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Mack's Corners Cemetery is an original project of

 Laura M. Brainard

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Carl A. Anderson, 12/2/1907-5/2/1978  Tec 5 US Army World War II

Benjamin C. Bennett, d. 3/25/1887, aged 29y 2m 5d  h/o Harriet M.

Infant Bennett, 1/10/1885-1/10/1885  s/o George & Sallie

Infant Bennett 

Joseph A. Bennett (view 2), 1/1/1828-3/3/1911  Pvt. Co. F 9th NY Vol. Cal.

Betsy Dinsmoore Bennett, 5/20/1828-2/7/1895

Louisa S. Bennett, d. 4/2/1859, aged 15y 2m 24d  d/o Asaph & Mary

Mary Louisa Bennett, 2/19/1852-8/13/1862  d/o Joseph & Betsy

Mary Miller Bennett (view 2), d. 11/23/1887, aged 82y 3m  w/o Asaph A.

Corra B. Brezee, 8/20/1869-11/3/1888  d/o D. D. & A.

Ellen M. Brezee, d. 4/23/1863, aged 16y 4m  d/o Noah & Harriet

Hiram Brezee, d. 4/1863?

Axel F. Carlson, 1865-1940

Edla L. Carlson, 1866-1934

Louis Christenson, 1848-1881

Alice A. Dinsmoor, 1860-1917

Byron Dinsmoor, d. 12/18/1860, aged 5y 10m 25d

Susan Dinsmoor, d. 1/7/1866, aged 9m 16d

David Dinsmoor (view 2), d. 2/3/1880, aged 57y 2m 17d

Catharine Dinsmoor, (view 2), d. 10/22/1883, aged 57y 8m 5d 

Silas Dinsmoor, 1850-1926

Ellen Faulk Ellberg, 1887-1918

Alice Gifford, 1870-1921

Clarence Gifford, 1866-1901

Jessie E. Hart, 1859-1926

Elwood Headly, b. c1830  Co. G, 9th N.Y. Cavalry

Hiram Heaton, b. c1818  Co. K, 12th Pa. Cavalry

Elizabeth A. (Holt) Hills, d. 1/18/1867  w/o Isaiah, d/o Peter & Susan

Harriet Holman, d. 11/24/1883, aged 80y 5m 12d

A. M. Holt, 1849-19??

Lizzie B. Holt, 1863-1913

Hattie Holt, d. 6/23/1867, aged 26y 1m 3d  w/o Manly D. Holt

Peter Holt, 1811-1889

Susan H. Holt, 1814-1894

Peter C. Holt, 1851-1931

Anna A. Hultberg, 1848-1905

Levi O. Hultberg, 1877-1895

Dorastus Johnson, 8/28/1853-7/28/1869

Willard Johnson

Laura A. Johnson, 5/21/1856-11/15/1856

Alice Johnson, 9/8/1866-2/5/1867

Addison Johnson, 9/8/1866-2/5/1867

Luther C. Johnson , 9/22/1844-3/7/1851

Luther C. Johnson, s/o Wm & E.A., 22 Mar 1850, aged 8Y 6M

W. D. Johnson  Co. C, 20th Pa. Inf.  G.A.R.

William D. Johnson, 8/24/1821-3/15/1892  Sgt., Co. G, 112th Pa. Inf.

Eliza Johnson, 1/15/1836-12/2/1910

Maria Raase Kagel, 8/20/1820-4/10/1897

Lucinda KANE, d. 6/25/1882, aged 27y 2m 5d

Florence LaDow, d. 1/5/1882, aged 14y 6m 27d  d/o Lewis & Margaret

Johnnie LaDow, d. 11/6/1874, aged 1y 1m 23 d  s/o Lewis & Margaret

Lewis LaDow, 4/30/1827-6/5/1889, aged 62y 1m 5d

Margaret LaDow, 10/28/1833-2/14/1895, aged 61y 3m 15d

Anna S. Lindblad, 1859-1901

Mary M. Marsh, d. 8/8/1862, aged 3y 2m 10d  d/o A. E. & Rachel

John Nobbs, d. 8/26/1851, aged 66y 7m 15d

Sarah Nobbs, d. 4/25/1860, aged 66y 0m 15d

Anna Nygren, 1840-1924

Peter A. Nygren, d. 1930

Carl E. Olson, 1899-1899

Charles A. Olson, 1857-1932

Edla G. Olson, 1857-1928

Johana Olson, 1827-1900

Olof Olson, 1826-1902

Wallace F. Outrid, 5/24/1895-3/24/1953

Andrew Peterson, 1836-1905

Lilly E. Riddlesperger, d. 4/18/1880  d/o Frank & Ursula

Ursula Riddlesperger, d. 4/22/1882, aged 25y  w/o Frank

Asenath B. Roper, d. 5/21/1877, aged 79y  w/o William

William Roper, 4/19/1795-1878

Ellen E. Rust, 1909-1994

David Schuler (view 2), 1831-1881

George Schuler, 1800-1854

Elizabeth Schuler, 1808-1892

Milo J. Zibble, d. 10/27/1862, aged 5y 6m s/o William & Mary


Private Brainard Lot next to Mack Cemetery

Edwin M. Brainard, 19 Jan 1929 - 25 Dec 2006, Cpl US Army, Korea

Mable Brainard, 1897-1964

Mack Manley Brainard, 03 Oct 1874 - 17 Dec 1939

Ann D. Erickson, 1926-1938

Axalia M. Erickson, 1911-1938

John R. Erickson, 1906-1933

Jonas Erickson, 1878-1953

Maria S. Erickson, 1883-1950

Ralph Clifton Erickson (2), 11/28/1928-1/31/1997  Pfc. US Army Korea

Viola R. Erickson Fernstrom, 1910-1985

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