Somerset County, PA

A. R. Wright Farm Burial Ground

a.k.a. - Ringer - Shoemaker Cemetery

Elk Lick Township, Somerset County, PA

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Ringer - Shoemaker Cemetery was an original project of Glenda Shay


WPA Records of A. R. Wright Cemetery


Tombstone Inscriptions

printer friendly text transcription of Tombstone Inscriptions

Brown, Unknown, ?? Oct 1898

Ringer, Infant, d/o N.S. & I.C., 23 Sep 1893, age 2D

Ringer, Infant, d/o N.S. & I.C., 01 Jul 1896, age 5D

Ringer, Infant, s/o N.S. & I.C., 13 Oct 1899 - 14 Oct 1899

Ringer, Infant, d/o  D.M. & S.C., 12 May 1882

Ringer, Infant, d/o S.M. & M, 19? Apr 1889

Ringer, Infant, s/o S.M. & M., 23 Apr 1887

Ringer, Infant, d/o S.M. & M, illegible

Ringer, Infant, s/o S.M. & M., illegible

Ringer, Margaret, w/o M., 18 Feb 1891, age 73Y 6M 2D

Ringer, Michael, 29 May 1884, age 71Y 9M 6D, Rest Father, rest in quiet sleep, while friends in sorrow over thee weep

Shoemaker, Elisha, 27 Jun 1890, aged 58Y, GAR?

Shoemaker, Hezekiah, 26 Jan 1875, age 21Y 7M 12D

Shoemaker, Jacob, 01 Jan 1890, age 78Y 10M 29D

Shoemaker, John, 28 Dec 1813 - 09 Mar 1870, age 56Y 4M 11D

Shoemaker, Margaret, 06 Mar 1876, age 49Y 10M 20D

Shumaker, Margart, w/o John, died 1854

Vought, Harvey R., s/o J. L. & M. A., [18 Jun 1888, age 2Y 5M 9D]

Unknown #01, died 09 Apr 1890

Unknown #02, P.M.D.?, 1863

Unknown #03, M.S., 1854

Unknown, Infant


     These following tombstone transcriptions are taken from the WPA transcription from the 1930's, but were not positively identified during this photographic survey.

Bender, Infant, s/o E. & D., 18 Jul 1875, age 4M 11D

C. S., 1851

Ringer, Infant, s/o S.M. & M., died Dec 1881

Ringer, Infant, s/o S.M. & M., 02 Jun 1884

Wright, Infant, s/o J. & A., 02 Jan 1887

24 graves, no identification marks

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