Westmoreland County, PA

West Newton Cemetery

Rostraver Township, Westmoreland County, PA

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     Taken from the Westmoreland County Historical Society Cemetery Index: On January 31, 1852, a meeting was held in the Little Round School House in West Newton to purchase a piece of ground for burial purposes.  A committee organized for the purpose subsequently reported that they had selected a site on the west bank of the Youghiogheny River.  Approval was given to purchase two acres of land.  The cemetery grounds were dedicated on August 13, 1853.  On April 20, 1978, the West Newton Cemetery Association opened an area of thirty acres toward the south end of the cemetery.  Since the beginning of the cemetery it has expanded to eighty acres.  The West Newton Cemetery Board operates the site.

     DIRECTIONS TO THE CEMETERY: From West Main Street in West Newton (SR 136) turn onto Vernon Drive.  The entrance to the cemetery is 0.5 miles on the left.  (You will come to the Exit of the cemetery well before you come to the entrance).

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Comini, Leon, 1881 - 1941, Husband, (contributed by Rod Carnahan)

Comini, Ida M., 1887 - 1955, Wife, (contributed by Rod Carnahan)

Neth, John B., d. 28 Jul 1876, aged 63Y 10M 23D, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Schwindling, Marion V., 1916 - 1992, (contributed by Brenda Shawley)

Schwindling, Mathew J., 1912 - 1985, (contributed by Brenda Shawley)

Shawley, Bert W., ASM US Navy, World War II, 1922 - 1975, (contributed by Brenda Shawley)

Shawley, Clarence Singer, 1924 - 1975, PFC, US Army, W.W.2, (contributed by Brenda Shawley)

Shawley, Ella H., 1925 - 1973, beloved wife, (contributed by Brenda Shawley)

Werner, Alfred, 1922 - 1923, Son, (contributed by Rod Carnahan)

Werner, Fred, 1867 - 1945, Father, (contributed by Rod Carnahan)

Werner, Fred, 1887 - 1945, Son, (contributed by Rod Carnahan)

Werner, Katherine, 1869 - 1962, Mother, (contributed by Rod Carnahan)

Werner, Katherine C., 19 Sep 1941 - 21 Sep 1941, (contributed by Rod Carnahan)

Wingo, John Clifford, 1906 - 1974, (contributed by Rod Carnahan)

Wingo, Irene M. (Comini), 1915 - 1993, (contributed by Rod Carnahan)

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