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Thomas Mennonite Cemetery

ConemaughTownship, Somerset County, PA

(partial survey)

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WPA Records of Thomas Mennonite Cemetery


Tombstone Inscriptions

(partial survey)

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Cruickshank, Sean Ian, (view 2 , 3), 05 Jul 1992 - 22 May 1995, s/o Scot & Jenny, (contributed by Brenda Shawley)

Heckman, William H., 1881 - 1970, (contributed by Brenda Shawley)

Heckman, Laura M., 1891 - 1982, (contributed by Brenda Shawley)

Hemminger, Ned R., 1898 - 1924, (contributed by Brenda Shawley)

Shaffer, Harold W., 1930 - 1937, Son, At Rest, (contributed by Brenda Shawley)

Shaffer, Katherine M. Hemminger, 1897 - 1985, Mother, (contributed by Brenda Shawley)

Shaffer, Michael L., 1874 - 1948, Father, (contributed by Brenda Shawley)

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