood the first Mt. Pleasant St. Paul's Lutheran and Reformed Church built in 1857.  Later became Lutheran.  Worship was continued here until the erection of new church in 1925.


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M. J.
M. M. R. W.
Maaser A. Grace
McCleary Alice A.
McCleary John D.
McCleary Mardella A.
McCleary Myrtle E.
McCleary Russell D.
McDole Catharine A. - pic 2
McDole Jacob - pic 2
McDole Mary J. - pic 2
McDole William H. - pic 2
McFatridge Kevin
McFatridge Patricia
McLaughlin Jennie V.
McPherson Sandra June
McWilliams Harriet
McWilliams James - pic 2
McWilliams Rebecca Ann - pic 2
Meyers John H.
Meyers Lillian T. M.
Miller A. Franklin
Miller Abraham
Miller Annie M. - pic 2
Miller Blanche V.
Miller Charles H.
Miller Clayton A.
Miller D. A. - pic 2
Miller Dora
Miller Elizabeth S.
Miller Emma B.
Miller Harry L.
Miller Helen Breneman
Miller Helen E.
Miller I. Howard
Miller Irene
Miller Jean M.
Miller John A.
Miller John G.
Miller Lewis J. - pic 2
Miller Lizzie M. Hess
Miller Mabel B.
Miller Marguerite J.
Miller Mary Ann
Miller Mary E.
Miller Minerva J.
Miller Miriam H.
Miller Olive I.
Miller Paul LeRoy
Miller Precila Howard
Miller Ross R.
Miller Sarah H.
Miller Sarah Jane
Miller Viola R.
Miller Wilbur
Miller William A.
Mitzel Adam H.
Mitzel Agness Jane
Mitzel Andrew W. C.
Mitzel Barbara A. - pic 2
Mitzel Carrie E. O.
Mitzel Curvin W.
Mitzel David I.
Mitzel Elfie S.
Mitzel Elmer E.
Mitzel Emma E.
Mitzel Eve
Mitzel Evelene D.
Mitzel Harold M.
Mitzel Harvey Roosevelt
Mitzel Henry
Mitzel Henry G.
Mitzel Ida
Mitzel Infant
Mitzel Infant-1
Mitzel Jane A. - pic 2
Mitzel John
Mitzel John
Mitzel John Oliver - pic 2
Mitzel Laura C.
Mitzel Lewis Franklin
Mitzel Lewis H.
Mitzel Lila N.
Mitzel Lydia
Mitzel Martha A.
Mitzel Martha E.
Mitzel Martha Jane
Mitzel Mary B.
Mitzel Mary E.
Mitzel Mary Rachel Winifred
Mitzel Mont C.
Mitzel Rebecca
Mitzel Robert E.
Mitzel Robert W.
Mitzel Samuel M. G.
Mitzel Unknown
Mitzel William
Mitzel William H.
Montgomery Clarence C.
Montgomery Evelyn S.
Montgomery Hazel A.
Montgomery Mae L.
Morrison Calvin
Morrison Dale M.
Morrison Eliza D.
Morrison Hazel L.
Morrison Margaret M.
Morrison Mary B. Douglass
Morrison Michael
Morrison Ralph J.
Morrison William E.
Mundis Alverta P.
Mundis Theodore R.


Ness Ervin E.
Ness Mary H.
Noller Annie E.
Noller C. Gary
Noller Ella E.
Noller Ellen M.
Noller Elmira E.
Noller George
Noller Levi
Noller Olivia
Norris L. Bernice - pic 2
Norris L. Jacklyn
Norris Norman K. L.
Norris Susan R.  - pic 2


Olewiler Kenneth R.
Orwig Donald B.
Orwig Mildred A.
Overmiller Beulah E.
Overmiller Elizabeth Mc.
Overmiller George F.
Overmiller Hannah M.
Overmiller Henry S.
Overmiller Infant
Overmiller J. Harry
Overmiller Margaret R.
Overmiller Minnie A.
Overmiller Tyburtus James - pic 2
Overmiller Viola
Overmiller Wilburt F.


Personne Dawn M.
Petry Annie P.
Petry Stewart E.
Poet Lizzie
Pomraning Arno M.
Pomraning Florence
Pomraning Harry M.
Pomraning Henry M.


Reachard George W.
Reachard Isabella
Ream Annie E.
Ream Annie J.
Ream George F.
Ream Harry
Ream Ida W.
Ream James
Ream James M.
Ream John
Ream Sarah J.
Reichert Bessie Marie
Reichert, Jr. Fredrick C.
Riddle Ella A.
Riddle Margaret L.
Riddle Ralph W.
Riddle William D.
Ritz Ethel L.
Ritz John W.
Ritz Raymond D.
Royston Doris E.
Royston Grace A.
Royston Wilbert E.
Rudy Arthur
Rudy Lila M.
Russell Owen C.
Russell William
Russell Zelda M.


S. H.
Saylor Beulah Breneman
Saylor Frank Oster
Saylor Jacob
Saylor Mary Jane
Sechrist Josephine R.
Sechrist Ray V.
Shaffer Bertha A.
Sharp Marie S.
Shaull A. Ophelia - pic 2
Shaull John W.
Shaull Leola M.
Shaull Luther H. - pic 2
Smith Annie E. - pic 2
Smith Austin A.
Smith Joseph W.
Smith Richard H.
Smith Ruth M.
Snell Craig D.
Snell Esther J.
Snell Nevin L.
Snyder Agnes Elizabeth
Snyder Evelyn Alice
Snyder Ida E.
Snyder Jacob
Snyder Sarah
Spyker Edith F.
Spyker Henry B.
Stine Elsie G.
Stine Samuel H.
Sweeney Frank S.
Sweeney Thurley B.
Sweitzer Edward J.
Sweitzer Lida Breneman


Tarbert John M.
Tarbet Agnes A.
Tarbet S. Smith
Tarbet W. James
Taylor Joseph Nelson
Taylor Minnie F.
Terry Isaac
Thompson Aba J.
Thompson Andrew M.
Thompson Annie L.
Thompson Areba M. E.
Thompson Claude W. M.
Thompson Sarah C.
Thompson Sarah E.
Tolley Joshua W.
Tolley Norene C.
Tolley Stephen A.
Trout, Sr. Adam - pic 2
Trout Barbara
Trout Catharine Jane
Trout Cora Reachard
Trout Elizabeth E.
Trout Jemima Allice
Trout Maria B. Zeigler - pic 2
Trout Martha Ann
Trout Mary Ellen
Trout Nicholas H.
Trout Rebecca
Trout Robert
Trout Wintle


Uber Rebecca Breneman
Unknown Infant
Unknown Infant
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown-1
Unknown Unknown-2


Vaught Jean L.
Vaught John R.
Vaught Lisa M.
Vaught Sherman F.


Wagner Fredericka C.
Wagner Henry A.
Wagner Mary L.
Waltemyer Curvin T.
Waltemyer Eli
Waltemyer Hannah F.
Waltemyer Jacob
Waltemyer John C.
Waltemyer Mamie M.
Waltemyer Sarah J.
Waltemyer Thomas H.
Walters Milton Wiley Carl
Waltimyer Benjamin F.
Waltimyer J. Thomas
Waltimyer Mary E.
Waltimyer Myrtle E.
Wambaugh Effie M.
Wambaugh George D.
Williams Sarah E.
Wingler Scott M.
Wise Janice M. Shaull
Wise Robert F.


Ziegler John
Zimmerman Frank L.
Zimmerman Trema S.



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