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Albert BAUSMAN 2/2/1844-4/11/1900, aged 56y 2m 9d, Co. I 187th Regt. P.V., Contributor: Del Light


Charles BAUSMAN  View 2  3/6/1844-7/1/1930 Pvt. Co. L 80 Regt. PA Vol. Cav. Civil War, with wife Susan BAUSMAN 4/1/1840-1/27/1917 nee Womer, Contributor: Del Light


Lydia Ann BAUSMAN 2/22/1849-1/15/1922, wife of Albert Bausman, daughter of Lydia A. Cohoon, Contributor: Del Light


John G. COHOON  View 2  3/18/1844-7/26/1930 Co. L 7th Cavalry PA, with wife Sarah A. COHOON 2/11/1855-3/16/1939 nee Augustine, Contributor: Del Light


Lydia Ann COHOON 3/21/1827-6/11/1902, aged 75y 2m 21d, nee Rupp, Contributor: Del Light


Lillian N. DELPAIZ 10/31/1896-7/1/1991, nee Hartung, Contributor: Del Light


Anna Maria DENNIS 1826-1880, age 63y, wife of John W. Dennis, daughter of George and Margaret Geiger, Section 11, Lot 5, Grave 5, Contributor: Eileen Davis


John H. DENNIS 1850-1902 son of John W. & Anna M. Dennis, with wife Lucy Dennis ENGLE (remarried Charles Engle) daughter of William & Lydia Cohoon, 1852-1930 Contributor: Eileen Davis


George Washington DENNIS 4/11/1852-5/27/1926 son of John W. and Anna M. Dennis, with wife Mary E. DENNIS 5/14/1852-2/9/1918, Irma S. DENNIS d. 11/24/1953, and A. Mabel DENNIS d. 11/15/1960, same stone as Henry and Anna Whetstone, Contributor: Eileen Davis


H. David HARTUNG 9/7/1871-11/8/1957, with wife Lydia C. HARTUNG 9/14/1871-10/15/1916 nee Bausman, Contributor: Del Light


Arndt HAVEKOST 2/20/1837-12/24/1910, Contributor: Del Light


Mina HAVEKOST 8/7/1841-10/21/1925, wife of Arndt Havekost, nee Bocker, Contributor: Del Light


Earl Sylvester LIGHT 5/14/1890-8/10/1958, with wife Hattie M. LIGHT 10/24/1892-3/23/1984 nee Hartung, Contributor: Del Light


Warren L. MILLER 1905-1944, with Gloria P. MILLER 1926-1956, and wife Bertha Buzza MILLER 1909-1987, Contributor: Del Light


William L. PRICE 3/21/1895-9/1982 WWI, with wife Ida M. PRICE 7/1894-1956 nee Bausman, Contributor: Del Light


Charlotte M. STARK 2/23/1884-10/17/1953, sister of Ida M. Bausman Price, nee Bausman, Contributor: Del Light


Henry WHETSTONE 3/1/1814-1/2/1979, with Anna M. WHETSTONE 3/7/1817-6/10/1893, same stone as George W., Mary E., Irma S. and A. Mabel Dennis, Contributor: Eileen Davis





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