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Directions to Salisbury Cemetery:
From Meyersdale, take Route 219 North to Salisbury
Make left turn at the one and only stop light in Salisbury onto Ord Street.
Travel up Ord Street approx. 300 yards, cemetery is on left hand side of road.


     Known as "Old Cemetery", situated on a hill at the eastern end of Salisbury, Elk Lick Twp., Somerset Co. Pa.  This old burial place usually referred to, by the town people, as "The Old Cemetery on the Hill" to distinguish it from the newer, Odd Fellow's Cemetery of Salisbury, is undoubtedly the town's first burial ground.  There seem to be no records available to tell us just when the cemetery was started, but the oldest inscribed date of death found therein is 1815.  It was the same year that Peter Shirer, one of the town's founders, built the first store in Salisbury, but as the beginning of the town dates back to 1795, it is probable that some of the many uni[n]scribed graves are older than 1815


WPA Records of Old Salisbury Cemetery


Tombstone Inscriptions

(partial survey)

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A - F

A-F   G-L   M-R   S-Z

Beachy, Susannah, (no photo available), w/o Samuel, 29 May 1818 - 06 May 1887,

Beal, Amanda, w/o C.H., 1853 - 1881, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Beal, Maggie, w/o J.N., 27 Dec 1879, aged 49Y 4M 14D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Beal, C. L., (no photo available), s/o C.H. & A., 19 Mar 1880, aged 5Y 7M 23D,

Beal, Johnny, (no photo available), s/o C.H. & A., 18 Mar 1880, aged 3Y 1M 18D,

Boucher, Maggie E., (no photo available), c/o W.H. & A., 03 Jan 1880, aged 7Y 9M 13D,

Boucher, Susan L., (no photo available), c/o W.H. & A., 11 Nov 1880, aged 4Y 6M 28D,

Bougher, Addie E., d/o I. & L., 05 Oct 1865, aged 2Y 6M 25D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Bougher, Jacob G., s/o I. & L., 16 Feb 1862, aged 3Y 9M 10D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Boyer, Milton, 04 Sep 1878, age 25Y 5M 5D, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Boyer, Samuel W. (contributed by Rich Boyer), view 2, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi) s/o O.W. & I., 14 Dec 1861, age 6Y 11M 14D,

Breig, Harriet, d/o Daniel, 28 Apr 1848, aged 5M, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Breig, Helena, d/o A. & M., 11 Oct  1846, aged 1D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Breig, Joseph, s/o D. & G., aged 12 Sep 1850, aged 4M 2D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Breig, Angeline, (no photo available), d/o F. & P.A., 05 Dec 1860, aged 5M 16D,

Breig, Theresia, (no photo available), d/o D. & C., 15 Aug 1851, aged 19 D,

Bruckman, Elizabeth, d/o Dr. J.G. & S., 04 May 1856, aged 9Y 10M 27D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Bruckman, Sarah, w/o Dr. J. G., 26 Jul 1861, aged 51Y 1M 19D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Cipe, John C., (no photo available), infant,

Cipe, Sarah E., (no photo available), w/o S.H., 18 Aug 1883, aged 23Y 7M 2D,

Cipe, George W., (no photo available), s/o S.H. & S., 07 Jun 1883, aged 2Y 7M 28D,

Cipe, John C., (no photo available), s/o S.H., & S.E., 27 Sep 1883, aged 1M 17D,

Compton, Adaline (contributed by Rich Boyer), view 2, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi), 17 Apr 1883, age 72Y 3M 10D,

Compton, Phineas, (contributed by Rich Boyer), view 2, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi), 1858,

Crider, Cathrine, (no photo available), 1819, age 19,

Crider, Mary, (no photo available), w/o David, 28 Jan 1845, aged 76Y 6M, She lived to die, She died to Live, Her end was peace.,

Delozier, Iva B., (no photo available), 26 Feb 1897, aged 2Y 8M 8D,

Delozier, Torrence B., (no photo available), c/o H.W. & M.J., 22 May 1880, aged 3M 22D,

Diveley, Cyrus, 19 Dec 1820 - 20 Sep 1839, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Diveley, Michael, view 2 , 3, 14 Oct 1787 - 10 Jul 1840, War of 1812, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Derr, Catharina, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi), (view 2 contributed by Don Shirer), 31 Jul 1822, aged 73Y

Diveley, Cyrus, view 2, 19 Dec 1820 - 20 Sep 1839, aged 8Y 2M 1D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Diveley, Juliana, consort of Michael, 26 Oct 1853, aged 59Y 1m 1D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Diveley, Mich., view 2 , 3, 14 Oct 1787 - 10 Jul 1840, aged 52Y 8M 27D, War of 1812 Marker, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Donges, John, (no photo available), s/o H. & L., 12 Nov 1866, aged 3M 13D,

Durst, John, 1766 - 1840, Pvt 1 Rifle BN MD Militia, War of 1812, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Durst, John, 1815, aged 27, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Durst, Solomon, 28 Oct 1857, age 60Y 6M 3D, Dearest Father, thou hast left us, And thy loss we all deplore, But it was God who hath bereft us, He can all our sorrow cure, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Durst, Mary, (no photo available), w/o Solomon, 03 Feb 1878, aged 67Y 4M 28D,

Durst, Lydia, (no photo available), w/o S., 07 Sep 1800 - 24 Aug 1847,

Fadeley, Adam (contributed by Rich Boyer), view 2 (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi), 05 Mar 1765 - 15 Feb 1828,

Fadeley, Mary (contributed by Rich Boyer), view 2 (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi), 14 Apr 1773 - 06 Dec 1838,

Fadeley, Adaline (contributed by Rich Boyer), view 2 (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi), 19 Jul 1811 - 22 Mar 1833,

Fadeley, Eve (contributed by Rich Boyer), view 2 (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi), 15 Jan 1798 - 01 Feb 1824,

Faidley, John, 28 Dec 1788 - 20 Mar 1833, aged 44Y 2M 20D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Findlay, Mortimer, (no photo available), s/o H. & C.L., 29 Apr 1866, aged 6M 24D,

Fogle, Alvin C., (no photo available), s/o Adam & C., 28 May 1870, aged 2Y 10M 16D, T'was an angel that visited the green earth, and took the flower away,

Forthman, Laura Ann, d/o J. & E., 11 May 1866, aged 16Y 11M 11D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Fuller, Elijah D., 15 Jan 1883, aged 31Y 10M 19D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)


G - L

A-F   G-L   M-R   S-Z

Glotfelty, Alexander (contributed by Rich Boyer), view 2 (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi), s/o Philip & Eliza, 21 Jun 1828 - 21 Nov 1831,

Glotfelty, Elijah (contributed by Rich Boyer), view 2 (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi), 25 Dec 1848, age 23Y 9M 18D,

Glotfelty, Elizabeth (contributed by Rich Boyer), view 2 (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi), w/o Jacob, 15 May 1858, age 72Y 4M 6D,

Glotfelty, Henry (contributed by Rich Boyer), view 2 (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi), 04 Nov 1779 - 26 Aug 1836,

Glotfelty, Mary (contributed by Rich Boyer), view 2 (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi), w/o Henry, 30 Nov 1861, age 80Y 4M 21D,

Glotfelty, Jacob, 13 Jan 1867, aged 82Y 11M 26D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Glotfelty, Magdalene, view 2, 12 Jan 1895, aged 10Y 9M 11D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Glotfelty, Sol,  13 Aug 1818, aged 80Y, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Glotfelty, Irwin B., (no photo avaialable), s/o M. & H., 25 Jan 1880, aged 10Y 1M 18D,

Glotfelty, Minnie, (no photo available), d/o M. & H., 18 Aug 1879, aged 2M 10D,

Glotfelty, Harriet, (no photo available), w/o M., 09 Jan 1880, aged 31Y 4M 26D,

Glotfelty, Gorden S., (no photo available), s/o M. & H., 20 Jan 1880, aged 5Y 9M 3D,

Gould, Annie M., d/o J.J. & E.C. Stutzman, w/o J.H., died in Canada 13 Mar 1870, aged 32Y, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Gould, Mary E., d/o J.H. & A.M., 19 Feb 1862, aged 2Y 7M 11D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Gould, Zuleka A., (no photo available), only c/o Dr. M.A.R.F. & S., 08 Jan 1861 - 12 Dec 12 1861, aged 11M 4D,

Green, Loulah C. , d/o W.J. & A.L., 27 May 1881, aged 4Y 9M 26D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Griber, Mary, w/o David, 28 Jan 1845, aged 76Y 6M, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Griffith, Lydia, w/o Jenkin, 22 Apr 1849, aged 21Y 9M 23D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Guntle, Peter, 18 Apr 1848, aged 30Y, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Helm, John, 02 Jul 1825, aged 4Y, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Helm, J., (no photo available), B.O. Julin (July) Age Y 71 x 1899,

Joder (Yoder), Lyman W., (no photo available), s/o B.J. & C., 05 Sep 1851, aged 2Y 10M 1D,

Johns, R. Scott, (no photo available), 1844 - 1918, Co H. 21 Reg, Co I. 9th Reg PA Cav,

Johns, Ormanda Welfley, (no photo available), w/o R.S., 1850 - 1933,

Johns, Lilly, (no photo available), c/o R.S. & O., 18 May 1873, aged 13D,

Johns, Robert M., (no photo available), c/o R.S. & O., 04 Apr 1885, aged 1Y 4D,

Johns, Lizzie, (no photo available), c/o R.S. & O., 05 May 1873, aged 1D,

Keim, Fannie E., w/o Saml. G., 24 Oct 1871, age 25Y 2M 11D, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Keim, Willie L., (no photo available), s/o Albert G. & Mary M., 05 Feb 1879, aged 10M,

Klives, A., 21 May 1819?, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Kreider, David, view 2 , born Manheim, Germany,  05 Mar 1749 - 23 Feb 1826, aged 76Y 11M 10D, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Kreider, Mary , d/o David & Catharine, 1863, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Kurtz, Julia A., 10 Jun 1885, aged 68Y 2M 9D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Kurtz, Sarah M., d/o J. & J., 12 Dec 1848, aged 5Y 8M 9D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Lambert, John H., s/o J.W. & C., 21 Jun 1855, Aged 2Y 5M 11D, Earth counts a mortal less, Heaven an angel more, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Lambert, Missouria E., d/o J.W. & C., 22 Mar 1844, aged 1D, Budded on earth to bloom in heaven, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Lambert, Wyoming E., d/o J.W. & C., 26 Oct 1861, aged 6Y 24D, Weep not father and mother for me, for I am awaiting in glory for thee, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Lepley, Benjamin F., (no photo available), s/o J. & M., 01 May 1872, aged 3Y 5M 4D,

Lichleiter, Francis M., (no photo available), s/o L. & S.A., 11 Sep 1879, aged 24Y 4M 2D

Livengood, Albert C., s/o G.G. & S., 22 Nov 1859 - 22 Nov 1859, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Livengood, Christian C., 1803 - 1869, aged 86Y, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Livengood, Mortimer C., c/o G.G. & S., 21 Jul 1857 - 21 Jul 1857, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Lowry, Maria, (no photo available), 06 Jul 1898, aged 71Y 7M 4D,


M - R

A-F   G-L   M-R   S-Z

McKinley, Arthur, age 77Y 3D, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

McKinley, Harry K., s/o D.O. & A.L., 06 Nov 1861, aged 1Y 4M 28D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

McKinley, Milton E., s/o D.O. & A.L., 07 Dec 1861, aged 3M 25D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

McKinley, Ruhamah, age 77Y 43D, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

McKinley, Sherman D., s/o D.O.. & A.L., 05 Jun 1876, aged 11Y 8M 21D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

McKinley, Thomasine, 1847 - 1934, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

McKinley, Jeanette, 1838 - 1927, 19 Nov 1927, aged 89Y, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

McKinley, William, 14 Oct 1864, age 22Y 1M 6D, Vet Corp 1 So 1, 1st Indiana Vol Artillery, GAR, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

McKinley, Josephine, (no photo available), c/o A. & R., 05 Dec 1854, aged 1Y 3M 29D,

McKinley, Joseph S., (no photo available), c/o A. & R., 05 Dec 1854, aged 5Y 7M 23D,

McKinley, Milton, (no photo available), c/o A. & R., 02 Aug 1855, aged 1Y,

McKinley, Elmira S., (no photo available), 23 Jan 1856, aged 2Y 10M 10D,

Meager, Josephine, c/o J. & C., 1866 - 1881, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Meager, William H., c/o J. & C., 1881 - 1881, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Miller, Susan, d/o P.L. & B., 13 Dec 1855, aged 3Y 8M 21D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Newman, John, 23 Nov 1861, aged ?, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Newman, Elizabeth, (no photo available), w/o John, 21 Sep 1861, aged 57Y 8M 10D,

Newman, Solomon, (no photo available), lettering illegible,

Nolna, P., (no photo available), 1821, aged 8,

Patton, Eve, w/o R., 02 Apr 1873, aged 71Y 6M 25D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Patton, Eve Wimier, consort of Thomas, 01 Sep 1848, age 40Y, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Patton, Robert, (no photo available), 01 Oct 1874, aged 78Y 1M 2D,

Pence, Polly (contributed by Rich Boyer), (view 2 contributed by Margaret Gagliardi), (view 3 contributed by Don Shirer), 30 Jan 1800 - 05 Apr 1831, aged 31Y 2M 6D,

Pens, Daly, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi), (view 2 contributed by Don Shirer), 22 Jul 1826, aged 2Y,

Radcliff, Sarah A., (no photo available), w/o William, 09 Aug 1880, aged 39Y 9M 29D,

Radcliffe, Loyd, s/o Wm. & Sarah A., 22 Aug 1880, aged 13D,

Ringler, Frank B., (no photo available), s/o J.W., & H., 29 Sep 1875, aged 5Y 18D,

Robertson, Lilley (Mater), view 2, 1799 - 1880, Came from Scotland 1855 with children John, Arthur, Ashburn, Lilley, Andrew, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Rowenberger, Eddie, (no photo available), s/o C.A. & S.A., 07 Jun 1873, aged 1Y 2M 5D, Little Eddie has gone to Jesus,


S - Z

A-F   G-L   M-R   S-Z

Schultz, Margretha, 16 Sep 1818, age 24Y 4M, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Schwartz, Jacob, view 2, 28 Aug 1760 - 26 Jul 1842, aged 81Y 10M 29D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Shapman, Elizabeth, w/o Wm. H., 28 Aug 1856, aged 34Y 1M 2D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Shirer, Barney (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi),  (view 2 contributed by Don Shirer), 10 Sep 1825, age 1Y,

Shirer, Elisabetha, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi), (view 2 contributed by Don Shirer), 26 Feb 1829, aged 87Y 2M,

Shirer, Gertraut (contributed by Rich Boyer), (view 2 contributed by Margaret Gagliardi), (view 3 contributed by Don Shirer) 12 Feb 1772 - 11 Nov 1843, aged 71Y 8M 29D, Boast not another day, Nor call tomorrow thine, Thou mayest be snatched away, By sudden death like mine.,

Shirer, John, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi), (view 2 contributed by Don Shirer), 07 Mar 1817, age 82Y

Shirer, Peter Sr,  (one of Salisbury's founders). 10 Jan 1846, aged 76Y 1M, (contributed by Don Shirer)

Shockey, Christian (contributed by Rich Boyer), view 2 (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi), 18 Apr 1829, age 73Y,

Shockey, Eve (contributed by Rich Boyer), view 2 (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi), 05 Dec 1833 - 27 May 1837, aged 3Y 5M 22D,

Shockey, Mary, view 2 , 19 Aug 1757 - 02 Jan 1844, aged 86Y 4M 15D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Shunk, Jacob, (no photo available), Corl., Co H 171 PA Inf,

Simpkins, Elizabeth, (no photo available), born Arnold, 1818 - 1898,

Smith, Missouri E., d/o J. & C., 20 Apr 1865, aged 18Y 4M 6D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Smith, Nora M., (no photo available), d/o M.F. & N., 06 Feb 1878, aged 3Y 6M 8D,

Smith, C. H. S., (no photo available), 01 Aug 1890, aged 31Y 7M 8D,

Smith, Norma, (no photo available), 1889 - 1912,

Smith, Evora N., (no photo available), 1864 - 1916,

Smith, Zulieka C., (no photo available), 1882 - 1928,

Starner, Catharine, (no photo available), 02 Oct 1762 - 06 Mar 1847, aged 85Y 5M 4D,

Sterner, Elizabeth, w/o Solomon, 01 Aug 1864, aged 69Y 9M 23D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Stewart, Laura B., 27 Jan 1863, age 4Y 5M, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Stoner, Elizabeth, w/o I., 29 Mar 1872, aged 85Y 18D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Stutzman, Elizabeth, w/o Jost J., 17 Jun 1876, aged 54Y, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Stutzman, Elizabeth Gerber, 12 May 1798 - Aug 1839, age 42Y, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Stutzman, Jost J., 21 Sep 1867, age 76Y, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Suhrie, Mrs. Sally, 01 Aug 1806 - 03 Feb 1889,

Wagner, Elijah, 16 Dec 1875, aged 72Y 9M 4D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Wagner, Francis M., s/o P. & R., 26 Dec 1862, aged 5Y 9M 10D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Wagner, George, 09 Aug 1894, aged 68Y 5M 11D(contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Wagner, Sevilla Carry, only c/o Elijah & Eve, 12 May 1828 - 05 Jul 1869, age 41Y 1M 13D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Wagner, Zacharia T., 1848 - 1932, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Wagner, Christian, 27 May 1857, aged 17Y 10M 18D, Brother thou art gone before us, And thy saintly soul is flown, Where tears are wiped from every eye, And sorrow is unknown, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Wagner, Mary E. Richter, d/o Jacob & M., 07 Jul 1870, aged 33Y 11M 15D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Wagner, Mary C, (no photo available), d/o A. & P.A., 06 Nov 1861, aged 1Y 8M 25D,

Wagner, Caroline, (no photo available), d/o Henry & E., 02 May 1849, aged 2Y 4M 24D,

Wagner, Elijah, (no photo available), s/o Henry & E., 09 Oct 1843, aged 8M 9D,

Wagner, Eve, (no photo available), w/o Elijah, 16 Dec 1875, aged 12Y 9M 4D, Of her it may be truly said, she was a kind and tender-hearted mother, a faithaful and affectionate sister, a true and sympathizing friend, and above all, a devoted and sincere Christian,

Watson, Robert, 01 Oct 1874, aged 78Y 1M 2D(contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Weaver, George, view 2, 01 Jul 1878, aged 68Y, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Weaver, Harriet, (no photo available), w/o George, 09 Aug 1894, aged 68Y 5M 14D,

Welfley, Emily A., 25 Feb 1822 - 18 Mar 1902, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Welfley, Henry, 25 Sep 1848, aged 29Y 11M 11D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Welfley, Jacob, 10 Feb 1849, aged 32Y 8M 24D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Welfrey, Peter, 25 May 1787 - 01 Apr 1867, aged 79Y 10M 6D, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Welfley, Susanah, view 2 , consort of Israel, 21 Mar 1846, aged 22Y 9M 10D, Let all who have a soul to save, Extend their view beyond the grave, And while salvation still is nigh, To Christ the friend of sinners fly, (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Welfley, Allie E., (no photo available), d/o B. & E., 12 Oct 1872 - 22 Jan 1875, aged 2Y 3M 10D,

Welfley, Eve, (no photo available), consort of Peter, 11 Dec 1791 - 03 Jan 1870, aged 79Y 20D,

Welshons, Edith May, (no photo available), d/o A.F. & L., 10 Jun 1880, aged 3M 24D,

Wetmiller, Anna H., (no photo available), d/o H. & A., 27 Sep 1868, aged 1Y 1M 3D,

Wetmiller, William S., (no photo available), s/o H. & A., 30 Nov 1867, aged 1Y 1M 22D,

Wilhelm, Christian (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi), 14 Jan 1757 - 14 Oct 1835, aged 78Y 10M,

Wilhelm, Elizabeth (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi), w/o C., 22 Jul 1758 - 22 Nov 1840, aged 82Y 4M,

Wimer, Catharie (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi), consort of Martin, died age unknown,

Wimer, Martin (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi), 1815, aged 77Y, Revolutionary War Marker,

Unknown #01 (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Unknown #02 (contributed by Margaret Gagliardi)

Unknown C. D., (no photo available), 1839,

Unknown E. N., (no photo available),

Unknown J. H., (no photo available), child,

Unknown M. M.,

80 adult graves not marked or not inscribed

27 children graves not marked or not inscribed

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