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of the
and of the

Intended to Preserve the Recollections of Olden Time, and to Exhibit
Society in its Changes of Manners and Customs, and the City
and Country in their Local Changes and Improvements
by John F. Watson
Published in 1857, Written circa 1830-1850


[NOTE: from the Advertisement Section] The reader will please observe, that
this work having been CLOSED IN ITS MANUSCRIPT, in 1842, that therefore,
all reference to any given number of years back, respecting things passed or done
so many "years ago", is to be understood as counting backward from the year 1842.
Philadelphia County, July, 1842.

[ED. NOTE: Chapter numbers added as an identification aid for these on-line archives.]

Special thanks to EVC who transcribed this work from her 1868 copy of John Watson's history. Volumes I & II completed ! !

Filename Table of Contents -- Vol. I
Chapter 0 Contents, Advertisement and General History
Chapter 1 Epitome of Primitive Colonial and Philadelphia History
Chapter 2 The Primitive Settlement and its Incidents
Chapter 3 - Part I Facts and Occurrences of the Primitive settlement
Chapters 3 - Part II - 4 Facts and Occurances of the Primitive settlement (concl)
Fragments of the Primitive History
Chapters 5 - 8 The Penn Family -- and facts concerning them
Penn's Descendants --- notices of them
The landing of Penn at Chester
The landing of Penn at the Blue Anchor Inn
Chapters 9 - 14 The Treaty Tree and Fairman's Mansion there
The Swedes' Church and House of Sven Sener
Penny Pot-house and Landing
Poole's bridge and its incidents
Penn's Cottage in Letitia Court
Slate-roof House --- Penn's residence
Chapters 15 - 18 The River - front Bank --- and how its original purpose was changed
The Caves --- and their inhabitants
Habits and State of Society in Colonial Times
Apparel --- Former Dresses
Chapters 19 - 22 Furniture and Equipage in Olden Time
Changes and Improvements in public and domestic comforts and conveniences
Changes in Residences and Places of business
Local changes in Streets and Places
Chapters 23-24A Innovations and new modes of Conducting Business
Progress and state of Society
Changes in the Prices of Diet
Chapters 25 - 27 Superstitions and Popular Credulity
Sports and Amusements
City Dancing Assembly
Education in Early Times
Chapters 28 - 33 Primitive Courts and Trials
Crimes and Punishments
The Excellencies of Penn's Laws
Philadelphia Bar in Colonial Times
Militia and Colonial Defence
Duels in Olden Time
Chapters 34 - 39 The Drawbridge and Dock Creek
The Old Court House, and Friends' Meeting
High Street Prison and Market Shambles
The Stone Prison, S.W. corner of Third and High Street
Market Houses in Primitive Days
The Arch Street Bridge at Front Street
Chapters 40 - 49 Shippen's Great House
Benezet's House and Chestnut street Bridge
Clarke's Hall, &c., --- Chestnut street
Carpenter's Mansion
Christ Church --- it's early history
Friends' Bank Meeting, Front Street
Friends' Meeting at Centre Square
The London Coffee-house
State House and Yard -- in the beginning
State House Inn
Chapters 50 - 71 Washington Square in former Days
Beek's Hollow
Norris' House and Garden
Robert Morris' Mansion
Loxley's House, and Bathsheba's Bath and Bower
Duche's House, &c.
Bingham's Mansion
The British Barracks
The Old Academy
Carpenter's Hall and First Congress there
Office of Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Fort Wilson, corner of Third and Walnut Street
Friends' Alms House
Whitpain's Great House
Wiggleworth's House
The Old Ferry
Offly's Anchor Forge
Baptisterion --- on the Schuylkill
Fort St. David
Bachelor's Hall
The Duck Pond, corner Fourth and High Street
Pegg's Run, &c.--- Early notices and changes there
Chapters 72 - 81 Specimens of the best Houses
Rare Old Houses
Churches --- their early history
Hospitals --- their early history
Poor Houses --- earliest ones
Libraries --- their early history
Taverns in former days
Theatres --- their origin
Custom Houses --- earliest ones
Banks --- in their beginning
Chapters 82 - 89 North End
South End and Society Hill
Western Commons, &c.
Springs -- in earliest days
Gardens --- notices of earliest ones
Ponds and Skating Places
Fires and Fire Engines --- early notices
Friends --- in early times
Chapter 90 Persons and Characters - Part I
Chapter 90 Persons and Characters - Part II
Chapters 90 -92 Persons and Characters - Part III
Aged Persons
Childhood and its Joys
Filename Table of Contents -- Vol. II
& Chapter 1
Contents & Olden Time Affections and Researches
Chapter 2 - Part I Pennsylvania Inland : Germantown - Part I
Chapter 2 - Part II Pennsylvania Inland : Germantown - Part II
Chapter 2 - Part III Pennsylvania Inland : Part III
Gwynedd, in Montgomery County
Chester County
Bucks County
Chapter 2- Part IV Pennsylvania Inland : Part IV
Historical Notices of Lancaster and Lancaster County
Harrisburg, &c.
Wyoming and its Massacre
Pittsburg and Braddock
Frontier Towns
Chapter 3- Part I Indians : Part I
Indian Visits to the City
Indian Alarms and Massacre
Association for Preserving Peace with the Indians -- Year 1756
The Paxton Boys, and Indian Massacre
Present State and Refuge of the Delaware Indians
Isaac Still
Frontier Indians, Incidents, Hostilities, &c.
Chapter 3- Part II Indians : Part II
Indian Names of Places, by Heckewelder
The Indian Alarms and Hostilities
Indian Ravages and Incidents, near Carlisle and Harrisburg
The Indians on Susquehanna
The Assault and Burning of Hanna's town, in 1782
Some Indian Facts
Conestoga Indians and Shawanese
The Captivity of Benjamin Gilbert and His Family, 1780
Final Notes
Chapters 4 - 5 Chapter 4 - Pirates
Captain Kid
Other Pirates
Chapter 5 - The Swedes
Chapters 6 - 12 Chapter 6 - The Germans
Chapter 7 - The Irish
Chapter 8 - Negroes and Slaves
Chapter 9 - Redemption Servants
Chapter 10 - The Stamp Act resisted
Chapter 11 - British Duties and Tea Act Resisted
Chapter 12 - Governors of Colonial Days
Chapter 13 - Part I Occurrences of the War
of Independence - Part I
Chapter 13 - Part II Occurrences of the War
of Independence - Part II
Chapters 14 - 16 Chapter 14 - Alliance Frigate
Chapter 15 - The Federal Procession
Chapter 16 - Seasons and Climate
Chapters 17 - 19 Chapter 17 - Medical Subjects
Chapter 18 - The Post
Chapter 19 - Gazettes and Printing Press
Chapters 20 - 22 Chapter 20 - Statistic Facts
Chapter 21 - Remarkable Incidents and Things
Chapter 22 - Curiosities and Discoveries
Chapters 23 - 31 Chapter 23 - Whales and Whalery
Chapter 24 - Grapes and Vineyards
Chapter 25 - Beasts of Prey and Game
Chapter 26 - Culture of Silk
Chapter 27 - Ships and Shipbuilding
Chapter 28 - Paper Money
Chapter 29 - Lotteries
Chapter 30 - Steamboats
Chapter 31 - Waterworks
Chapters 32 - 37 Chapter 32 - Anthracite Coal
Chapter 33 - Watering Places
Chapter 34 - Canals, Railroads, Turnpikes
Chapter 35 - River Delaware
Chapter 36 - River Schuylkill
Chapter 37 - Country Seats
Chapters 38 - 40 Chapter 38 - Miscellaneous Facts
Chapter 39 - Relics & Remembrancers
Chapter 40 - List of Unpublished Papers
Chapter 41 - Part I Appendix - Part I
Chapter 41 - Part II Appendix - Part II
Chapter 42 Chapter 42 - Final Appendix of the Year 1856
Chapter 43 Chapter 43 - Variety of Passing Brief Facts

Philadelphia County File Manager -  Cyndie Enfinger

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