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Old Zion Lutheran Cemetery

a.k.a. - Mt. Zion Cemetery

a.k.a. - Swopes Cemetery

East Huntingdon Township, Westmoreland County, PA

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(contributed by Ellis Michaels)


Map of Old Zion Cemetery


Transcription of Tombstones taken in 1927

(contributed by Nancy Garsteck

Taken from History of the County of Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, edited by George Dallas Albert, L.H. Everts & Co., 1882


     This congregation was formerly known by the name of " Schwabs," afterwards changed to Swopes. The name was taken from that of a family in the neighborhood. The name of the family was doubtless derived from the country in Germany from which they came,Das Schwaben Land. The congregation is now called " Zion's."  The church is located four miles southwest of Mount Pleasant, about two hundred yards to the right of Ragentown road, and nearly four miles northwest of Scottdale. It was organized about 1789, but no records are accessible prior to 1822. A log church which stood in the graveyard on the right of the road was used for many years as a place of worship. A brick church was built on the opposite side of the road, on land donated by Jacob Leighty, about 1862. It is a neat, comfortable, and substantial edifice. In the summer of 1872 the in side received a coat of paint, the chancel was completed and carpeted, and other improvements added. It was organized by Rev. John William Weber, and afterwards served by Revs. William Weinel, H. E. F. Voight, L. H. Keafauver, F. K. Levan, C.C. Russell, J. A. Peters, A. J. Heller, and D. B. Lady.  Mr. Weinel took charge in 1817, and continued as pastor until 1825, the last year in which record of his communions are found. At the communion held July 15, 1825, Rev. Nicholas P. Hacke, D.D., officiated, and at those of April 19 and Nov. 22, 1829, Rev. C. Zwidler officiated. These are the only communions held, or at least the only ones recorded, between 1824, when Rev. Weinel held his last, and 1835, when Rev. Voight held his first one. It is probable that there was no stated preaching between 1825 and 1835. Mr. Voight preached here until 1864. From 1858 to 1860, Rev. L. H. Keafauver was English supply, holding a service in this language once every two months. In 1860 Rev. C. C. Russell succeeded him, who was followed in 1861 by Rev. F. K. Levan, who continued in the office of English supply or assistant pastor until 1864, when, Father Voight being disabled, the congregation became part of the newly-formed Mount Pleasant charge, and was placed under the sole pastoral care of Rev. J. A. Peters. Under the ministry of Rev. William Weinel, especially from 1822 to 1825,  the congregation seems to have enjoyed a season of great prosperity. In 1822 twenty-three persons were confirmed. Two years afterwards there were twenty-five more. In 1835 forty-five communed at one time. During the interregnum from 1825 to 1835 the congregation became necessarily much scattered. At the communion held by Rev. C. Zwidler in 1829 twenty-eight persons communed, including nine who were confirmed on the occasion. The communicants during Rev. H. E. F. Voight's ministry ranged from ten to thirty-two, when the congregation numbered from forty to fifty. English services were first introduced into the congregation by Rev. Kefauver in 1858. The following year a class of fifteen were confirmed, and the congregation took a new lease of life. In December, 1865, under the pastorate of Rev. Peters, eight were confirmed, and in May of same year forty-one communed.
     In May, 1871, Rev. Heller being pastor, three persons were confirmed and thirty-four communed. The number of confirmations under the pastorate of Rev. Lady up to 1877 were twenty, and the highest number present at one communion thirty-nine. The congregation then number forty-eight confirmed and twenty-five unconfirmed members, with the following consistory: Elders, Peter Steinman, Jacob Leighty, Sr., M. J. Leighty; Deacons, M. M. Leighty, Jacob Felgar, and George S. Lowe.  Its flourishing Sunday-school numbers about one hundred teachers and scholars, of which for several years M. M. and J. R. Leighty were the superintendents.

(contributed by Nancy Garsteck


Taken from the Westmoreland County Historical Society Cemetery Index:

     As early as the mid 1770's a church which consisted of both Lutherans and Reformed members were worshiping in the area.  By 1792, when the first church records are available it is likely that a log school house was also used for worship.  A cemetery was developed next to it.  Since earliest times the church was known by the name Schwabs/Swopes.  Eventually a new church was built across the road.  Still later, the two church groups went their separate ways.  While the congregations [as] originally formed have ceased operations, the property is in the possession of "Swopes Zion Church, a Pa. non-profit corporation."

     DIRECTIONS TO CHURCH:  From Reagantown, take 981 North.  Make left onto Zion Church Road.  Cemetery is about 200 yards on right.

     Cemetery is currently administered by:

Zion Cemetery
c/o Sandy Lash
#10 High Street
Scottdale, PA 15683
(724) 887-2858

Tombstone Images

printer friendly text transcription of Tombstone Inscriptions

0.5 meter ruler used for scale

Bauder, Margaret, d. 15 Mar 1817, aged 57Y 11M, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Boders, Jacob, d. 01 Mar 1842, aged 72Y 11M 20D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Bouther, Anna Marie, (view 2), Apr 1817? - 19 Oct 1836?, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Brake, Susana Katharine, consort of Phillip, 20 Jan 1758 - 23 May 1842, aged 84Y 3M 3D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Brchinmer, Elisabeth, d. 1804, age 74Y 2M, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Brown, Mary, d. 29 Aug 1844, aged 54Y 3M 9D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Bryan, Abraham, (view 2), d. 14 Jul 1833, aged 50Y 4M 26D(contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Bryan, Barbara, (view 2 , 3), 05 Oct 1824 - 18 May 1845, age 30Y 7M 13D(contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Bryan, Cyrus E., (view 2), 03 May 1844 - 09 Sep 1844, aged 4M 6D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Bryan, Samuel, (view 2), 19 Jul 1812 - 22 Mar 1899, aged 86Y 8M 3D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Bryan, Mary, (view 2), d. 03 Dec 1880, aged 64Y 7M 8D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Cope, Daniel, (view 2), d. 12 Sep 184?, aged 28Y 6M 12D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Cope, Elizabeth, (view 2), d. 03 Oct 1844, aged 39Y 11M 21D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

DABR, aged 96?, 1795, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Felger, Jacob, d. 23 Sep 1853, aged 86Y 5M 23D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Felger, Margaret, w/o Jacob, d. Mar 1847?, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Frets, Hannah, (view 2), 01 Feb 1822 - 27 Mar 1842, aged 20Y 1M 26D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Fulmer, Hesterann, d/o H. & H., d. 13 Mar 1864, aged 16Y 10M 13D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Fulmer, Joseph, (view 2), d. 22 Jan 1840?, aged 4Y, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Fulmer, Mary, d. 18 Feb 1840, aged 2Y 22D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Gardiner, Mary, d. 28 Jan 1847, aged 74Y 13D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Hill, Barbara, (view 2 , 3), 1745 - 1817, aged 72Y, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Leichtley, Christina, d. 02 Jan 1815, aged 21Y 3M 14D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Lichte, Marcus, 03 Apr 1766 - 15 Jun 1848, aged 82Y 2M 12D(contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Lichti, Barbara, w/o M., illegible, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Linn, Elexander, d. Feb 18??, aged 8M, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Linn, Mary Ann, d. 01 Nov 1838, aged 8Y 8M 6D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Long, Jacob, (view 2), d. 28 Jul 1836, aged 54Y 3D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Lowe, George, (view 2 , 3 , 4 , 5), d. 07 Mar 1882, aged 85Y 2M 22D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Lowe, Infant, (view 2), s/o G.L. & M.L., d. 05 Oct 1876, aged 14D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Lowe, Infant, (view 2), s/o G.L. & M.L., d. 13 Oct 1873, aged 1M 19D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Moore, Gertrude, (view 2), 27 Jul 1877 - 04 Feb 1881, d/o Franklin & Margaret, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Myers, Sarah Ann, (view 2, 3), consort of John, d/o Daniel & Mary Frances Tarr, 23 Jan 1810 - 03 Dec 1844, Memento Mori emblem, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Null, Elen N., (view 2 , 3), consort of Joseph, d. 01 Apr 1833, aged 25Y 3M 12D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Null, Henry, d. 09 Oct 1845, aged 62Y 5M 16D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Null, Jemima, (view 2), d. 05 Jun 1821, aged 1Y 2M, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Null, Philip, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, d. 25 May 1843, aged 25Y 10M 26D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Patterson, Dr. A. H., d. 18 Nov 1854, in the 40th Year, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Patterson, Infant, c/o Dr. A.H. & J.E., d. 1826, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Patterson, Infant, c/o Dr. A.H. & J.E., d. 1826, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Patterson, Jane Eliza, consort of Dr. A.H., d. 01 Dec 1828, in the 24th Year, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Pool, John, 08 Apr 1821 - 25 May 1843, age 22Y 1M 17D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Pool, John, d. 03 Jun 1836, aged 25Y 4M 23D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Pool, Peter, (view 2 , 3), 25 Dec 1786 - 14 Feb 1845, aged 58Y 1M 21D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Ryan, John J., 1845 - 1919, 103 Reg PA Vol, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Ryan, Leah, His Wife, 1842 - 1917, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Ryan, Lawrence, s/o J.J. & L., d. 04 Mar 1891, aged 13Y 5M, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Ryan, Louisa Florence, d/o J.J. & L., d. 11 Oct 1878, aged 9Y 8M 7D(contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Ryan, Jennie May, d/o J.J. & L., d. 04 Oct 1878, aged 7Y 10M 16D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Ryan, Willie Elroy, s/o J.J. & L., d. 14 Oct 1878, aged 5Y 11M 29D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Schneider, Johannes, (view 2), 25 Mar 1745 - 22 Nov 1814, aged 71Y 7M 27D, (contributed by Bill Plack)

Shaffer, Mary Ellen, (view 2), d/o J.W. & C.A., d. 30 Sep 1867, aged 8M 10D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Shaffer, Wilson, (view 2), s/o J.W. & C.A., d. 11 Sep 1867, aged 5Y 11M 2?D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Shupe, Jacob L., (view 2), 1803 - 1873, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Shupe, Margarett, (view 2), 1810 - 1899, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Shupe, Lawrence, (view 2), d. 24 Jul 1833, aged 74Y 6M, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Shupe, Catharine, (view 2), consort of Lawrence, d. 25 Jan 1850, aged 83Y 3M 1D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Snider, Henry, d. 13 Nov 1814, aged 23Y 7M 10D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Snider, Mary, d. 13 Jan 1815, aged 26Y 6M 24D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Suder, Barbara, w/o Joseph, illegible, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Suter, Henry, d. 21 May 1827, aged 41Y 6M 5D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Suter, J. Mechling, d. 24 Jan 1840, aged 5Y 2M 6D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Suter, Joseph, 1750 - 08 Apr 1834, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Tarr, Alexander, (view 2), d. 07 Mar 1896, aged 70Y 8M 11D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Tarr, Louisa M. F., (view 2), w/o Alexander, d. 26 Apr 1871, age 42Y 6M 5D, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Tarr, Collin C., (view 2 , 3 , 4 , 5), s/o Daniel & M. F., 27 Dec 1796 - 20 Oct 1842, Memento Mori emblem, (contributed by John Tarr and Ellis Michaels)

Tarr, Alexander H., (view 2 , 3), s/o Daniel & M. F., 22 Jan 1804 - 28 Nov 1824, Memento Mori emblem, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Tarr, Daniel, d. 22 Jan 1852, in the 83rd Year, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Tarr, Mary F., w/o Daniel, d. 16 Oct 1851, in the 77 year, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Wever, Joseph, (view 2), d. 15 Apr 1838, aged 67Y 3M, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

White, Eve, (view 2), d. 26 Mar 1829, in the 86th year, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

Young, Susannah, relict of William, d. 10 Mar 1842, in the 68th year, (contributed by Ellis Michaels)

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