Westmoreland County, PA

Sewickley United Presbyterian Cemetery

a.k.a. - Red Brick Church Cemetery

a.k.a. - Sewickley Union Cemetery

a.k.a. Old Brick Cemetery

a.k.a. - Dick's Brick Cemetery

Sewickley Township, Westmoreland County, PA

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(contributed by Bill Plack)

     Taken from the Westmoreland County Historical Society Cemetery Index: The Sewickley United Presbyterian Church was founded in 1792.  Although there were members in the area prior to that time, meetings were held in tents and buildings.  The Sewickley Union Cemetery serves the church.  It is said to contain the grave of a girl slain and scalped in the Indian uprising of 1782.  It is believe that the church shared a pastor with Old Sewickley Presbyterian from 1779 - 1787 when the relationship was disrupted over the site of the new church.  In 1807 a log building was erected at the site, which was replaced by a brick building in 1832.  The Sewickley Union Cemetery takes care of the burials in the cemetery associated with the church.

     DIRECTIONS TO CEMETERY: On the West Newton - Herminie Road not far from Hutchinson.

Tombstone Images

(partial survey)

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Barr, John Jr., d. 11 Aug 1834, aged 30Y 10M 8D, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Baxter, Jane, consort of Robert, d. 07 Sep 1846, in the 92 Year, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Biggs, Andrew Sr., d. 02 Feb 1853, in the 76 Year, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Boyd, Major John, d. 12 Feb 1815, in the 54 Year, Revolutionary War Veteran, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Boyd, Margaret, consort of W. Sr., d. 14 Nov 1814, aged 57Y, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Boyd, Theodosia, consort of John, d. 29 Mar 1838, aged 23Y 11M, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Campbell, Col. John, d. 31 Jan 1821, in the 53 Year, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Campbell, Margaret, d. 05 Jul 1817, in the 45 Year of her age, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Cochran, Mary Oliver, w/o William, d. 24 Oct 1863, in the 62 Year, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Goudy, Elizabeth, d. 23 Oct 1836, aged 2Y 9M 3D, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Hanna, Robert, d. 16 Nov 1844, aged 92Y, put up by Joseph Hanna, Revolutionary War flag marker, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Husband, F. J., 15 Aug 1825 - 14 Oct 1913, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Husband, H. M., 20 Oct 1830 - 22 Mar 1891, Father, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Johnston, Matw., d. 10 Apr 1837, in the 60 Year, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Kelley, Robert W., d. 26 Apr 1839, aged 26Y 7M 2D, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Kelly, Elisabeth, w/o Adam Sr., d. 26 Mar 1853, in the 81 Year, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Kelly, Samuel M., d. 21 Aug 1850, in the 35 Year, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Latta, Ephraim, 1823 - 1906, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Latta, Jane Dick, His Wife, 1836 - 1924, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Marshall, Elizabeth, w/o John, 24 Dec 1852, in the 66 Year, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Marshall, John, d. 12 Aug 1848, in the 66 Year, GAR flag marker?, (contributed by Bill Plack)

McClintick, Eleanor, consort of Wm., d. 25 Mar 1824, in the 10 Year, (contributed by Bill Plack)

McClure, James, d. 06 Aug 1821, in the 73 Year, (contributed by Bill Plack)

McIntire, John, d. 06 May 1871, aged 75Y, (contributed by Bill Plack)

McMillan, Andrew, 01 Jan 1801 - 01 Nov 1851, in the 50 Year, (contributed by Bill Plack)

McMillan, Elisabeth, w/o James, 05 Jun 1850, aged 71Y, (contributed by Bill Plack)

McMillan, James, d. 13 Apr 1842, aged 68Y, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Milligan, James C., d. 04 Jan 1886, aged 34Y 6M 22D, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Milligan, John B., s/o W.T. & R.A., member of the ? Pa Cav, died in Huntsville, Ala 12 Feb 1865 in the 22nd year of his age, GAR flag marker, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Milligan, Mary, relict of John Sr., d. 06 Jan 1843, in the 93 Year, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Milligan, Rosanna, w/o James, d. 27 Feb 1846, aged 26Y ?M, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Niscewonger, Fanny Jane, w/o Daniel, d. 18 Apr 1881, aged 65Y 7M 14D, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Niswonger, Daniel F., 21 Oct 1845 - 23 Jul 1904, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Oliver, Andrew, d. 28 Sep 1807, in the 67 Year, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Pinkerton, James, d. 04 Sep 1811, aged 58Y, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Shearer, Margaret Marshell, d. of Scarlet Fever 15 May 1843, aged 4Y 2M 1D, (contributed by Bill Plack)

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