St Paul's Lutheran

and Reformed Church



Located on

Summer Hill Road

(about 2 miles from Rt. 183)

South Manheim Twp.



Partial Survey


Photos contributed

by Bruce MacDonald



F. B. HOFFMAN 2/6/1856-9/3/1928


Mary J. Reber HOFFMAN  1/23/1861-1/2/1909, aged 47y 11m 9d, wife of F. B. Hoffman


Adam REBER  12/14/1781-5/12/1860, aged 78y 4m 28d


Alta REBER  d. 9/9/1905, aged 12d, daughter of Clinton and Gertrude Reber


Andrew J. REBER  8/16/1877-5/5/1899, aged 21y 8m 10d, son of Joel J. and Mary E. Reber


Annetta REBER  5/26/1839-1/15/1929, aged 89y 7m 19d


Carrie L. REBER  2/7/1899-8/13/1972


Catarine(?) REBER  1/6/1808-4/4/1889, aged 81y 2m 29d, wife of Daniel Reber (d. 1885)


Catharina REBER  4/15/1762-12/27/1836, aged 74y 8m 12d wife of Johan Reber, nee SCHMITT


Charles REBER  12/19/1814-10/15/1898, aged 83y 9m 26d


Chester REBER  9/2/1902-9/26/1938(?), son of Clinton and Gertrude Reber


Christina REBER  2/20/1774-2/25/1853, aged 79y 5d, wife of Adam Reber


Clark REBER  7/9/1903-10/16/1903, aged 3m 7d, son of Clinton and Gertrude Reber


Cleveland REBER  2/7/1885-7/5/1893, aged ?y 4m ?d, son of Joel J. and Mary Reber


Clinton REBER  3/13/1900-9/25/1989, with Veri I. REBER 11/22/1907-2/21/1999


Clinton W. REBER  1/12/1875-5/15/1942, with Gertrude M. REBER 2/29/1876-4/23/1959


Daniel REBER  4/18/1842-10/12/1915, aged 73y 5m 24d


Daniel REBER  4/25/1808-2/20/1885, aged 76y 9m 25d


Daniel B. REBER  6/30/1830-3/19/1891, with Catharine REBER nee WERT 5/2/1833-12/25/1904


Earl C. REBER  1908-1998, with Annie H. REBER 1911-1992


Elmer A. REBER  3/2/1882-8/18/1909, aged 27y 6m 16d


Emanuel REBER  1866-1946, with Louisa REBER 1868-1962


Erwin REBER  1891(?)-?, with Lucy Annie REBER 1896-1969


Evan T. REBER  1885-1952, with Rosa M. REBER 1889-1938


Fiette(?) REBER  2/28/1830-5/27/1894, wife of Isaac Reber


George REBER  12/17/1783-2/71849, aged 66y 1m 20d


George M. REBER  6/15/1910-4/29/1997, with Hattie D. REBER nee Bartolet 12/7/1908-3/16/1982


Grover N. REBER  6/4/1887-2/17/1959, with Amy E. Keener REBER 5/13/1889-8/15/1989


Guy W. REBER  1907-1965, with Martha M. REBER 1908-19??


Hannah B. REBER  6(?)/11/18??-2/7/18??, daughter of ? and Lovina(?) Reber


Henry REBER  8/23/1835-3/21/1904, aged 68y 6m 28d


Howard W. REBER  2nd Stone  1/10/1916-12/18/1995, with Kenneth H. REBER 5/17/1956-1/1/1975


Isaac REBER  6/10/1825-12/1/1889


Isaac M. REBER  1877-1951, with Allena REBER 1881-1945


James M. REBER  9/21/1902-7/2/1955, with Lottie M. Fidler REBER 5/16/1908-11/9/1971


James W. REBER  1882-1963, with Rebecca REBER 1892-1984


Joel J. REBER  3/24/1852-5/18/1928, aged 76y 1m 24d


Johannes REBER  1/7/1758-3/27/1836, aged 78y 2m 21d


John M. REBER  1897-1978, with Alverta A. REBER 1898-1983


Joseph REBER  2/18/1828-3/24/1894 aged 66y 1m 6d, with Sarah REBER 9/30/1833-10/18/1916 aged 83y 18d


Joseph H. REBER  1883-1944, with Emma E. 1875-1948, Irvin W. 1874-1901, Nancy A. 1939-1939, and Frank D. 1893-1971


Joyce C. REBER  12/15/1942-6/23/2002 nee Rubright, with
Gregory G. REBER  10/7/1964-10/15/1985 CPL US Marine Corps


Kenneth H. REBER  5/17/1956-1/1/1975, AMN US Air Force


Lee G. REBER  1905-1989, with Agnes REBER nee Fidler 1907-1999


Lewis A. REBER  d. 11/3/1907 aged 53y 11m 21d, with Amanda REBER d. 10/29/1926 aged 72y 5m 26d


Lewis H. REBER  1889-1964, with Mary A. REBER 1877-1943


Lewis W. REBER  9/10/1913-10/11/1986, with Lurda A. REBER 4/1/1928-4/1/2001


Lovina REBER  10/17/1820-2/14/1900, aged 79y 3m 27d


Mary Elizabeth REBER  10/11/1855-9/2/1903, aged 47y 10m 21d, wife of Joel J. Reber


Robert W. REBER  6/6/1911-1/9/2002


Roy F. REBER  1914-19??, with Pearl I. Leitzel REBER 1918(?)-1987


Russell L. REBER  5/23/1916-11/25/1998, with Mary E. Haag REBER 4/23/1915-9/18/1996


Ruth REBER  d. 4/17/1907, aged 1m 1d, daughter of Clinton and Gertrude Reber


Sarah REBER  11/15/1832-9/8/1901, aged 68y 9m 23d


Wesley REBER  7/4/1858-5/3/1942, with Ellen REBER nee REIGHERT 2/22/1862-1/19/1938


William H. REBER  1879-1960, with Tamsen A. REBER 1880-1945


Wm. M. REBER  7/12/1822-10/29/1900 aged 78y 3m 17d, with wife Lea REBER 8/3/1830-3/24/1897 aged 67y 6m 21d


Joseph ROEDER  7/11/1826-4/11/1905, aged 78y 9m





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