Westmoreland County, PA

Laurel Hill Cemetery

Laughlintown, Ligonier Township, Westmoreland County, PA

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(photo contributed by Jacque Boyd)

     DIRECTIONS TO CEMETERY: From Ligonier, follow Rt 30 East to Laughlintown.  At the Compass Inn, turn left  onto LR 64060/Glenn Hall Avenue.  Follow road, and at "Y" intersection, bear left onto Horner Hill Road/Mill Street.  The cemetery is 1 mile from Rt 30, on the left.

     Taken from Westmoreland County Historical Society Cemetery Index:  In the spring of 1896 the citizens living near Laughlintown broached the subject of having a cemetery.  A desirable location was found about one mile away on property owned to the Armor family heirs.  With the support of the local citizens, the property was purchased and surveyed, with lots being offered for sale.  The name was agreed upon and the first burial took place in March, 1897.

Tombstone Images

(partial survey)

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Clark, Beulah L., 1897 - 1898, (contributed by Beverly Andrews)

Clark, Edna I., 1911 - 1971, (contributed by Beverly Andrews)

Clark, Israel T., 1866 - 1952, (contributed by Beverly Andrews)

Clark, Jennie R., 1904 - 1994, (contributed by Beverly Andrews)

Clark, John E., 1904 - 1977, (contributed by Beverly Andrews)

Clark, Joseph W., 1828 - 1908, (contributed by Beverly Andrews)

Clark, Louella, 1875 - 1944, (contributed by Beverly Andrews)

Clark, Louisa, 1843 - 1932, (contributed by Beverly Andrews)

Clark, Mird J., 09 Feb 1941, (contributed by Beverly Andrews)

Clark, Walter G., 1901 - 1976, (contributed by Beverly Andrews)

Ray, Wilbert E., 17 Aug 1929 - 22 Oct 2006, Korea War flag marker, (contributed by Jacque Boyd )

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