Washington County Postcards
Contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives.
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Washington County Archives
Graphic by Judy Banja.
Copyright 2004.  All rights reserved

Washington County Courthouse

Washington Co. Courthouse
contributed by Carol Mounts


Washington Hotel

Washington Hotel
contributed by Carol Mounts


Old Washington High School

1908 Old Washington High School on West Beau Street. Contributed by Carol Mounts

Trinity Hight School

1938 Trinity High School
on Park Ave. Contributed by Carol Mounts


City Hospital

1920 City Hospital. Contributed by Carol Mounts


Washington Hospital

1945 Washington Hospital  at 155 Wilson Ave. Contributed by Carol Mounts

Old Washington Hospital

1917 Old Washington Hospital on Atcheson Ave. Contributed by Carol Mounts

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach 1940. Contributed by Carol Mounts


S Bridge 1924

S Bridge 1924 is about 5 miles west of Washington. Contributed by Carol Mounts


Trolley. Contributed by Midge (Ryan) Doucet.

1907Wsem.jpg (24613 bytes)

Washington Seminary in 1907. East Maiden Street. Contributed by Carol Mounts

auldhotel.jpg (29466 bytes)

The old Auld Hotel around 1910-20  (corner of Main and
Wheeling Streets.) Contributed by Carol Mounts

1908po.jpg (15611 bytes)

1908 Post Office on East Maiden Street . From the collection of Carol Mounts

1908emaid.jpg (29872 bytes)

1908 East Maiden St. looking toward east. Carol Mounts collection.

1908nmls.jpg (29289 bytes)

1908 North Main St. looking south. Carol Mounts collection.

1908jeffave.jpg (17302 bytes)

1908 Jefferson Ave. From Carol Mounts.

1909bost.jpg (18316 bytes)

1909 Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Station (South Main St. - West side of street). Carol Mounts collection.

1907wwrr.jpg (19172 bytes)

1907  Pennsylvania Station Washington to Waynesburg (old Waynie).  South Main Street ( East side of street). Contributed by Carol Mounts


1909se1.jpg (18249 bytes)

1919 Seventh Ward School. Contributed by Carol Mounts.

ymca.jpg (50033 bytes)

YMCA and Court Theater on West Chestnut street, From Carol Mount's Collection.

parochial.jpg (58468 bytes)

Parochial High School at corner of West Chestnut and North Franklin St. Contributed by Carol Mounts

birdseye.jpg (34537 bytes)

Birdseye view - Washington  PA. Contributed by Christina Hunt.