Westmoreland County, PA

Puckety United Presbyterian Cemetery

a.k.a.- United Presbyterian - Puckety Cemetery

a.k.a. - Puckety Creek Cemetery

a.k.a. - Puckety Presbyterian Cemetery

Lower Burrell Township, Westmoreland County, PA

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     Taken from the Westmoreland County Historical Society Cemetery Index: First burial 1816.  At the site of an old log church.

     DIRECTIONS TO CEMETERY: From Route 56 in Lower Burrell, take Puckety Church Road.  Pass Puckety Church and Burrell High School on the left and Burrell Junior High School on the right.  Go past Elena Avenue to the cemetery on the right.

Tombstone Images

(partial survey)

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Bryan, David H., 1853 - 1920, (contributed by Floyd Mitman)

Bryan, Eliza, 11 Oct 1880, (contributed by Floyd Mitman)

Bryan, Ellen, 1858 - 1915, (contributed by Floyd Mitman)

Bryan, H. M., 16 Sep 1899, (contributed by Floyd Mitman)

Bryan, Harry E., 1863 - 1935, (contributed by Floyd Mitman)

Bryan, John, Jr., 1853 - 1922, (contributed by Floyd Mitman)

Bryan, John, Sr., 1801 - 1891, (contributed by Floyd Mitman)

Bryan, Lizzie M., 1860 - 1925, (contributed by Floyd Mitman)

Bryan, Mary K., 1855 - 1917, (contributed by Floyd Mitman)

Bryan, Nancy McLaughlin, 1813 - 1894, (contributed by Floyd Mitman)

Bryan, Nathaniel, 1808 - 1890, (contributed by Floyd Mitman)

Bryan, Rosie A., 1868 - 1932, (contributed by Floyd Mitman)

Remaley, Elsie, 1870 - 1937, (contributed by Floyd Mitman)

Remaley, Harry, 1857 - 1944, (contributed by Floyd Mitman)

Ryan, Gertrude Bryan, 1896 - 1970, (contributed by Floyd Mitman)

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