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Clendening Cemetery, Inc. 1893  Views 2, 3

George W. Andruss, d. 5/5/1866, aged 31y 2m 27d

Jane Andruss, 1847-1892  Wife of Jason Andrus

Jason Andruss, 4/6/1804-1/18/1886

Lydia Andruss, d. 6/15/1862, aged 55y 5m 21d  Late consort of Jason, Esq.

William Byron Andruss, d. 10/6/1861, aged 18y  Adopted son of Jason

Electa Arnold (2) , 6/8/1826-7/20/1887  Wife of Jeroam Arnold

Jane Arnold, d. 5/23/1876, aged 41y 2m 11d  Wife of Andrew Arnold

Jeroam D. Arnold (2) , 4/13/1826-11/27/1902 

Rebekah Arnold, d. 7/19/1882, aged 78y 7m 2d  Wife of Rev. Thos. Arnold

Rev. Thomas Arnold, d. 8/2/1883, aged 80y 8m 12d

Thomas Arnold, 1856-1910

Walter R. Arnold, d. 8/17/1874, aged 2y 0m 2d  Son of Andrew & Jane Arnold

George Beach, 1859-1888

Mary Beam, d. 7/25/1892, aged 33y

Maranda L. Bolster, 4/13/1849-5/5/1873  Wife of Joseph Bolster

John Braley, 1860-1886

Charles Clark, d. 10/5/1878, aged 83y  Hannah Clark, d. 6/11/1888, aged 80y


Andrew Clendening, d. 1/31/1918, Pvt. Co. D, 190 Pa. Inf.

Hannah M. Clendening (2) , d. 9/18/1890, aged 51y 2m 8d  Wife of Andrew

James Clendening, 1846-1920

James Clendening, 1855-1933

Jane Clendening, 1836-1908

Joseph Clendening (2), 1786-1864

Joseph Clyde Clendening, d. 5/26/1883, aged 1y 2m 7d  Son of Andrew & Hannah

Joseph Clendening, 1827-1904

Margaret Clendening, 1793-1875

Rebecca Clendening (2) , d. 5/22/1904, aged 33y 9m 12d

Abraham Enos, d. 1867, aged 11m 22d

Abram A. Enos, 1834-1899  Vol. Co. D, 13 Reg. N.Y. Art.

Nathaniel Enos (2) , d. 1871, aged 82y  Sarah Enos (2), d. 1867, aged 67y

Nellie C. Enos (2) , d. 1892, aged 20y 12d 

Abrham L. Enos, d. 1867, aged 11m 22d

Ann Feeny, 1887-1908

Infant Feeny

Isabel Feeny, d. 10/18/1869, aged 62y  Wife of Owen Feeny

James Feeny, d. 7/4/1857, aged 24y

Owen Feeny, d. 5/11/1894, aged 92y

Robert Feeny, 1848-1915

Jeremiah B. Foster, 1830-1913  Arsula A. Foster, 1833-1922

Freelove Gibson, d. 3/22/1875, aged 66  Wife of Rev. Robert Gibson

Rev. Robert Gibson, d. 5/3/1880, aged 70y 6m 13d

Harriet Gilson (2), 1862-1864  Dau. of J. & Lydia Gilson

Donald L. Greene, 12/27/1912-5/20/1984  Pfc US Army World War II

Edrie M. Greene, 8/4/1914-10/17/1989

Laura Hale, 1857-1900

Harrison C. & Laura Hawley, d. 9/6/1883, aged 3y 5m

Charles S. Hess (2), d. 12/27/1877, aged 19y 11d  Son of Daniel & Betsy

Daniel Hess (2) , 11/4/1806-7/10/1893


Orlo A. Holt, 1857-1910

Infant Lackey

Infant Lackey

Laura E. Lackey (2) , 2/27/1893-3/8/1893

Jason A. La Dow, 1/20/1854-8/28/1856

Ella Annette La Dow, 9/21/1858-4/11/1859 

Effie Almira La Dow, 2/26/1864-3/1/1864

Nancy La Dow, 7/22/1830-6/6/1889  Wife of O. R. La Dow

Benjamin S. Learn, d. 3/30/1852, aged 29y 1m 2d

Levi Learn, 5/2/1796-11/3/1882  Mary Learn, 1/16/1804-1/1/1879


Edith Zelina Martin, 1855-1897

Jesse Rawson Martin, 1854-1939

Lewis Martin (2) , 7/27/1822-9/18/1891  G.A.R.

Mary E. Martin, 1854-1862

Newell Martin, 1820-4/15/1877, Co. L, 107 N. Y. Inf. G.A.R.

Sewell Martin, Co. C, 9th N.Y. Cav. G.A.R.

Clyde L. Mason, 3/27/1887-4/29/1889  Son of W. M. & Susan Mason

Chauncey Lewis Mintonye, d. 7/27/1844, aged 19y 3m 8d  Son of Lewis & Maria

Maria Bentley Mintonye, d. 1/15/ 1856, aged 50y  Wife of L. B.

Viola Jeanette Mintonye, d. 5/11/1847, aged 8m 15d  Dau. of Lewis & Maria

Jason Ordway, Co. A, 112 N.Y. Inf.  G.A.R.

Isabell Phillips, 1871-1878

Jerome B. Phillips (2), d. 8/7/1874, aged 38y

Thompson Phillips, 1865-1878

William & Sabrina Anna Cook Robbins

Martha Rote, 1850-1913  Carl Rote, 1896-1917

Anna Shook

Jason A. [Unknown], d. 8/28/1876

Joseph [Unknown]

Perry Vanarsdale, 5/10/1857-7/22/1888

Mary Learn Wooden, 1/3/1832-5/21/1919

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