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Filename Description Date Submitter
hartreunion.txt Albright Family Reunion, 1909 Aug 2012 Diana Quinones
boggs-md.txt Death of Margaret Donaldson BOGGS; 1876 Sep 2011 Deb Haines
boyle-g.txt Suicide of Gertrude BOYLE; 1946 Jan 2005 Carol Boyd
drcowden.txt Dr. Cowden to Philadelphia; 1875 Sep 2010 Ken Wright
farrell-j.txt Articles relating to the death of Capt. Joseph FARRELL 1868 Jan 2001 Liz Harrison
farthing-w.txt Death of W. FARTHING; 1848 Dec 2007 Sharon Hamilton
shearermurder.txt Harry FISHER Murdered Joseph & Elizabeth SHEARER; 1908 Sep 2008 Sheron Feynor
kilianestate.txt Estate of Mary A. KILIAN; 1868 Aug 2007 Kathy Juisti
markland-j.txt John MARKLAND; Candidate for County Commissioner, 1826 Nov 2010 Jeanne Van Sant
mchugh-jj1.txt 64th Shenandoah Serviceman Dies, Pvt. John J. McHUGH; 1945 Feb 2010 Mike Poole
mchugh-jj.txt Dead War Hero, Pvt. John J. McHUGH; 1948 Feb 2010 Mike Poole
schreiner-j.txt Letter from Jacob SCHRIENER (1778) Oct 2005 Ray Rhoads
thomas-hm.txt Suicide of Hibbard M. THOMAS, Jr. (1918) Jun 2004 Carol Boyd
tipping-g.txt George TIPPING, News Articles, 1918-1927 Mar 2009 Nancy Annie Odegard
weatherly.txt Ohio newspaper article referencing J. L. WEATHERLY of Philadelphia (1951) Aug 2001 Vince Summers
whiteling.txt Hanging of Mrs. WHITELING (1889) Sep 2005 Phyllis Thompson
winnemore.txt Articles relating to the conviction and execution of George W. Winnemore 1867 Apr 2001 Kathleen Berner Groll
am18950930.txt Altoona Mirror, 30 Sep 1895; Personals and Briefs Apr 2004 S. M. (Sana) McGhee
am18951001.txt Altoona Mirror, 01 Oct 1895; From Our Correspondents Apr 2004 S. M. (Sana) McGhee
day0001.txt The Day, 6 Jul 1871 Jan 1999 Karen Holland
heat1901.txt Heat Related Deaths; Philadelphia Public Ledger, July 2, 1901 Jan 2002 Jane Hamilton
heat1918.txt Heat Kills Five; Philadelphia Public Ledger, Aug 7, 1918 June 2002 Kathleen Berner Groll
ioofwork1910.txt Account of I.O.O.F. Work; Reading Eagle, Oct 9, 1910 Feb 2012 Marcia Kreutzmann
poletters17730405.txt List of Letters at the Post Office, 05 Apr 1773 Feb 2008 Rebecca Frank
oldbluelaws.txt Old Blue Laws Enforced, Supreme Court Decision, 1893 Sept 2006 Linda Blum-Barton
news18710817.txt Misc. Philadelphia Newspaper Clips, August 17, 1871 Jun 2001 Jane Hamilton
burnsclip.txt Misc. Philadelphia Newspaper Clips, 1900-1930 Dec 2000 Nancy LeVere
ng04211823.txt The National Gazette, Philadelphia, 21 April 1823; Passenger Arrival Notice Sep 2001 Sandy Christenson
news18750405.txt Public Ledger, Philadelphia, 5 April 1875 Jun 2001 BettyAnn
ledg0001.txt Public Ledger, Philadelphia, 25 March 1836 Feb 1999 Karen Holland
philcr01.txt The Philadelphia Saturday Courier, January 19, 1839 Jul 1999 Wayne M Sampson
publed01.txt Philadelphia Public Ledger, various dates, 1853 Jul 1999 Wayne M Sampson
publed10.txt Philadelphia Public Ledger, various dates, 1856 Jul 1999 Wayne M Sampson
publed20.txt Philadelphia Public Ledger, various dates, 1857-64 Nov 1999 Vince Bowes
ppl03211914.txt Philadelphia Public Ledger, 21 Mar 1914 - Page 3 Oct 2002 Elaine
philadelphische.txt Philadelphische Correspondenz,  Excerpts 1789 (German Newspaper) Apr 2002 Judy Harst
rraccident1892.txt Railroad Accident, 1892 Apr 2006 Linda Blum-Barton
souv0001.txt The Souvenir, Jul 1827- Apr 1828 Apr 1998 Nicki Osborne
sower.txt Sower's Newspaper,  Excerpts 1754/5 (German Newspaper) Apr 2002 Judy Harst
tipping-hj.txt Mrs. Harry J. TIPPING, Visitors, 1924 Apr 2010 Nancy Annie Odegard

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