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Stull Cemetery is an original project by Rich Boyer

Directions to Stull Cemetery

  • Travel 0 .9 miles north of Roxbury on Route 160
  • When you will see a large old barn on the right hand side of the road, pull off the highway, and follow the dirt road to the right of the barn a few hundred feet back to the edge of the field.
  • You will have to walk approximately 600 feet up a hill veering to the left to a small grove of trees including a large pine tree at the top of the hill.
  • There you will find a small cemetery, 39 graves, most of the tombstones are not readable but there are still seven or eight that are still legible.
  • You can't see the cemetery from the road and won't be able to see it until you get within a few hundred feet of it.


    WPA Records of Stull Cemetery


    Tombstone Inscriptions

    (partial survey)

    printer friendly text transcription of Tombstone Inscriptions

    Gindlesparger, Mary, 03 Aug 1889, age 31Y 8M 19D

    Stull, Frank, 17 Jul 1858 - (11 Dec 1925)

    Stull, George, 25 Jul 1848, age 56Y

    Stull, Henry B., 02 Jan 1882, age 19Y 1M 20D

    Stull, Polly, w/o William, 22 Sep 1869, age 54Y 11M 24D


    additional graves taken from WPA recording

    Custer, Samuel & wife, not inscribed

    Fait, Lorenza, s/o J. & M.E., 28 Feb 1878, age 13D

    Gindlesperger, Peter, 20 May 1870, age 1M 28D

    Hartman, Oliver, not inscribed

    Hartman, William, not inscribed

    L. M., 1814

    Lease, Conrad, s/o L. & M.E., 02 Jul 1867, age 2M 10D

    Lease, Peter J., s/o L. & M.E., 13 Jul 1875, age 3M 4D

    Lease, Sarah, d/o L. & M., 31 May 1871, age 1Y 6M 9D

    Stull, Albert, s/o F. & L., 05 Sep 1885, age 6M 4D

    Stull, Ben, not inscribed

    Stull, Caroline, d/o Henry H., 25 Nov 1861, age 4Y 21D

    Stull, Catherine, d/o W. & P., 30 Jan 1851, age 1Y 6D

    Stull, Cora, d/o J.J. & S., 30 Jul 1882, age 3M 26D

    Stull, Eliza Gindlesperger, not marked (29 Oct 1833 - 21 Apr 1933, age 99Y 5M 3D

    Stull, Frank, not inscribed (d. Dec 1925)

    Stull, Hattie, d/o Henry, 05 Oct 1885, age 20Y 1M 17D

    Stull, John, not inscribed

    Stull, Lizzie, w/o Frank, 11 Mar 1885, age 18Y 10M 28D

    Stull, Norman, s/o William, 17 Jan 1880, age 2M 1D

    Stull, Peter, s/o W. & P., 24 Jan 1851, age 3Y 7M 10D

    Stull, Polly, w/o George, d/o John Landis, b. 23 Jul 1797

    Stull, Susan, not inscribed

    Stull, William, s/o W. & P., 02 Feb 1851, age 2Y 4M 25D

    Stull, William, not inscribed

    Yutzy, Conrad, s/o C. & M., 17 Jan 1868, age 7M 17D

    Yutzy, Peter, not inscribed

    Two children of Sally Weaver, not inscribed

    Two children of Samuel Custer, not inscribed

    3 children graves not inscribed

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