Westmoreland County, PA

Brandt Lutheran and Reformed Cemetery

a.k.a. - St. James Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery

a.k.a. - Ried Lutheran Cemetery

Ligonier Township, Westmoreland County, PA

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     DIRECTIONS TO CEMETERY:  From Rt 30 in Ligonier, take SR 711 south about 2.1 miles.  Turn right onto SR 2045 and drive 0.3 miles to a bridge.  Just after the bridge turn right onto a dirt road, then walk to the cemetery.  (the turnoff is near the Ligonier Country Club)

     Taken from the Westmoreland County Historical Society Cemetery Index:  There is no evidence of organized Lutheran or Reformed churches in the Ligonier Valley prior to 1816, although there were undoubtedly some baptisms that took place as early as the 1770's.  The Brandt Union church (Lutheran and Reformed) was originally composed of about equal representations of each denomination.  It was originally in Donegal Township, but later became part of Ligonier Township.  The union congregation evolved into St. James Lutheran Church, with the Reformed congregation being absorbed in 1880.  The cemetery adjoined the church property.

     John Brandt and his family came from Amdterdam and settled on a 300 acre farm about 2 miles south of Fort Ligonier.  Tradition states that Lutheran and Reformed services were held at the farm.  By 1820, a log church had been built at the site with an accompanying cemetery.  The oldest surviving tombstones bear the date of 1799.  The congregation later moved to Ligonier and services were discontinued at Brandt's church.

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Ambrose, Frederick, (view 2), 04 May 173? - 29 Jul 1821, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

Ambrose, Margaret, (view 2), 01 Jan 1742 - 11 Sep 1809, (contributed by Jacque Boyd)

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