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Schuylkill County Map

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The Table of Contents below is from Munsell's work.
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Table of Contents


with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches
of Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers.

New York: W. W. Munsell & Co., 36 Vesey Street, 1881
Press of George Macnamara, 36 Vesey Street, N.Y.


Chapter I Pages 9-11 The Discovery of the Delaware--
Pennsylvania Granted to and Organized by William Penn
Chapter II Pages 11-12 German Immigration--
The Administration of William Penn and Sir William Keith
Chapter III Pages 13-15 The Question of Taxing the Proprietary Estates--
Wars with the French and Indians
Chapter IV Pages 15-16 "Mason and Dixon's Line"--Causes of the Revolution--
Patriotic Action of Pennsylvania
Chapter V Pages 17-18 Revolution in the Provincial Government--
Pennsylvania a State-- Battles of 1776 and 1777--
Indian Warfare
Chapter VI Pages 19-20 Later Events of the Revolution--
War with the Western Indians-- Constitutional Changes
Chapter VII Pages 20-22 The Pennamite War--Whiskey Insurrection--
"Mollie Maguire" Outrages-- The Riots of 1877
Chapter VIII Pages 22-24 Harrisburg made the Capital--The War of 1812--
Internal Improvements--Schools
Chapter IX Pages 24-25 Patriotic Action in the Mexican and Civil Wars--
Governors of Pennsylvania


Chapter I Pages 27-28 Ancient Inhabitants--Berks County
Chapter II Pages 28-31 First Settlement and Pioneer Life in Schuylkill County
Chapter III Pages 32-34 Topography of Schuylkill County
Chapter IV Pages 34-41 Geology of Schuylkill County
Chapter V Pages 41-56 Development of the Coal Production and Trade
in Schuylkill County
Chapter V
Pages 56-72 Development of the Coal Production and Trade
in Schuylkill County
Chapter VI Pages 72-73 Land Titles in Schuylkill County--
The first Settlers and their Achievements
Chapter VII Pages 74-76 Organization and Growth of Schuylkill County--
Officers and Representatives
Chapter VIII Pages 76-79 Public Buildings--Removal of the Seat of Justice--
the County Law Library
Chapter IX Pages 79-81 Waterways of the County--Lumbering and Rafting--
Schuylkill Navigation--The Union Canal
Chapter X Pages 82-83 Early Wagon Roads--Construction of the Center Turnpike--Stage Lines
Chapter XI Pages 83-93 The Railroad System of Schuylkill County
Chapter XII Pages 93-95 Education in Schuylkill County--
The Fight for Free Schools--Orwigsburg Academy
Chapter XIII Pages 95-97 Medical, Religious and Agricultural Societies--
The Miners' Hospital
Chapter XIV Pages 97-106 Labor Troubles--
The Crimes and Suppression of the Mollie Maguires
Chapter XV Pages 106-108 The Militia of Schuylkill County--
Participation in the Mexican War
Chapter XVI Pages 108-112 Origin and Early Incidents of the Civil War--
Patriotic Spirit in Schuylkill County
Chapter XVII Pages 112-117 Companies from Schuylkill County that
saw comparatively little service
Chapter XVIII Pages 118-127 A Regiment of Schuylkill County Men--
The Forty-Eighth Pennsylvania Volunteers
Chapter XIX Pages 128-131 Records and Rolls of the Fiftieth
and Fifty-Second Regiments
Chapter XX Pages 131-132 The Fifty-Third, Fifty-Fifth
and Fifty-Sixth Regiments
Chapter XXI Pages 132-134 The Sixtieth and Sixty-Fifth Regiments
--Third and Fifth Cavalry
Chapter XXII Pages 134-135 Representatives from Schuylkill in the
67th, 70th and 76th Regiments
Chapter XXIII Pages 135-138 The 81st Regiment--The 80th
and 89th (7th and 8th Cavalry)
Chapter XXIV Pages 138-144 Histories of the 93rd and 96th Regiments
Chapter XXV Pages 144-146 Records of the 99th, 104th, 107th,
108th, 116th, 117th and 127th Regiments
Chapter XXVI Pages 146-149 History of the 129th Regiment--
The 237th and 151st Regiments
Chapter XXVII Pages 149-151 Later Regiments--16th and 17th Cavalry--
173rd, 184th, 194th, 210th, and 214th Infantry
Chapter XXVIII Pages 152-155 Schuylkill Men in other than
Schuylkill Regiments--Casualties among the same


Ashland Borough 181-189 Auburn Borough 350-351
Barry Township 156-158 Blythe Township 158-160
Branch Township 162-164 Butler Township 177-180
Cass Township 194-197 Cressona Borough 246-250
East Brunswick Township 198-199 East Norwegian Township 201
East Union Township 213-214 Eldred Township 214-215
Foster Township 215-216 Frackville Borough 373-374
Frailey Township 216-219 Gilberton Borough 374-376
Girardville Borough 190-193 Hegins Township 219-221
Hubley Township 221-222 Klein Township 222-224
Mahanoy Township 225-228 Mahanoy City Borough 229-241
Middleport Borough 160-161 Minersville Borough 164-176
Mount Carbon Borough 250-251 New Castle Township 242-244
New Philadelphia Borough 161 New Ringgold Borough 200
North Manheim Township 244-246 North Union Township 261
Norwegian Township 261-263 Orwigsburg Borough 364-366
Palo Alto Borough 201-202 Pine Grove Township 313-315
Pine Grove Borough 315-323 Port Carbon Borough 202-207
Port Clinton Borough 366-367 Porter Township 324-326
Pottsville Borough 263-278 Pottsville Borough 278-292
Pottsville Borough 293-312a Rahn Township 326-327
Reilly Township 342-344 Rush Township 344-347
Ryan Township 348 Schuylkill/Walker Townships 348-349
Schuylkill Haven Borough 251-256 Shenandoah Borough 377-384, 388-390
South Manheim Township 349-350 St. Clair Borough 207-213
Tamaqua Borough 327-341 Tremont Township 351-352
Tremont Borough 352-354 Union Township 354-356
Upper Mahantongo Township 356-357 Washington Township 357-358
Wayne Township 357-358 West Brunswick Township 361-364
West Mahanoy Township 367-372 West Penn Township 384-387
Yorkville Borough 313


Barnesville 344 Big Mine Run 179
Branch Dale 342 Brandonville 213
Coal Dale 326 Delano 345
DeTurkville 357 Donaldson 218
Drehersville 199 Elwood 314
Fishback 274 Forestville 197
Foutain Springs 179 Friedensburg 359
Gearytown 327 Gilberton 375
Gordon 177 Heckscherville 197
Hecla 199 Heginsville 220
Helfenstein 214 Hometown 344
Honey Brook 224 Jalapa 274
Kepnersville 386 Leibysville 386
Lewistown 349 Lingerstown 256
Llewellyn 163 Locust Dale 178
Lorberry Junction 352 McKeansburg 199
Mahoney Plane 374 Maizeville 375
Mantzville 386 Mifflin 314
Mt. Laffee 243 New Castle 243
Newkirk 349 New Town 343
North Penn 386 Patterson 348
Pitman 215 Quakake Junction 345
Reevesdale 349 Ringtown 355
Rock 357 St. Nicholas 225
Silver Brook 224 Summit 360
Summit Station 223 Swatara 343
Tamanend 344 Taylorsville 156
Torbert 213 Tower City 326
Tuscarora 348 Wadesville 242
William Penn 368 Valley View 220


ALLISON, Robert 213 AUDENRIED, Lewis 306
AUDENRIED, William 305a BANNAN, Benjmain 293
BARTHOLOMEW, Lin. 296 BAST, Gideon 258
BEACH, W.T. 174 BECHTEL, O.P. 302
BOYER, Emanuel 229 BROWN, D.P. 371
BRUMM, Charles N. 173 BUCK, Peter E. 189
CAMPBELL, John 347 COMREY, Andrew 230
CONRAD, F.W. 321 CONRAD, H.W. 321
DONALDSON, Wm, Tamaqua 338 DONALDSON, Wm, Pottsville 303
EICHMAN, John 229 ENCKE, William 230
FERMIER, H. 232 FILBERT, Peter 323
FOSTER, Solomon 306a FRIDIRICI, Alfred 387
GARNER, Joseph W. 185 GRANT, William 383
GREEN, D.B. 301 GRIFFITHS, Ryce J. 230
GRISCOM, Samuel 294 GRISCOM, Samuel E. 295
HEILNER, B. 337 HEIN, Jonas 229
HOPPES, Solomon S. 232 HUGHES, F.W. 311
JONES, William F. 229 KEAR, Frank G. 175
KENDRICK, William 389 KITZMILLER, John 322
KLINE, Jacob 300 KLINE, Mrs. Jacob 300
KOPITZSCH, Charles F. 309 LAWRENCE, Jacob S. 174
LOSCH, S.A. 259 MAJOR, George 230
MAY, Alexander 230 McCARTHY, Patrick 230
McKIBBIN, D.J. 189 MECK, Charles A. 260
MERKEL, M. 176 NUTTING, J.L. 319
PALMER, Robert M. 298 PARRY, Edwin O. 307
PERSHING, C.L. 301 PIPER, O.P. 258
POTTS, George H. 305 QUINN, John T. 229
REILLY, B. 311a RICHARDSON, William F. 232
RYON, J.W. 297 SCHLICHER, Edwin 337
SELTZER, Conrad 312 SHANNON, B.F. 257
SHANNON, Samuel H. 257 SHEPP, Daniel 339
SHOENER, John A. 232 SHORT, William 233
SIGFRIED, J.K. 304 SPAYD, Benjamin 298
STAUFFER, H.H. 230 STEACH, George N. 232
TORBERT, Family 213a ULMER, Jacob 309a
WALKER, Thomas H. 301 WEBER, Augustus 230
WEBER, John 230 WEBER, William Y. 232
WELDY, H.A. 336 WENRICH, Frank 230
WERNER, J. Frank 312 WETHERILL, J.M. 307
WIGGAN, George 340 WIGGAN, Mrs. George 341
WILLIAMS, John H. 310 WREN, Thomas 309a
WATSON, M.C. 390 WYTHE, George W. 230


ALLISON, Robert, Port Carbon 213
AUDENRIED, Lewis, Philadelphia 306
AUDENRIED, William, Philadelphia 305a
BANNAN, Benjamin, Pottsville 293
BARTHOLOMEW, Lin., Pottsville 296
BAST, Gideon, Schuylkill Haven 258
BEACH, W.T., Minersville 174
BECHTEL, O.P., Pottsville 301
BLASS, Louis, Girardville 232
BLATCHFORD, Mary J., Torbert 213b
BROWN, D.P., Lost Creek 371
BRUMM, Charles N., Minersville 173
BUCK, Peter E., Ashland 188
CAMPBELL, John, Rush Township 347
DONALDSON, William, Pottsville 303
DONALDSON, William, Tamaqua 338
FILBERT, Peter, Pine Grove 323
FOSTER, Solomon, Pottsville 306a
GARNER, Joseph W., Ashland
GREEN, D.B., Pottsville 301
GRISCOM, Samuel, Philadelphia 294
GRISCOM, Samuel E., Philadelphia 295
HAESELER, C.H., Pottsville 299
HAYWOOD, Benjamin, Pottsville 308
HELINER, Benjamin, Tamaqua 337
HUGHES, F.W., Pottsville 311
KEAR, Frank G., Minersville 175
KENDRICK, William, Shamokin 389
KOPITZSCH, C.F., Pottsville 309
KLINE, Jacob, Pottsville 300
KLINE, Mrs. Jacob, Pottsville 300
LAWRENCE, Jacob S., Minersville 174
LOSCH, Samuel A., Schuylkill Haven 259
MacMILLAN, M.M., Ann Arbor, Mich. 213c
MacMILLAN, Ida V., Ann Arbor, Mich. 213c
McKIBBIN, D.J., Ashland 189
MECK, Charles A., Schuylkill Haven 260
MERKEL, M., Minersville 176
NUTTING, J.L., Pine Grove 319
PALMER, Robert M., Pottsville 298
PARRY, Edwin O., Pottsville 307
PERSHING, Cyrus L., Pottsville 301
PIPER, O.P., Schuylkill Haven 258
POTTS, George H., N.Y.City 305
REILLY, B., Philadelphia 311a
RYON, J.W., Pottsville 297
SCHLICHER, Edwin, Tamaqua 337
SELTZER, Conrad, Pottsville 312
SEVERN, E.L., Mahanoy City 232
SHANNON, Benjamin F., Schuylkill Haven 257
SHEPP, Daniel, Tamaqua 339
SIGFRIED, J.K., Pottsville 304
TITMAN, Charles E., Shenandoah 213d
TITMAN, Lizzie F., Shenandoah 213d
TORBERT, A. Carrie, Torbert 213d
TORBERT, Hester, Torbert 213c
TORBERT, James, Torbert 213b
TORBERT, James F., Torbert 213c
TORBERT, Margaret A., Torbert 213b
TORBERT, Mary C., Torbert 213c
TORBERT, Sallie R., Torbert 213c
TORBERT, Susie L., Torbert 213d
TORBERT, William Stephen, Torbert 213d
TORBERT, Hon. William L., Torbert 213a
TORBERT, Victoria H., Torbert 213d
ULMER, Jacob., Pottsville 309a
WALKER, Thomas H., Pottsville 301
WATSON, M.C., Shenandoah 390
WEISS, G.W., Schuylkill Haven 260
WEISSINGER, L.W., Sporting Hill 310a
WELDY, H.A., Tamaqua 336
WERNER, J.F., Pottsville 312
WETHERILL, J.M., Pottsville 307
WIGGAN, George, Tamaqua 340
WIGGAN, Mrs. George, Tamaqua 341
WILLIAMS, John H., Pottsville 310
WRENN, George H., Mahanoy City 189
WRENN, Thomas, Pottsville 309a


BAST, Mrs. Gideon,
Schuylkill Haven, Res
BUCK, Peter E.,
Ashland, Res., Store & Warehouse
COLLIERY, Big Mine Run,
COLLIERY, William Penn,
West Mahanoy
Pottsville, Works
Ringtown Hotel
GARNER, Joseph W.,
Ashland Iron Works
Mahanoy City, Works
MAP, Schuylkill county 008
Mahanoy City, Hotel
Pottsville, Building
SELTZER, William and Conrad,
Pottsville, Res., Hotel
Pottsville, Store
Torbert Res. and Grounds
Town and Farm Views (490 kbytes)
213f, g
Ashland, Hotel
Shenandoah, Store
Sporting Hill, Res.

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