Westmoreland County, PA

Green Mountain Cemetery

Ligonier Township, Westmoreland County, PA

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(photo contributed by Jacque Boyd)

     DIRECTIONS TO CEMETERY: From the Diamond in Ligonier, drive on Rt 711 North for 2.6 miles.  Bear right onto Rt 271 North.  Continue beyond Ann Roberts Road for 2.5 miles to the cemetery.

     Taken from the Westmoreland County Historical Society Cemetery Guide:  There are two cemeteries at the site, with Green Mountain being the older.  The other, which is on the right when facing the the cemeteries, in Menoher Memorial.  Green Mountain was organized on December 30, 1892.  At the time, the cemetery was laid out in fourteen sections.  The cost of the lots were $1, with payments being made on time or by working off the debt.  A potters field was set aside for the poor.  When this cemetery became full, Menoher Memorial was added next to it.

Tombstone Images

(partial survey)

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Penrod, Eva E., 1878 - 1935, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Penrod, John H., 1882 - 1975, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Penrod, Joseph, 10 Dec 1880 - 23 Nov 1974, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Penrod, Loyd L., 1886 - 1971, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Penrod, Louella, His Wife, 1887 - 1918, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Wolford, Gloria J., 1935 - 1969, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Wolford, John A., 09 Feb 1865 - 29 Dec 1949, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Wolford, Agnes M., 28 Jan 1870 - 24 Nov 1951, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Wolford, William E., 1876 - 1950, Minister in the Home Church 1902 - 1946, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

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