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Old Hanna's Town Cemetery

Hempfield Township, Westmoreland County, PA

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General Overview Map of Old Hanna's Town Cemetery

General Cemetery Views - 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6

     Cemetery is one of the oldest graveyards in the county.  Hanna's town was the original county seat for Westmoreland County, dating from 1773.  The earliest mention of the cemetery is in 1779.  Cemetery was abandoned after Hanna's Town was burned in 1782.  There is a great deal of uncertainty as to it's original size, and currently only a small area with a few tombstones is all that remains. 
     The Westmoreland County Historical Society now oversees the preservation of the Hanna's Town physical heritage.  The cemetery area was researched by the Historical Society in the past.  The archives maintained at the Hanna's Town site contain several boxes of undressed field stones, which upon close inspection reveal faint evidence of basic and simple ornamentation and simple inscription.

   Directions to Cemetery:
     1.  From Monroeville, take PA-22 East for 13.4 miles.
     2.  Make right onto PA-819 South for 4.1 miles.
     3.  Make left onto Forbes Road for 1.2 miles.
     4.  Cemetery is on the right on hill just before Old Hanna's Town.

GPS COORDINATES (dd mm.mmm):
     Lat- N 40 20.689'
     Long- W 079 30.626'
     Elev- 1240'

Tombstone Photos contributed by Ellis Michaels

Tombstone Images

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0.5 meter ruler used for scale

Bell, Robert, (view 2), 1841 - 1915

Mason, Kizia, (view 2 , 3), 31 Oct 18??

Stephenson, Mary, (view 2 , 3), 12 Apr 1813, aged 56Y

Stephenson, S., (view 2), illegible

Unknown #01, (view 2 , 3)

Unknown #02, (view 2 , 3)

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