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(general views contributed by Bill Plack and Glenda Shay)

     Situated 1/2 mile south west of the town of Ursina in Lower Turkeyfoot Township, on the bank of Laurel Hill Creek and enclosed with an elaborate concrete wall about 6 feet high.


WPA Records of Ream Cemetery


Tombstone Inscriptions

printer friendly text transcription of Tombstone Inscriptions

Bookman, Sarah, 1846 - 1926, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Borsher, Lil (contributed by Bill Plack), view 2 (contributed by Glenda Shay),1805, Here lies Lil Borsher

Coder, Ida Belle Rhodes, 1863 - 1920, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

G., J., footstone, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Glodfelty, Henry, s/o John, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Glodfelty, Jasper, 02 Jun 1843, age 67Y, baptised Casper, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Glodfelty, Julian, consort/o Jasper, 19 May 1862, age 54Y, aged 78Y 6M 18D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hertzel, Johan Henrich (contributed by Bill Plack), view 2 , 3 (contributed by Glenda Shay), 10 Oct 1757 - 03 Apr 1781, Hier light begrawen Johan Henrich Hertzel war gebohren den 10 October 1757 in Boden, Ihr war ein Son von Meliger Hertzel Gestorben den 3 Abril 1781, last ein frau und 7 kinder, (rest is illegible)

J., W., 1819, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Jennings, Benjamin, (view 2), 09 Sep 1758 - 12 May 1845, Revolutionary War, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Jennings, Jerome, Co H 85 PA Inf, GAR, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Jennings, John B., s/o D. & C., 05 Aug 1830, aged 3Y 7M 19D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Jennings, Lousinda, d/o D. & C., 17 Aug 1830, aged 5M 24D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Jennings, Mary A. Rhodes, w/o J.B., 13 Oct 1840 - 18 Mar 1911, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Jennings, Rhoda (Spencer), 22 Nov 1763 - 07 Feb 1849, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Jennings, Susanna, (view 2), d/o J.B. & M.A., 13 Mar 1875, age 5Y 1M 2D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Jennings, Thomas, 24 Jun 1872, age 67Y 5M 19D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Niclow, Henry, s/o H., 20 Jan 1828, age 2Y, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Ousler, Elizabeth, w/o Henry, Sr., 13 Nov 1812, age 27Y 3M 23D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Ream, Andrew (contributed by Bill Plack), view 2 , 3 (contributed by Glenda Shay), Jul 1837 - 11 May 1813, Andreas Ream, Born July 1837 and deceased May the 11th 1813 and left his wife Susanna and sons

Ream, Hily, w/o Levi, 21 Mar 1864, age 39Y 10M 9D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Ream, John, s/o Samuel W., 11 Jun 1832 - 23 Feb 1834, age 1Y 8M 9D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Ream, John, 09 Nov 1839, age 75Y 9M 5D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Ream, Susana (contributed by Bill Plack), view 2 , 3 (contributed by Glenda Shay), Jun 1741 - 04 Jan 1816, date of 1817 on top of stone

Ream, Thomas, 14 Feb 1840, aged 53Y 11M 8D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rhodes, David L., 1835 - 1864, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rhodes, Hester Anne, w/o David L., 1834 - 1916, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rhodes, Ida Belle Coder, 1863 - 1920, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rihm, Andreas (contributed by Bill Plack), view 2 (contributed by Glenda Shay), Hier Ruhen die Gebeina Von Andreas Rihm ein son Fontowias. (illegible), Katrina Rimin, geboren 10 Jun 1793, altar Mar 8D

Rihm, Anna Rosinna (contributed by Bill Plack), view 2 , 3 , 4 (contributed by Glenda Shay),15 Jul 1792,  Here lies buried Anna Rosinna Rihm, wife of John Rihm and daughter of Frederick Weitzel.  In her married life of eight years and six months, she bore four sons and two daughters.  She died 15 Jul 1792.  Her death was caused by the bite of a snake.  In 24 hours she was dead  

Rihm, Susana (contributed by Bill Plack), view 2 (contributed by Glenda Shay),1787, age 1Y 3M, Hier Ligt Begrawen Susanna Rehim, Ihr alter war ein Jahr 3 monat, 1787 

Unknown #01

Unknown #02, Civil War?

     The following inscriptions were included on the WPA transcriptions taken in the 1930's, but were not identified during this survey:

Jennings, Israel, s/o D. & C., 31 Jul 1830, age 3M 8D

Glotfelty, Jonas, Hier Ruet, (illegible), aged 19Y

29  adult graves marked but not inscribed

8 children graves marked but not identified

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