Westmoreland County, PA

St. Johns Union Cemetery

a.k.a. - St. John Lutheran and Reformed-Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

a.k.a. - Kintigh's Cemetery

a.k.a. - Kindig's Cemetery

Mt. Pleasant Township, Westmoreland County, PA

(partial survey)

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(photos contributed by Jacque Boyd)

     DIRECTIONS TO CEMETERY:  From Mt. Pleasant, travel north on Rt 981 to the Middle Presbyterian Church.

     Taken from Westmoreland County Historical Society Cemetery Index:  "There were Lutheran and Reformed church members in Mt. PLeasant as early as the 1770's.  There being no church there, the majority of them probably attended services at St. Paul's churches near Trauger.  As communities in the area developed, a number of members began holding services in homes.  One site was the barn of Daniel Kindig.  A church was eventually erected thereby.  It was originally a Lutheran-Reformed Union congregation, and was commonly called "Kindig's Church".   Being located midway between Harrolds, Brush Creek and the Greensburg churches of the North and the Ligonier, Donegal and East Huntingdon churches to the south and east, the church, along with the nearby Presbyterian churches became known as the "middle churches".

     In [1791] the Reformed members formed a separate congregation under Rev. William Weinel.  Two years later the Lutherans, led by Pastor Jonas Mechling, also formed their own congregation.  By 1861, both congregations were known as St. John's.  There is a burial grounds located at the site of the early church."

Tombstone Images

(partial survey)

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Beistel, David F., 22 Mar 1839 - 23 Mar 1904, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Beistel, Hannah, 12 Jun 1836 - 23 Jun 1902, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Beistel, Infant Sons, s/o D.F. & H., Our Babes, the angels called them, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Beistel, David Orvis, 1873 - 1956, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Beistel, Laura May, 1872 - 1950, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Beistel, Isaac, s/o J. & M., d. 18 Aug 1871, aged 28Y 7M 21D, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Hillis, Alice Gongaware, 1856 - 1945, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Hillis, Millard F., 1852 - 1919, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Hillis, Warren Grant, h/o Alvie Catharine, 1869 - 1952, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Hillis, Alvie Catharine, w/o Warren Grant, 1871 - 1934, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Hillis, Hannah Catharine, d/o Warren Grant, 1903 - 1919, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Hillis, William G., 1879 - 1957, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Hillis, Nettie B., 1878 - 1969, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

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