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Jersey Baptist Church - Old Cemetery

a.k.a. - Old Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery

Lower Turkeyfoot Township, Somerset County, PA

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Veteran's Memorial, view 2

  Directions for the Old Jersey Church Cemetery.  From Ursina (Lower Turkeyfoot Twp, Somerset Co, PA) proceed west on Park St, and bear right onto Confluence Rd (Old Rt 281).  Follow this road for about 300 yards and take a right/north on State Road 3003/T392 (Jersey Hollow Rd). Follow this road for another 1.8 miles and you will see the Old Jersey Baptist Church and cemetery on the right.  

GPS Coordinates - Lat: 39:50:28N. Long: 079:20:14W

     Note; the "old" cemetery is on the south side of the church, and the"new" cemetery is on the north side of the church.

(directions contributed by Glen Swartz)

     Situated in Lower Turkey Foot Township, located about one and one half miles northeast of Ursina.  The church organized is the oldest in the county, tradition says that the first pastor of this church was killed by the Indians and is buried in an unmarked grave under an elm tree near the church.


WPA Records of Old Jersey Cemetery


Tombstone Inscriptions

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Ackerman, John, s/o Christian & Elizabeth, May 1852, age 18Y 9M 19D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Ansel, Alex, Co E 147th PA, GAR, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Barclay, Barbara, 04 Feb 1883, aged 69Y 1M 24D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Barnes, Emily J., w/o Elmore A., 1858 - 1918, (contributed by Glen Swartz)

Beam, Harvey J., s/o T. & A.,, d. 13 May 1877, age 6Y 9M 10D,  (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Bills, Sarah E., w/o Edward, 18 Jun 1871 - 17 Jul 1893, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Boyd, John C., (view 2), s/o C.F. & S., 22 Feb 1871, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Brook, Jane, (view 2), w/o John, 21 Jan 1888, age 77Y 10M 26D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Brook, John, (view 2), 22 Nov 1870, aged 66Y, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Brook, Margaret, who deceased 25 Jun 1823, aged 98Y,(contributed by Glenda Shay)

Bush, David, Co F 138 PA Inf, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Catten, James, 24 Jan 188?, age 53Y, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Colborn, Abram, (view 2) 01 Oct 1843, age 54Y 9M 7D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Colborn, Annie, d/o D.L. & Julie, 16 Jul 1863 - 08 Apr 1869, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Colborn, David L., 01 Apr 1827 - 14 Aug 1868, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Colborn, Effe, consort of Robert, 25 Nov 1826, age 73Y 6M, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Colborn, Eleanor, relict of Abram, 11 Jul 1858, age 67Y, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Colborn, John, 1849 - 1885, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Colborn, Robert L., 1874 - 1876, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Colborn, Lavenia, d/o D.L. & J.A., 22 Jan 1855, age 3M 25D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Colborn, Robert, 11 Jan 1753 - 16 Mar 1836, Revolutionary Soldier, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Colborn, Sarah, (view 2), 27 Aug 1824 - 24 Dec 1903, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Colborn, Sylvester, 02 Feb 1796 - 28 Apr 1869, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Colborn, Olivet, consort of Silvester, 18 Jan 1845, aged 38Y 2M 1D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Coleborn, Lydia, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Conn, Albert B., 1881 - 1896, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Conn, Jacob, 1854 - 1920, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Conn, Elizan, 1858 - 1911, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Coughenour, Delilah, (view 2), w/o A., 1820 - 1905, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Critchfield, Matilda, (view 2), 1843 - 1913, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Critchfield, Samuel R., (view 2), 16 Jun 1895, aged 51Y 9M 26?D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Cunningham, illegible, s/o G.F. & S., 23? Apr 187?, aged 3Y 1M 23?D,

Drake, Jonathan, 04 Mar 1853, age 75Y 5M 19D, Let me die the death of the Righteous, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Dull, John, s/o F. & M., 17 Mar 1856, age 8Y 10M 3D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Faidley Children, (view 2 , 3), Our Little Jimmy died 10 Jan 1860 age 3Y; Henry died 01 April 1866 age 5M 2D; Alcinda died 24 Aug 1866 age 4Y 3M 21D, children of J. & H., (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Forquer, Mary A., (view 2), w/o Lee., 15 Aug 1839 - 14 May 1879, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Forquer, Willie Hanna, (view 2), s/o Lee & M.A., 02 May 1878 - 09 May? 1879, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Forsythe, Watse E., d/o J.C. & Nannie, 14 Jul 1888, age 1Y 5M 7D, Younkin plot, (contributed by Glen Swartz)

Grossman, Garfield, 24 Nov 1886, age 4D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Grossman, Melinda, w/o Ludwig, 14 Jul 1890, age 39Y 2M 17D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hanna, John, Sr., (view 2), 26 Apr 1795 - 17 Sep 1882, age 87Y 4M 21D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hanna, Sarah, (view 2), w/o John, Sr., 08 Jul 1875, age 76Y 8M 11D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hanna, Noble, s/o Alexander & Jane, 30 Jun 1830, age 1Y 2M 26D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Harned, Milton P., s/o E.K. & M.A., 24 Sep 1871, age 8Y 6M, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Harris, Dora C. McNeill, 30 Mar 1877 - 12 Dec 1946, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Huffine, Abraham, Co D 5 Reg PA H. A., GAR, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hunter, Joseph A. T., born in Bucks Co., PA, 10 May 1815 - 15 Feb 1890, age 74Y 9M 5D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hyatt, Alfread, s/o A. & M., 17 Sep 1845, age 9Y 17D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hyatt, Andrew, 04 Jun 1870, age 77Y 7M 19D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hyatt, Cornelia, d/o A.S. & Melia, 27 Dec 1861, age 8Y 8M 28D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hyatt, David, s/o A. & M., 13 Sep 1845, age 21Y 6M, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hyatt, Eleanor, d/o A. & M., 18 Apr 1831, age 9Y 6M, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hyatt, Francis Marion, 1842 - 24 Aug 1894, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hyatt, Jerushe, d/o A. & M., 06 Sep 1845, age 15Y 4M 28D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hyatt, Elizabeth, 25 Jun 1872, age 65Y 4m 28D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hyatt, Ezra, s/o A.S. & Melia, 21 Dec 1861, age 11Y, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hyatt, Jane, w/o William, 1832 - 1910, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hyatt, Jennie, c/o Josiah & Kate S., 09 Apr 1870?, age 5M 21D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hyatt, Asby, c/o Josiah & Kate S., 14 Feb 1873, age 2Dm, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hyatt, John, ?? Nov 1850?, age 60Y 8M 10, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hyatt, Maria, consort of Elija, 14 Feb 1820 - 10 May 1847, Our Bondage Here Shall End, by and by, by and by.  Our Griefs shall banish then, with three score years and ten, and bright glory crowns the day, by and by, by and by, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hyatt, Mary, 25 Mar 1870, age 76Y 9M 10D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hyatt, Mary, w/o John, 12 May 1791 - 02 Jan 1876?, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hyatt, Otha, 27 Dec 1893, age 78Y 10M 03D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hyatt, Ross, Co H 85th PA Inf., (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hyatt, Thankful, 20 Jul 1894, age 70Y 2M 15D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Hyatt, Thomas, 1837 - 1898, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Jamison, M. Alice, w/o Wm., 1875 - 1932, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Jamison, William A., 26 Oct 1872 - 06 Dec 1956, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Jomssin, Rachal, Sep 1826, age 24Y, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Jennings, Clarinda, d/o D. & C., 10 Mar 1834, age 14Y 9M 12D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

King, Christopher, 24 Apr 1811, age 78Y 2M 17D, Ye living men as you pass by, as you are now so once was I.  As I am now so must you be, so soon prepare to follow me, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

King, Christopher, (view 2), 25 Feb 1898, age 63Y 3M 24D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

King, David, 23 Apr 1851, age 86Y 6M 18D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

King, Edmund, 16 Dec 1895, age 21Y 3M 26D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

King, Highly, (view 2), w/o John C., d/o J. & M. Rush, 06 Dec 1861, age 79Y 1M 12D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

King, Hiram, s/o T. & B., 03 Nov 1851, age 2Y 6M, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

King, Jacob, (view 2 , 3), 13 Dec 1874, age 75Y 4M 9D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

King, Eve, (view 2 , 3), w/o Jacob, 04 Dec 1796 - 23 Oct 1885, age 88Y 10M 19D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

King, John C., (view 2), 04 Aug 1842, age 66Y, Studious of peace, he hated strife, Kind deeds portray'd his mind.  The Resurrection unto life, his sure rewards design'd, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

King, Lydia, 01 aug 1803, age 29Y, For I know that my redeemer liveth and that he shall stand on the last day upon the earth, and though after my flesh destryoyed the body yet in the flesh shall I see God, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

King, Rebecca, 20 May 1871, age 86Y 5M 4D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

King, Thomas R., 11 Dec 1861, age 54Y, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

King, illegible, d/o T.R. & R., illegible, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

King, Barbara, w/o T.R., 25 Jun 1857, aged 37Y, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Kreger, Infant, s/o J.O. & R.J., 30 Mar 1862, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Kreger, Irvin B., s/o J. & R., 21 Mar 1870?, age 5Y 11M 4D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Kreger, Martha J., d/o J.O. & R.J., 18 Dec 1882, age 2Y 11M 2D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Lenhart, Jesse H., 02 Feb 1867, age 29Y ?M, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Lenhart, Jessie G., s/o J. & S.J., 01 Jul? 1894, age 6Y 5M 22D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Lenhart, Peter, Co K 29th PA Inf, GAR, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Lenhart, illegible, d/o J. & S., ?? Feb 18?8, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Leonard, Harrison R., s/o W.B. & Sarah, 15 May 1876 - 01 May 1903, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Leonard, Sarah, d/o J. & M. Rush, 29 Jul 1887, age 40Y 4M 17D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Long, Enoch, 1822 - 1909, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Long, Hiram, s/o E. & R., 26 Jan 1861, age 18D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Long, Mary Ann, d/o E. & R., 1861, aged 2 Y ?M ?D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

McNeal, Bruce, s/o R. & R.J., 18 Sep 1872, age 2Y 11M 13D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

McNeal, Margaret, w/o James, 12 Mar 1882, age 82Y 9M 10D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

McNeill, James B., (view 2), 28 Dec 1864 - 23 Dec 1896, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

McNeill, Margaret A., (view 2), 22 Dec 1874 - 06 Oct 1910, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

McNeill, Mary, illegible, 11 Apr 1864, age 72Y, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

McNeill, Robert, (view 2), 1833 - 1895, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

McNeill, Jane, (view 2), 1847 - 1937, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

McNeill, Robert L., Jr., (view 2), 05 Apr 1879 - 03 May 1957, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Minder, Sadie, (view 2), 08 Mar 1881, age 44Y 1M 9D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Minder, Sarah (contributed by Glen Swartz), view 2 , 3 , 4 (contributed by Glenda Shay),  w/o John, 02 Jan 1882, age 78Y 6M 8D

Mitchell, James, Jr., 1754 - 1827, Revolutionary War, (contributed by Glen Swartz)

Mitchell, Thomas, 1754 - 1824, Revolutionary War, (contributed by Glen Swartz)

Moon, Jere., Co H 85th PA Inf, GAR, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Moon, Leslie, 15 Apr 1895, age 9Y 9M 7D, s/o A.J. & H., (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Mountain, Johnathan, 15 May 1878, age 52Y, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Mountain, Newlin, 29 Aug 1866, age 16Y 2M 23D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Pringey, Abagail, w/o John, 12 Feb 1866, age 89Y 2M 13D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Pringey, John, 14 Dec 1865, age 93Y, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Read, John, 18 Feb 1803, age 73, , DAR Flag Holder, Hir Les the bons of John Read deceased February the 18th AD 1803 aged 73.  Ian the 15th of November 1802, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Ream, Albert, 09 Jun 1877, age 29Y 5M 6D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Ream, Barbary, d/o John & Susan, 24 Feb 1849, age 1M 17D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Ream, Clarry, d/o A. & B.A., 07 Feb 1876, age 4Y 3M 24D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Ream, George, s/o T. & S., 28 Mar 1870, age 13Y 2M 4D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Ream, Hester, w/o Thomas, 04 Nov 1850, age 26Y 8M 20D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Ream, John, 22 Jan 1849, age 33Y 1M 17D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Ream, Sarah, w/o Thomas, 09 Jan 1865, age 45Y 1M 15D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Ream, Thomas, 09 Jun 1885, age 65Y 9M, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Romesburg, Calvin, 1884 - 1913, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Romesburg, Minerva, 1852 - 1915, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rush Family Row, (contributed by Glen Swartz)

Rush, Alisan, d/o J.H. & Ann, 22 May 1845, age 1Y 9M 23D, (contributed by Glen Swartz)

Rush, Ann, 28 Dec 1866, age 79Y 1M 23D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rush, Benjamin, 16 Feb 1827, age 67Y, Revolutionary War Flag Marker, (contributed by Glen Swartz)

Rush, Benoni, s/o James H. & Sarah, 27 Feb 1845, age 14D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rush, Catharine, d/o Jacob & Ruth, 02 Mar 1845, age 5Y 11M 1D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rush, David, Co F 138 PA Inft., (photo contributed by Vicki Rush)

Rush, Infant, s/o J. & M., Nov 1850 - Nov 1850, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rush, Jacob, 14 Jan 1850, age 95Y, Revolutionary War Flag Marker, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rush, Jacob, (view 2), 01 Mar 1805 - 23 Jul 1893, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rush, Jehu, 01 Nov 1816 - 19 Jul 1884, age 67Y 8M 18D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rush, Mary, w/o Jehu, 26 Sep 1876, age 57Y 11M 26D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rush, John E., s/o John & Margaret, 08 Nov 1832, age 16Y, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rush, Laura A., d/o F & M.A., 15 Oct 1876, age 1Y 12D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rush, George Esli, s/o H.H. & S., grand son of J. & M. Rush and A.S. & P. Hyatt, 07 Oct 1860 - 10 Apr 1870, age 9Y 6M 3D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rush, Laura Redulin, d/o H.H. & S., grand daughter of J. & M. Rush and A.S. & P. Hyatt, 07 Sep 1865 - 07 Feb 1870, age 4Y 5M, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rush, Lette Eileen, d/o H.H. & S., grand daughter of J. & M. Rush and A.S. & P. Hyatt, 31 Mar 1872, age 4M 27D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rush, Melissa T., d/o H.H. & S., grand daughter of J. & M. Rush and A.S. & P. Hyatt, 14 Oct 1876, aged 3Y 6M 9D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rush, Martha, 09 Feb 1823, age 62Y, (contributed by Glen Swartz)

Rush, Mary, 13 Oct 1826, age 66Y, Though greedy worms devour my skin, And gnaw my wasting flesh, When God shall build my bones again, He'll clothe them all afresh, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rush, Reuben, (view 2), 08 Aug 1848, age 69Y, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rush, Ross, (view 2 , 3), s/o Jacob & Ruth, age 22Y 4M 16D.  He enlisted in Co H 85th PA Vol 23 Sep 1864, and was killed in a charge at Petersburg, Va 18 Jun 1864, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rush, Roxanah, d/o J.H. & Ann, 14 Jan 1839, age 5Y 4M 5D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rush, Ruth, w/o Jacob, 15 Mar 1809 - 20 Apr 1894, (contributed by Glen Swartz)

Rush, Sarah, 22 Jul 1814, age 52Y, (contributed by Glen Swartz)

Rush, Sarah Ann, consort of James H., 21 Mar 1845, age 21Y 9M 10D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rush, Harriet Jane, d/o James H. & Sarah Ann, 20 Mar 1845, age 2Y 2M 21D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rush, Sarah J., d/o F. & M.A., 14 May 1875, age 1Y 9M 16D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rush, Charles B., s/o F. & M.A., 23 Oct 1875, age 4Y 5M 19D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rush, Sarah Kirkpatrick, consort of William Rush, 25 May 1852, age 65Y 1M 23D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Rush, William, 05 Mar 1870, age 85Y 10M 25D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Sanner, Alexander, s/o Michael & Margaret, 28 Jun 1828 - 26 Aug 1845, age 17Y 1M 22D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Sanner, Frankie B., s/o John & Bell, 03 Dec 1880 - 14 Feb 1891, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Sanner, Nellie, d/o John & Bell, 21 Sep 1887 - 21 Mar 1888, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Sanner, Infant, s/o H. & M., 17 Sep 1885, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Sanner, John K., s/o L.F. & S., 05 Jan 1849, age 12Y 7M 5D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Sanner, Lewis F., 17 Nov 1811 - 01 Nov 1881, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Sanner, Margaret, w/o Michael, 06 Jul 1850, age 58Y, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Sanner, Margaret, d/o Michael & Margaret, 31 Mar 1823 - 06 Aug 1830, age 7Y, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Sanner, Margaret, d/o Jonathan & Permilia, 19 Nov 1843 - 13 Sep 1845, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Sanner, Nannie Rosa, d/o C.M. & L.A., 18 Oct 1886, age 5Y 3M 6D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Sanner, Sarah King, w/o L.F., 22 Aug 1815 - 18 Dec 1901, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Sembower, Mary, w/o J.M., 19 Mar 1882, age 18Y 10M 11D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Simmons, Rosa J., d/o D. & E., 11 Oct 1886, age 27D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Skinner, Elisabeth, (view 2), w/o Rev. Nathaniel, 07 Sep 1799 age 81Y, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Skinner, Elizabeth, (view 2), (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Skinner, Joseph, 23 Mar 1798, age 27Y, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Skinner, Nathaniel, s/o John, Sr., 29 Dec 1795, age 1Y 9M, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Skinner, Nathaniel, Sr., (view 2), 01 Oct 1801, age 95Y, born in Woodbridge, New Jersey, Revolutionary War Flag Marker, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Skinner, Reuben, Sr., 21 Apr 1814, age 78Y, Revolutionary War Flag Marker, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Smith, Dennis, 12 Oct 1892, age 5Y 8M 8D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Sweitzer, Lucinda, 1828 - 1910, Younkin plot, (contributed by Glen Swartz)

Tannehill, Francis, 1802 - 1869, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Tannehill, Howard, s/o Z.L. & S., 20 Jun 1860 - 21 Feb 1863, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Tannehill, Jemima Smith, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Tannehill, Josiah H., 1799 - 1876, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Tannehill, Mary A., (view 2), w/o Z., 1800 - 1880, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Tannehill, Zacharia, 19 Mar 1798 - 21 Nov 1871, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Tharp, Indianna, d/o J. & E., Sep 1845, age 5Y 4M 17D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Van Sickel, Catharine, 1871 - 1887, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Van Sickel, George, 1869 - 1930, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Van Sickel, John A., 1877 - 1954, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

VanSickel, Sarah M., 1846 - 1928, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Willits, Prudence, 15 May 1795?, age 60Y, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Woodman, Jerusha, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Woods, William F., 1909 - 1997, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Woods, Mary C., 1911 - 1984, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Younkin Family Plot, (contributed by Glen Swartz)

Younkin Family Marker, (contributed by Glen Swartz)

Younkin, Arvilla, d/o B. & A., 23 Dec 1867, age 1Y 8M 8D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Younkin, Cora M., 1865 - 1929, (contributed by Glen Swartz)

Younkin, F. C., (view 2), Co H 1st Bat'n PA Inf, GAR, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Younkin, Ida May, d/o B. & A., 03 May 1881, age 6Y 7M 6D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Younkin, John H., (view 2), 1825 - 1890, Co C 29 Reg PA Vol, GAR, (contributed by Glen Swartz)

Younkin, Nancy G., 1896 - 1896, (contributed by Glen Swartz)

Younkin, Sallie, 1856 - 1924, (contributed by Glen Swartz)

Unknown #01, fieldstone, Revolutionary Solder, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Unknown #02, fieldstone, Revolutionary Soldier, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Unknown #03, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Unknown #04, double child stone?, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Unknown #05, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Unknown #06, W. W.?, Revolutionary Soldier, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Unknown #07. GAR, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Unknown #08, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Unknown #09, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Unknown, Alphie, ?? Jun 1825 - 05 Oct 1832, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Unknown, Catharine, w/o ?, 13 Apr 1864, age 37Y 9?M 9D, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

Unknown, Merley, died 1893, age 8M, (contributed by Glenda Shay)

The following names and transcriptions were on the WPA recordings from the 1930's, but whose stones were not identified during this survey.  It is assumed they are either among the above unknown, or have become lost to history.

Flemings, James, 08 Aug 1803, age 3Y

Gathers, James, 24 Jan 1885, age 53Y, h/o Catherine

H., G., native stone marker, Hyatt lot

Harned, Harrison, 04 Feb 1826, age 3Y

Hyatt, Jacob, 10 Nov 1850, age 60Y 8M 10D

Lanning, Joseph, 29 Oct 1771 - 14 Dec 1810

Moon, Blanch R., d/o A.J. & H., 15 May 1893, age 3Y 6M 15D

Moon, Infant, c/o A.J. & H., 18 Aug 1893, We Loved Them

Native Stone Marker, might be grave of James McNeal

Ream, Austin, s/o Thos. & Sarah, 25 Oct 1861, age 10Y

Rush, Elizabeth, w/o William, 03 Nov 1813, age 88Y

Rush, William, Sr., 20 Oct 1800, age 73Y, Remember man that thou must die thinking of thy latter end.

S., N.

Sanner, Russell, s/o John & Belle, 21 Mar 1886 - 25 Mar 1886

Sanner, William, s/o John & Belle, 04 Feb 1884 - 04 Feb 1884

Skinner, Elizabeth, w/o One Rev Nathaniel Skinner hith here.  She departed 05 Nov 1890, age 54Y

Sweitzer, Martha, w/o W., 22 Jan 1889, age 33Y 2M 20D

Van Sickel, D. H., Co D 3rd MD P H B Inft.

Wolf, Jacob, 07 Feb 1884, age 30Y 6M

Wolf, Rebecca, w/o Jacob, 05 Aug 1885, age 27Y 6M 15D

Wolf, Bertie, d/o J. & R., 20 Sep 1881, age 11M 20D

Wolf, Lillie, d/o J. & R., 02 Oct 1880

Younkin, Dorchas Hartzell, w/o Jacob J., 09 May 1889, age 69Y 2D

94 unmarked adult graves

17 unmarked children graves

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