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Sugar Grove Township, Warren County, PA

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Fox, Alice, 1840 - 1842

Fox, Betsey, 1812 - 1895

Fox, William M., 15 Apr 1852, aged 42y 4m 2d

Fox, W. Z., 1850 - 1874

Jaquay, James L., s/o Joshua & Mary Ann, 19 Mar 1850, aged 4Y 15D

Jaquay, Lenora E., d/o Joshua S. & Mary A., 12 Apr 1850, aged 2Y 1M 2D

Jaquay, Martha, w/o Joshua Died (????) aged ??Y 5M 25D

Jaquay, Prudence, w/o George A., 16 Jul 1822 - 11 Sep 1848

Messenger, Hiram, 21 Jan 1850, aged 38Y

Phillips, Dimetree, s/o ? & ?, 01 Oct 1850, aged6Y 1M 10D

Phillips, (stone broken), w/o Thomas J., 29 Jun 1857

Phillips, Thomas J., 9 Sep 1866, aged 46Y 6M 2D

Pike, Benny, s/o Wm. & Hannah, 08 Dec? 1881, aged 23Y

Pike, John S., s/o Wm. & Hannah, 9 Oct 1846, aged 2Y

Pike, Rebecca J., d/o Wm. & Hannah, 14 Apr 1854, 17Y 4M 8D

W(oodin), J. S., no dates

Woodin, Clarry E., c/o Charles I. & Mary E., 8 Feb 1862, 1y 3m 10d

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