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Allegheny Township, Somerset County, PA

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In Memory Of
John Deeter (Johannes Ditrich)
and his wife
Catherine nee Springer
died 1828

    Pioneer settlers of this community; settling on this farm at the close of the Revolutionary War in which he served, receiving title from the state by patent dated May 17, 1793, this opening in the mountain is designated on the map of Pennsylvania as Deeter's Gap.
     He was a natural mechanic; erecting his own farm buildings constructing his own sawmill, cut millstones for customers. This stone was cut by him and remained on these premises unused until 1933, when it was erected as a memorial to him and his wife by descendants.

     Situated on the McLuckie Farm in Allegheny Twp., at the edge of the woods east of the Buildings, near an old lime stone quary, and not far from St Lukes Mountain Church, on Highway #31

Deeter Cemetery Photos contributed by Rich Boyer

WPA Records of Deeter Burial Ground Cemetery


Tombstone Inscriptions

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Deeter, John, (view 2 , 3), 1760 - 1825, Capt. Revolutionary War

Deeter, Catherine Springer, (view 2 , 3), died 1828

additional graves taken from WPA Recording from 1930's

Berdollin, Veronica, 11 Apr 1783, Hier leight Veronica Bergdollin Pis aufer strohng der Gerechten

Bergdol, Salomon, 10 Apr 1783, Hier liegt Salomon Bergdol begrahn

Deeter, Albert, s/o J. & F., 05 Feb 1865, age 10M

Deeter, Rosanna, d/o J. & F., 31 Jul 1851, age 4Y 9D

Two children graves not inscribed

Possibly 10 or 12 other graves not inscribed and poorly marked

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