Westmoreland County, PA

Sewickley Presbyterian Cemetery

South Huntingdon Township, Westmoreland County, PA

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(contributed by Bill Plack)

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(partial survey)

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Bell, Elizabeth Markle, d. 04 Apr 1836, aged 5Y 6M, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Bell, Margaret, consort of James, 18 May 1799 - 10 Mar 1843, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Bell, William, d. 17 Aug 1839, aged 57Y, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Caldwell, James B., d. 12 Dec 1836, in the 3rd Year, s/o William & Nancy, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Caldwell, William C., 08 Dec 1836, in the 2nd Year, s/o William & Nancy, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Carothers, John C., 02 Jul 1847, aged 67Y, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Fulton, Elisabeth, d. 22 Jun 1823, in the 28 Year, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Fulton, Robert, d. 10 Mar 1820, aged 67Y 6M, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Fulton, Susanah, d. 19 Sep 1826, aged 1Y 14D, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Gibson, Margaret, consort, William, d. 14 Jun 1847, in the 75 Year, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Gipson, William, d. 02 Dec 1818, aged 61Y 8M 14D, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Hartley, Robert, d. 18 Jul 1824, aged 69Y, Revolutionary War flag marker, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Hepler, Ruth, consort of Jacob, d. 23 Aug 1839, in the 33 Year, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Hibben, Isabella, d. 18 Jan 1834, in the 23 Year, , (contributed by Bill Plack)

Hunter, Margaret, d. 04 Feb 1828, in the 73 Year, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Jones, George Plumer, d. 24 Sep 1828 with a scald, aged 7Y 25D, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Lloyd, Horatio, d. 12 Sep 1827, in the 29 Year, (contributed by Bill Plack)

McAfee, Joseph, d. 06 Sep 1843, aged 36Y 6M 20D, (contributed by Bill Plack)

McAfee, Mary, d. 20 Mar 1840, aged 25Y 8M 20D, (contributed by Bill Plack)

McClintick, Henry, d. 01 Mar 1826, aged 101Y, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Morrow, Hetty, consort of Abraham, d. 08 Mar 1840, aged 27Y, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Morton, David, d. 05 Mar 1823, aged 53Y, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Neaff, Nancy, d. 04 Dec 1838, aged 1Y 7M, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Plumer, Elisha J. Elliott, d. 22 Apr 1830, aged 4D, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Plumer, Elizabeth, late consort of John C., d. 16 Oct 1827, in the 38 Year, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Plumer, Hon. Geo., 05 Dec 1762 - 08 Jun 1843, Revolutionary War flag marker, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Plumer, Geor. C., s/o J.C. & E.P., d. 17 Jan 1821, aged 4M 5D, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Plumer, Joseph P., d. 22 Aug 1832, aged 17Y 4M 27D(contributed by Bill Plack)

Plumer, Margaret L., d/o J.C.P & E.P., d. 02 Sep 1821, aged 3Y 7M 17D, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Roatharmel, Hannah, consort of Daniel, d. 02 May 1834, age 29Y 6M, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Robertson, Thomas, d. 22 Jan 1870, aged 86Y 4M 5D, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Robertson, Jane Mitchell, w/o Thomas, d. 18 Jul 1861, in the 81? Year, (contributed by Kari Dorrian)

Robertson, John, s/o Thomas & Jennie, d. 05 Dec 1893, aged 21 Y 11M 8D, (contributed by Kari Dorrian)

Robertson, Martha T., w/o Wm., d. 17 Mar 1883, aged 67Y 4?M 24D, [d/o Jacob Weaver & Mary Thompson], (contributed by Kari Dorrian)

Robertson, Hattie Ella, d/o Wm. & Martha T., d. 01 Sep 1884, aged 26Y 5M 17D, (contributed by Kari Dorrian)

Robertson, Wm., d. 15 Mar 1876, aged 62Y 4M 11D, (contributed by Kari Dorrian)

Robertson, Mary Jane, 1837 - 1909, [d/o Wm & Martha], (contributed by Kari Dorrian)

Robertson, Jacob, s/o Thomas, d. (10 Apr?) 1826, 20 days, (contributed by Kari Dorrian)

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