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Walter Cemetery #2

a.k.a. - Ankeny Cemetery

Somerset Township, Somerset County, PA

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Walter #2 (Ankeny) Cemetery photos contributed by Amy Bernocco

Cemetery is situated on the farm of M. Derencin, about 40 rods on a high hill at edge of the field next to the buildings, Somerset Twp., Somerset County, PA.

Directions to Ankeny Cemetery (Derencin Farm)

  1. From Somerset (North Center Avenue) go up the hill past the Court House and Hospital. North Center Avenue turns into South Center Avenue.
  2. Stay on South Center Avenue to Cannel Drive. Turn right onto Cannel Drive. Stay on Cannel Drive to Edgewood Avenue.
  3. Turn left on Edgewood Avenue. Edgewood Avenue turns into Water Level Road. Stay on Water Level Road. You will pass LaRue’s Meat Market on your right. Go approximately one mile past the meat market.
  4. Turn right onto Pine Tree Road. Go up Pine Tree Road to the top of the hill about 0.1 mile past Big Pine Road.
  5. Pull off to the right (gravel pull-off). Walk up the tree line about 0.5 mile to the top of the hill. Look toward your right across the open field. You will see a small hill covered with trees. The cemetery is on this hill under the trees. Walk across the field to reach the cemetery.  Directions provided by Mary Lorena Hague who obtained them from Fred and Dolly Derencin. His father owned the farm and Fred was raised on that farm. The Derencin Farm is now owned by the Ravella family (April, 2003)


WPA Records of Walter Cemetery #2


Tombstone Inscription

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Ankeny, Christiana, consort of Jacob, 21 Jun 1795 - 15 Mar 1839

Critchfield, Sarah, w/o Samuel R., 06 May 1876, age 40Y 1M 8D?

Critchfield, Clara May, d/o S.R. & S., 11 Mar 1877, age 2Y 11M 16D

Cunningham, Elizabeth, 24 Mar 1853, age 65Y 2M 10D

Cunningham, Frederick, (view 2)

M., C., footstone

Meese, Catherine, (view 2), consort of George D., 14 Jan 1846, age 21Y 4M 3D

R., J., footstone

R., J., footstone

Rector, Herman, (view 2 , 3 , 4), 08 Dec 1883, age 76Y 9M 4D

Rector, Jacob, (view 2), 29 Jun 1881, age 47Y 8M 16D

Rector, Jesse W., s/o W. & S., 24 Oct 1870, age 1Y 1M 9D?

Suhre, Joseph, (view 2), s/o Joseph & Sally, age 32D

Sumpstein, Elizabeth, (view 2), w/o John A., 07 Dec 1869, age 59Y 7M 21D

W., C., footstone

W., J., footstone

Walter, Christean R., d/o H. & L., 15 Nov 1851, age 5Y 1M 19D

Walter, Frank G., (view 2), 02 Oct 1877 - 20 Sep 1903, Our Brother

Walter, Franklin, 10 Jan 1834 - 19 Mar 1915

Walter, Harriet, d/o J. & E., 08 Jun 1852, age 1Y 1M 17D

Walter, Susan, 01 Oct 1840 - 22 Jan 1910

Walter, Jacob M., (view 2), 21 Mar 1889, age 82Y 2M 14D

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Unknown 17


The following Tombstone Transcriptions were recorded in the W.P.A. records from Dec 1934, but the tombstones were not able to be identified during this survey, and are considered to be among the unknown tombstones listed above, or lost to history

Ankeny, Adaline, d/o Jacob & Christina, 09 Oct 1831, age 19Y 7M 28D

Ankeny, Charles L., s/o D. & C., 25 Mar 1862, age 1Y 20D

Ankeny, Christian, 27 Dec 1815 - 14 Mar 1817, age 2Y 10M 13D?

Ankeny, Elizabeth, w/o Christian, 14 Jul 1748 - 1816, age 68Y

Ankeny, Franklin O., s/o C. & L.M., 07 Mar 1884, age 1Y 2M 14D

Ankeny, Jacob, 21 Jan 1837, age 80Y 11M

Ankeny, Sarah, 06 Dec 1871, age 78Y 10M 27D

Bitner, Joseph, s/o S. & L., 14 Mar 1863, age 2Y 6M 14D

Bitner, Lydia, w/o Samuel, 18 Jun 1877, age 39Y 2M 3D

Cole, Annie F., d/o J. & J., 27 Nov 1862, age 1Y 4M 26D

Cole, Sarah, d/o J. & J., 21 Nov 1862, age 1Y 10M 7D

Critchfield, Jacob Henry, s/o S. & C., 17 Jan 1863, age 6Y 9D

Wable, Jacob A., s/o D. & S., 15 Jun 1849, age 1M 29D

Walter, Albert W., s/o F. & S., 27 Dec 1880, age 10Y 6D

Walter, Christian, 09 Jan 1861, age 49Y 3M 14D

Walter, Elizabeth, w/o J.M., 29 Jan 1887, age 72Y 8M 29D

Walter, Emma A., d/o J.M. & E., 29 Nov 1873, age 17Y 1M 7D

Walter, Lillie G., d/o F. & S., 20 Aug 1877, age 1Y 3(8?)M 12D

Walter, Nora B., d/o F. & S., 23 Oct 1861, age 1Y 2M 22D

Walter, Rebecca, 11 Jan 1861, age 84Y

Walter, Rudolph, (09 Oct 1933?)

Walter, Samuel A., s/o F. & S., 01 Jan 1881, age 11Y 10M 23D

16 Adult Graves not inscribed

8 children graves not inscribed

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