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Ling Cemetery is an original project of Rich Boyer

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Directions to Ling Cemetery

The cemetery is on the Alan Browning (previously Carl Wagner) farm approx. 1 mile north and slightly west of Buckstown.

  • From Buckstown on Rt. 30:
  • Take Boomer Miller Road at St. Paul's Lutheran Church north for approx. 1 mile.
  • Turn left onto Browning Road. The only house on this road (to your left) is Brownings. As you face the Browning house the cemetery is on a hill to the south (behind the houses).
  • Ask permission to walk or drive across the farm road to the cemetery which is on a hill to the south of the house (behind the house). You cannot see the cemetery from the house, it on the top of the hill in a grove of trees.


    WPA Records of Ling Cemetery


    Tombstone Inscriptions

    (partial survey)

    printer friendly text transcription of Tombstone Inscriptions

    Abbreviation s/s = Shares stone with

    Auther, C. L.; died 1826; (contributed by Bruce Felix)

    Gribble, Susan; died July 4, 1868;  age 71ys; (contributed by Bruce Felix)

    Ling, Amanda; Sep 02, 1841--Dec 08, 1856; s/s Edward Ling; (contributed by Rich Boyer)

    Ling, Barbara; May 12, 1854--May 16, 1854; s/s Catharine Ling; (contributed by Rich Boyer)

    Ling, Catharine; Apr 06, 1811--Mar 15, 1899; s/s Barbara Ling; (contributed by Rich Boyer)

    Ling, Charlotte; May 09, 1844--Dec 02, 1856; s/s Eve & Ophilous Ling; (contributed by Rich Boyer)

    Ling, Cornelius; Jun 03, 1849--Dec 14, 1856; s/s Samuel Ling; (contributed by Rich Boyer)

    Ling, Edward; Feb 20, 1835--May 29, 1838; s/s Amanda Ling; (contributed by Rich Boyer)

    Ling, Elizabeth; 1839--1905; s/s Jonathan, her husband; (contributed by Rich Boyer)

    Ling, Eve, Jun 03, 1847--Oct 03, 1848; s/s Charlotte & Ophilous Ling; (contributed by Rich Boyer)

    Ling, G. H.; (contributed by Bruce Felix)

    Ling, Gephart; Aug 02, 1839--Mar 18, 1904; (contributed by Rich Boyer)

    Ling, Janetta; d/o G. H. & M.; Jul 16, 1872--Oct 16, 1881; (contributed by Rich Boyer)

    Ling, Jonathan; 1837--1903; s/s Elizabeth, his wife; (contributed by Rich Boyer)

    Ling, Ophilous; (view 2); Jul 25, 1851--Dec 05, 1856; s/s Charlotte & Eve Ling (contributed by Rich Boyer)

    Ling, Philip; ca. 1777; aged 40Y 5M 16D; (contributed by Rich Boyer)

    Ling, Samuel; May 28, 1813--Nov 04, 1863; s/s Cornelius, Ling; (contributed by Rich Boyer)

    Ling, Sophia; d/o Jos. & S.; Feb 13, 1841; aged 5M 4D; (contributed by Rich Boyer)

    Manges, Alice A.; 1847--1922; s/s Levi B., her husband and Charles L. Ling; (contributed by Rich Boyer)

    Manges, Charles L.; 1881--1917; (contributed by Rich Boyer)

    Manges, Levi B.; 1843--1927; s/s Alice A., his wife and Charles L. Ling; (contributed by Rich Boyer)

    Mangus, Margaret; Oct 24, 1872--Dec 18, 1930; (contributed by Bruce Felix)

    Plough, Elizabeth; May 22, 1817--June 20, 1899; (contributed by Bruce Felix)

    Reel, John; died Aug 10, 1810;  age 17, 1m, 1d; (contributed by Bruce Felix)

    Sayers, Armenta Ling; 1863--1920; (contributed by Rich Boyer)

    Shaeffer, D. L.; vet, Co G 21st PA Cav; (contributed by Bruce Felix)

    Statler, Margaret E.; died July 12, 1864;  age 19ys, dau of M. L. & S. Statler; (contributed by Bruce Felix)

    Wagener, Michal; Feb 28, 1842; age 94Y; (contributed by Rich Boyer)

    Wagner, Edward P.; Apr 27, 1857--June 18, 1857;  s/o Wm. & Rachel Wagner; (contributed by Bruce Felix)

    Wagner, Eliza; died May 30, 1852;  age 28ys, 1m, 28ds, dau of J. & S. Wagner; (contributed by Bruce Felix)

    Wagner, Hester; died Feb 21, 1853;  age 1y, 7ms, 7ds, dau of J. & S. Wagner; (contributed by Bruce Felix)

    Wagner, Margaret; died Apr 29, 1865;  age 39ys, 10ms, 27ds; w/o Jacob Wagner; (contributed by Bruce Felix)

    Wagner, Martin L.; Jan 2, 1854--May 25, 1896; (contributed by Bruce Felix)

    Wagner, Rachel G.; May 25, 1822--Feb 28, 1906; wife of Wm Wagner; (contributed by Rich Boyer)

    Wagner, Samuel; died Sept 19, 1906;  aged 74ys, 11ms, 17ds; (contributed by Bruce Felix)

    Wagner, Susan; died Nov 26, 1827;  age 1y, 7ms, dau of Jonithon & Suvila Wagner; (contributed by Bruce Felix)

    Wagner, William; Aug 9, 1828--Sept 1, 1910; (contributed by Bruce Felix)

    additional graves taken from WPA recording 25 Nov 1934

    Bisbing, Nathan, s/o T. & R., 25 Jan 1857, age 4Y 6M 17D

    Gibler, Henry, 06 Aug 1836, age 14Y 2M 11D

    Ling, Christian, Jr.?, c/o C. & L., 22 Aug 18??

    Ling, Christian?, 1826

    Ling, William O, 31 Dec 1879, age 12Y 2M 4D, c/o J. & E.

    Ling, Elbridge C., 01 Jan 1880, age 10Y 6M 21D, c/o J. & E.

    Ling, Rutherford, 18 Apr 1878, age 1Y 5M 26D, c/o J. & E.

    Ling, Elizabeth, 26 Apr 1879, age 14Y 7M 18D, c/o J. & E.

    Moses, Jacob, 15 Feb 1845, age 74Y

    Moses, Margaret, 04 Mar 1840, age 62Y

    M. P. 1841 (child)

    Plough, Christian, 03 Jul 1803 - 21 May 1887

    Reel, Jacob, 11 Apr 1889, age 84Y 8M 24D

    Reel, Jacob, 30 Aug 1840, age 34Y 4M 18D

    Reel, Mary, 01 Aug 1878, age 66Y 8M 4D

    Reel, Matthew, 22 Jun 1844, age 81Y 2M 11D

    Reel, Sarah, 11 Oct 1880, age 72Y

    Reel, William, 13 Dec 1893, age 85Y 3M

    Reel, Windfield C., 16 Dec 1858, age 12Y

    Wagner, A. J., 08 Feb 1880, age 5Y 7M 17D

    Wagner, Hannah; 13 Feb 1887; age 87Y 7M 23D

    Wagner, Infant, s/o C. & E.

    Wagner, Jonathan, 11 May 1885, age 85Y 7M 11D

    Wagner, Margaret, 27 Apr 1849 - 29 Jan 1927

    Wagner, Michael, 27 Apr 1879, age 83Y 2M 3D

    Wagner, Robert, s/o M. & L., 13 Mar 1871, age 4Y 11D

    Wagner, Sevilla, w/o J., 14 Oct 1882, age 79Y 2M 2D

    Wagner, Susan, d/o J. & M., 10 Mar 1857, age 5Y 11M 24D

    Wagner, Tenah A., d/o C.L., 20 Feb 1877, age 29Y 19D

    Wagner, Tenah A., d/o G.L. & A., 19 Apr 1877, age 2M 9D

    Wagner, William, s/o J. & S., Nov 1844, age 2Y

    2 adult grave not inscribed

    17 children graves not inscribed

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