Zion Stone

Church Cemetery


West Penn Township


Partial Survey




Jacob BILLMANN  1790-1866, Contributor:  Sharon Jones


Johannes BILLMANN  1765-1845, Contributor:  Sharon Jones


Maria Christina BILLMANN  6/19/1767-1852, aged 84y 10m 4d, wife of Johannes Billman, Contributor:  Sharon Jones


John C. BROWN  9/7/1846-8/20/1921, aged 76y 11m 13d, Co. I 48th Reg. Pa. Vol., Contributor: Del Light


Mary BROWN  3/1/1853-1/27/1944, aged 89y 10m 26d, wife of John C. Brown, nee Hartung, Contributor: Del Light


John DAUBENSPECK  1864-1957, with wife Mary A. DAUBENSPECK 1868-1933, Contributor: Del Light


Amandus HARTUNG  10/10/1862-1938, Contributor: Del Light


Christian HARTUNG  11/30/1838-1/21/1918, aged 79y 1m 21d, Co. A. 202. Reg. Pa. Vol., husband of Kate Hartung nee Wertman, Contributor: Del Light


Christoph HARTUNG  b. 9/2/1757, Contributor: Del Light


Elnora HARTUNG  d. 1/18/1872 aged 4y ?m 13d, with Lasetta HARTUNG d. 1/18/1872 aged 2y 2m 29d, children of Christian and Kate Hartung, Contributor: Del Light


Ethan J. HARTUNG  7/28/1924-12/29/2003, with wife Elva M. HARTUNG 6/23/1924-10/8/1986 nee Zehner, Contributor: Del Light


George A. HARTUNG  6/6/1874-10/31/1940, aged 66y 4m 25d, husband of Elizabeth Hartung nee Kershner, Contributor: Del Light


Howard HARTUNG  1/27/1909-9/16/1981, with Lulu HARTUNG 7/16/1901-2/17/1981, children of George & Elizabeth Hartung, Contributor: Del Light


Lizzie A. HARTUNG  11/4/1876-3/15/1911, aged 34y 6m 11d, wife of Geo. Hartung, Contributor: Del Light


Mary J. HARTUNG  1866-1941, wife of Amandus Hartung, nee Stahler, Contributor: Del Light


Robert M. HARTUNG  7/1882-5/21/1941, son of Christian and Kate Hartung, Contributor: Del Light


Hanna Wagner HAUSER  4/13/1797-5/28/1858, wife of Peter Hauser, Contributor:  Sharon Jones


Peter HAUSER  8/27/1795-1/28/1861, husband of Hanna Hauser, Contributor:  Sharon Jones


Oliver LEESER  1876-1958, with wife Clara M. LEESER 1880-1966 nee Brown, Edgar O. LEESER 1905-1948, and Alma A. LEESER 1910-1999, Contributor: Del Light


Abraham WAGNER  1799-1837, Contributor:  Sharon Jones


Martin WAGNER  1760-1841, Contributor:  Sharon Jones


Susanna WAGNER  1764-1834, Contributor:  Sharon Jones





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