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Glade Cemetery

Stonycreek Township, Somerset County, PA

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Updated October 18, 2022

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(contributed by Rich Boyer)

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WPA Transcription Records of Glade Cemetery


Tombstone Inscriptions

(partial survey)

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Boyer, Charles, s/o John Boyer & Maggie Hammond, age 2Y, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Boyer, John, 14 Jul 1839 - 04 May 1910, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Boyer, Sarah Bechtel, 02 Jun 1901, age 91Y 13D, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Fritz, Wesley J., 1878 - 1935, (contributed by Brenda Shawley)

Fritz, Evi G., 1838 - 1932, (contributed by Brenda Shawley)

Fritz, William J., 1832 - 1896, (contributed by Brenda Shawley)

Keller, Sophia Boyer, 1847 - 1936, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Manges, David, 10 Feb 1889, age 75Y 5M 1D, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Manges, Susannah, w/o D., 04 Sep 1888, age 71Y 3M 10D, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Ross, Ephraim, 05 Jan 1887, age 64Y 11M 9D, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

Ross, Sarah, w/o Ephraim, 25 Apr 1906?, age 76Y?, (contributed by Rich Boyer)

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