Westmoreland County, PA

Fairmont United Presbyterian Cemetery

a.k.a. - Donegal Associate Presbyterian Cemetery

a.k.a. - Donegal United Presbyterian

Cook Township, Westmoreland County, PA

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     DIRECTIONS TO CEMETERY:  From Rt. 30 in Ligonier, take SR 711 south for about 6.5 miles.  Turn right onto SR 2033, and drive 0.1 mile to cemetery on right, adjoining Fairmont United Presbyterian Church.

     Taken from the Westmoreland County Historical Society Cemetery Index:  As early as 1762 Presbyterians living in the area requested someone to preach While this request went unheeded, by 1774 Rev. Smith was chose as first minister of the congregation.  He was one of four circuit riders traveling and preaching at the time.  From 1775 thru 1801 supply ministers served the congregation.  After a number of years of uncertainty as to the ministry, with various men serving, Rev. Joseph Scroggs became Pastor in 1815 and served until 1872.  During the ministry of Rev. Scroggs the original log building used as a church was replaced by a new one at the same site.

     After the death of Dr. Scroggs the congregation was served by supply ministers until 1886 when Dr. George Vincent became Pastor.  It was during his ministry that the name of the church was changed from Donegal to Fairmont.  The cemetery is located at the rear of the church.

Tombstone Images

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Campbell, Alex., 19? Jul 1876, aged 86?Y, (contributed by Donna Mohney)

Campbell, Margaret A., 1840 - 1896, (contributed by Donna Mohney)

Campbell, Matthew, Sgt CO C 84 PA INF, GAR Flag Marker, (contributed by Donna Mohney)

Columbus, Melvin C., 11 Mar 1922 - 30 Jul 1970, WWII flag marker, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Columbus, Glea E., 18 Sep 1924 - 20 Jul 1988, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Fooks, Elaine M. Larimer, 03 Jul 1908 - 06 Apr 1987, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Fooks, Ernest Stroyer, 18 Jan 1900 - 08 Sep 1981, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Gettemy, Agnes, (view 2), w/o Jacob, 04 May 1823 - 28 Sep 1870, (contributed by Donna Mohney)

Gettemy, Jacob, (view 2), 01 Aug 1893, aged 67Y 10M, 10D, (contributed by Donna Mohney)

Gettemy, William, Sr., 1751 - 1836, (contributed by Donna Mohney)

Gettemy, Sarah Williams, w/o William, Sr., (contributed by Donna Mohney)

Gettemy, William, Jr., 1800 - 1884, (contributed by Donna Mohney)

Gettemy, Catherine Brindle, 1st w/o William Jr., (contributed by Donna Mohney)

Gettemy, Martha Campbell, 2nd w/o William, Jr., (contributed by Donna Mohney)

Gettemy, Katherine Elizabeth, 22 Jan 1855 - 10 Jun 1941, (contributed by Donna Mohney)

Hunter, Kenneth F., USAAF WWII, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Hunter, Marian S., nee Sillaman, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Iwaniec, Kenten, 1983 - 2008, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Larimer, Ivan M., 1902 - 1975, (contributed by Donna Mohney)

Larimer, Zella M., 1904 2001, (contributed by Donna Mohney)

Larimer, Priscilla, 1881 - 1971, (contributed by Donna Mohney)

Monticue, Raymond L., Sr.,  25 May 1909 - 20 May 1991, (contributed by Donna Mohney)

Monticue, Opal M., 11 Aug 1910 - 11 April 1993, (contributed by Donna Mohney)

Shaffer, Eliza, w/o John, d. 27 Jun 1845, aged 41Y 5M 25D, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Shaffer, John, d. 13 Nov 1863, in the 77th year of his age, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

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