St. Steven's

Church Cemetery


Shenandoah Heights


Partial Survey


Contributed by Del Light




Cyril J. BOBISH 2/17/1932-6/1/1979, son of John and Olive Bobish


John BOBISH 4/21/1889-1/14/1969, with wife Olive BOBISH 1902-1969 nee Witkoski


Michael A. RADA 6/5/1905-8/1973, with wife Mary K. RADA 8/19/1909-10/1/1997 nee Witkoski


Leo WITKOSKI 4/10/1881-9/4/1931, with wife Elizabeth WITKOSKI 1879-8/14/1924 nee Prepsel, and son Frank 1/25/1906-1941


Leo T. WITKOSKI 2/12/1915-9/30/2001, with wife Agatha WITKOSKI 1917-1975 nee Kuchinsky





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